I recently got a linux vps and it's causing a few problems for me..it's a big change from windows vps.
So far my problem is, I can't figure out how to run my server.

I've looked at a countless amount of tutorials but I just don't understand it..

So far I've uploaded the source folder into the root of the vps
I've also edited the contents of the run.bat as well as changed the extension to run.sh
the run.sh file contains the following...

"screen -A -m -d -S rsps java -Xmx800m -classpath bineps/poi.jareps/netty.jareps/mysql.jareps/slf4j.jareps/slf4j-nop.jareps/jython.jar:log4j-1.2.15.jar: server.Server"

Right, so basically the source is uploaded, the run.sh file is sorted out..but how do I run the server? is there any way of implementing an auto restarter in Linux?

Oh and, I also set up NO-IP but I was wondering, do I need to somehow add an exception in the Linux firewall for NO-IP?

Please try and explain in detail as I'm not experienced with this sort of stuff

Thanks a lot.