well i used pegasus client which is based of galkons
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and i tried to connect that client to this source
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Error: T2 - 126,34,34 - 18,0,0 - 67,111,109,98,97,116,32,76,101,118,101,108,58,3
ok so i needed help on that and someone suggesting this
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This is because your sending frame126 with an id that doesnt exist in your client.
In your servers Client.java, find this line:
PlayerAssistant.sendInterfaceText(this, "Combat Level: "
				+ PlayerAssistant.getCombatLevel(this), 19361);
19361 is the text id. It currently does not exist in the client. To fix your error you can comment out this line of code.
Another fix would be adding the interface which uses this id.
Im taking a look at a client which has this interface for you.

EDIT: Get the new combat style interfaces from somewhere. Adding them will fix.
so i commented out and this is what happened underneath
i still got combat styles but when i attack an npc i dced

may i ask what that god rid of, i commented out and i still see attack styles

and when i attack an npc this is the error i get from it
Error: T2 - 126,208,219 - 12,3098,3508 - 76,101,118,101,108,58,32,51,54,10,85,11 4,
and it dces me when i tried to log in
it gives me this
[19/09/13 14:45]: returncode:5