I'm currently trying to Learn Java and I've just downloaded RuneSource Azua's Version if thats the correct name. It looks diffrent to how I used to know it with everything been in Server.Java. I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind giving me a helping hand with the ins and outs on how to understand the files abit more if someone can I will be most gratefull. I want to know how I can edit my teleports as well and were the player returns when is dead. Also the ::home command. Few other things as well like were do I add teleports such as Luna and Ancients. Changing Players starting money stuff like that before I get into adding things in like good PVP etc etc..

I really hope someone will be nice enough to get me started to creating a server... This server may not be released as such so players can join its just a leaning curve atm. I know my post coutnt is low but everyone has to start some were.

Thanks, Arron!