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    This was the start of a project base on Anguish. This probably still needs a TON of work but it is a small improvement to the Anguish base. I had prior experience with OSV, Ethos, & Ascend before starting this so the main goal to tackle a lot of the QoL issues carried over from base to base. I worked on this alone as fun side project & to gain some more experience as I am still big noob. I'm sure tons of people will find this useful as the original Anguish thread pops off from time to time. Enjoy!

    Spoiler for Original Anguish Download with more media + features listed:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    NOTE: If anyone provides fixes for the known bugs I will be happy to implement them & update the links.

    Spoiler for Fix Project errors related to libs:

    in eclipse:

    File -> import -> Existing Projects into Workspace -> select root directory -> browse -> click on the Hs-Source-dev-fixed file and click finish

    right click on the file -> build path -> add external archives -> CTRL+A -> open

    List of fixes & features:
    -Scythe of Vitur & Sangunesti Staff now function at about 75% each. (Idk if their effects were removed from Anguish before release but when I downloaded it they were just in-game with no effect)
    -Reworked Hydra combat Scripts
    -updated starter tutorial
    -Raids expanded on; Entering/Leaving raids has had work to fix/prevent many bugs. Updates to boss mechanics. Potion mixing, Fishing, Farming, Herblore. (Skilling room needs object added for exit)
    -Revenant Caves 95% done; Weapons & Bracelet in-game with Ether charging. Updated the droptables and NPC stats on Revenants. Amulet of Avarice notes certain items.
    -Base experience of many actions have been revamped to match data provided on OSRS wiki
    -Chaos Temple has been implemented with Druid to un-note bones for a small gold fee
    -Expanded on the maxhit debugging system thats been in the base since Ethos(A little spammy but it worked well for me to balance or find broken multipliers)
    -Team Scaling for Raids 1. Based on amount of members in your Clan Chat. (uses IF statements but it works)
    -Started adding content to the Max Guild that was previously useless
    -Wrath Runecrafting
    -Added the proper data for many #180 items
    -Item creation for all Karrulum dungeon items
    -Fixed all the broken teleports
    -Bonus XP & Double Drop books
    -Added Slayer Pets (Resized versions of existing slayer NPCS)

    Snippet of Bug Fix/Update log (Full update log & TODO list in the package)
    Spoiler for Update log snippet:
    The anvil in Max guild now works
    Further Customized the home area using RSPSi map editor.
    Max guild portal added to home
    Chaos Altar in level 30 wilderness now functions properly
    -You can use bones on the altar
    -50% chance you'll save a bone being offered resulting in more experience
    The doors outside the Chaos Altar now work
    Chaos of Fire elevator lifts now function properly for all three floors
    Lesser, greater, and black demons have been added to the Chasm of Fire
    Started working on making the Craws Bow function properly

    Rock crab teleport location fixed
    Finished Craw's bow. It now fires without the use of arrows and loads its ranged strength from the weapon rather than arrow slot
    Gren, blue, red and black dragons have had their max hits updated
    Green, blue, red and black dragons now use a weaker form of anti-fire that can be countered with just a Dragonfire shield or potion. Rather than needing both
    Added Hardcore ironman rank & gamemode
    Implemented Hardcore Safezones where you can safely die
    Replaced Willow Longbow in the Ironman starter pack with a normal Shortbow
    Added a net & lobster pot to the regular Ironman starter pack
    Added a small net to Hardcore Ironman starter
    Replaced the starter interface with a simpler, more old fashioned one
    HCIM can now open the Ironman Shop
    Adam & Makeover mage added to the south home building
    Emblem Trader added to the north west home building
    The login tutorial has been updated
    You can no longer click npcs while you are inside the tutorial stages
    Fishing store has been added to the fishing guild bank
    The Fishing Guild teleport now takes you inside of the Fishing Guild bank
    Implemented Daily Task points
    Edited Dailt Task point shop & values
    Added Bonus XP & Bonus Drop books
    Added Bonus Drop system for the books to function with

    Added Arclight special attack
    Added Statius Warhammer Special attack
    Superior forms of Abberrant and Deviant Spectres have been added
    The attack & death animations of all superior slayer npcs have been added
    Every form of Kolodin now requires magic to be killed
    Olm's right claw can now only be killing using melee rather than magic
    Magic Shortbow now deletes when you die with it equipped or in your inventory
    Revenant drop tables are now listed in 3 groups
    -Imp, Goblin, Pyrefiend
    -Hobgoblin, Cyclops, Demon, Hellhound, Ork
    -Dark Beast, Knight, Dragon
    All Revenant drop tables have been revamped
    Added the item.cfg for Attacker, Defender, Collecter, and Healer icons
    Dragon Platebody can now be crafted from a Dragon metal lump, Dragon metal shard and a dragon chainbody
    The price of herbs in the Myths Guild herblore shop have been altered
    Dragon metal Lump can now be bought at the max guild & shard can be obtained from the Crystal Key chest to provide an alternative method to obtain the Dragon Platebody
    Max Guild Supply shop expanded & a shop containing ores and bars has been added to the top floor of the guild as well
    Anglerfish, Runite ore, Toadflax, Snapdragon, Ranarr, landytyme, Super combat, Extended anti-fire potions, and dwarf weed have all had their shop values updated
    Created Achievement for dealing 10,000 damage
    Created Achievement for healing 5,000 health
    Added drop tables for all superior spawns (minus cave abomination)
    The shop price of Wrath runes has been increased to 1150. The sell price is now 767
    Updated shop price for Pure Essence to 30 per to accompany Max Guild Supply Shop
    Specials will no longer be activated if you do not have the required amount of special (Whip spec requires 50%, Can't activate without having 50% or more)
    Black mask can now be directly imbued into a Black Mask (i)
    Black Mask (i) can now be crafted into a Slayer Helmet (i)
    Black Mask (i) is now wearable

    The manual players get on first login now opens an interface providing a few tips
    The prestige managers name & right click options have been updated
    The large Runecrafting pouch has been updated and now functions properly
    A message is now sent to players when they receive a runecrafting pouch as a drop
    Updated the Skill Menu Interface for Runecrafting
    -Now displays Wrath & Soul runes
    -Multiples for Blood & Soul runes now displayed
    -Small, Medium, Large pouches now displayed on the interface
    Runecrafting pouches have had their models added via the client. Still need to find proper rotation however
    A message is now sent to the player when they receive an Ecumenical Key drop
    A message is now sent to the player when they receive a Dark Totem Pieces
    A message is now sent to the player when they receive a Darklight
    Revenant Imp now has the healing effect that the other Revenants have
    The droptable system now properly loads and displays aggressive npcs
    All Revenants should now load as aggresive on the drop table
    Updated the Desert diary entry to say "Complete Shadow of the Storm quest" rather than "kill Shadow of the Storm"
    The drop rates for the Rare & Very rare Revenant Droptables have all had their rates scaled down
    Common drops revamped for all Revenants have been
    Revenants considered mid-level now drop Dragon Arrowtips in the uncommon table
    Revenants considered high-level now drop Dragon Dart tips in the uncommon table in small amounts
    Implemented user friendly staff enabled events for;
    -2x PC points (+5 can also stack with the WOGW +5 for a total of 15 points per game)
    -2x PKP events
    -Double drop events
    -15% Droprate events
    The death messages for hardcore ironmen have been updated
    Discord messages have been implemented for the death of Hardcore Ironmen

    Fixed an issue causing Craw's bow (U) to drop twice
    Further adjusted the general droptables of Revenants
    Bracelet of Etherum now locally announces as a drop
    You can now turn the Ancient totem & its variants into an Emblem Trader for coins
    Added a check for available inventory space for turning in the Ancient Emblem and its variants
    Hydra Bones & Superior Dragon Bones are now noteable
    The NPC at the chaos altar will now unnote your bones for 100 gp per bone unnoted
    All Morrigan's items can now be noted
    All Statius' items can now be noted
    Bracelet of Etherum, Craw's bow, Viggora's Chainmace, Thammaron's Sceptre can now all be noted
    The Olm acid pool attack has been fixed
    The Ice Demon snow storm attack has been fixed and now only hits 2s
    Raid team size scaling has been added.
    -1 person in your team = Normal health, max hit, attack & defence bonuses for all bosses
    -3 or more people in your team = 110% health, max hit, attack & defence bonuses for all bosses except for tekton & skeletal mystics
    --Tekton and Mystics scale by 105%
    -5 or more people in your team = 120% health, max hit, attack & defence bonuses for all bosses except for tekton & skeletal mystics
    --Tekton and Mystics scale by 110%
    -6 or more people in your team = 132% health, max hit, attack & defence bonuses for all bosses except for tekton & skeletal mystics
    --Tekton and Mystics scale by 120%
    Updated the object click distance on the Hole to enter Olm's dungeon
    The energy well before olm's room now restores your stats & special
    Added 3 tiers of achievements for
    Added the final 2 tiers of achievements for
    -Dealing PVM damage
    -Healing with food
    All discord links within the server have been updated to go to the discord I have setup
    Some of the quest/achievement tab texts have been updated
    The clicking buttons for said texts have also been updated
    Enabled MonsterHunt world spawns
    Added 3 new spawns inside of the wilderness, allowing for 3 spawns in & 3 spawns outside of the wild
    Changed the reward of the monster hunt bosses
    Added Vespula as a worldspawn boss
    Added the .cfg for many bosses including;
    -Vespine soldier
    -Lux Grub
    -Giant Scarab
    -The inadquacy
    -ToB bosses
    -Porazdir, Darwen, Justiciar_Zachariah
    Fixed the attack animation of
    -Multiple Demon variants
    -Dragonfire coming from most dragons
    You can no longer use Wrath talisman or Tiara to teleport above 20 wilderness
    Added a console outprint for when players log in
    Puro Puro portals now spawn around the Hunter area rather than feldip hills
    Augury and Rigour now must be unlocked to use the prayers
    Augury and Rigour prayer scrolls now function properly and unlock the corresponding prayers
    Banker added to Mining Guild starter level
    The ::home command now takes you to the proper location
    Added Lucky Impling spawn to the Max Guild
    Fixed an issue where NPCs steal the fight from eachother in single locations
    Changed the drop rates for all Ancient totem variants

    Fixed the operate options for the Hydra Slayer helmets
    Bonecrusher Necklace now restores prayer when bones are buried and the player is wearing it
    Added Wyrm, Drake, and Hydra Bones to the bones that restore prayer from the DragonBone or Bonecrusher necklaces
    Added the .json and .cfg data for the following items;
    -Bonecrusher necklace
    -Wyrm bones (Noted+unnoted)
    -Drake bones (Noted+unnoted)
    Wyrm and Drake bones have been added as buryable bones with the proper experience
    Wyrm and Drake bones noted version now functions properly
    Added the .cfg data for Drakes and Wyrms to load the proper combat level & hitpoints
    The second option for the Rigour and Augury prayer scrolls now closes the interface
    Hour long double drop books removed from the daily point & vote point shop
    The following items now have item combination data and can be created;
    -Brimstone boots
    -Brimstone ring
    -Devout boots
    -Bonecrusher Necklace
    -Updated Dragon Hunter Lance combination method
    Added the .cfg and .json data for
    -Boots of Stone
    -Boots of Brimstone
    -Brimstone ring
    -Devout boots
    The following items now function properly as noteable items
    -Boots of Stone
    -Boots of Brimstone
    -Brimstone Ring
    -Devout Boots
    -Dragon Hunter Lance
    -Drake's Claw
    -Drake's Tooth
    -Wyrm bones
    -Drake bones
    Added client sided & server sided data to make pets for all Slayer based monsters

    Finished resizing, renaming, & further adjusting the new Slayer Pet npc data
    Added the dark (Black/teal) Ikkle Hydra pet to the Metamorphosis function for all Ikkle Hydra variants
    Fixed the Npc Size of Cave Horror pet (Was 2, Now it loads as size 1)
    -This was causing issues with the pet following players
    Resolved a problem with the spawning of Abberrant and Deviant spectre superior variants
    Fixed the Npc Size of Dark Beast pet (Was 3, Now it loads as size 1)
    -This was causing issues with the pet following players
    Cave Slime npc data updated
    The combat levels required to use certain slayer masters has been updated
    -Krystilla now requires 1 instead of 101
    -Duradel now requieres 100 instead of 99
    -Nieve now requires 85 combat instead of 101
    Finished Implementing the new Slayer Pet system & fixed a few bugs around it
    Added pet versions of all 6 barrows brothers. Client sided only for now
    Created items using NPC models to house the barrows brothers
    Added the barrows pet data server sided, still need to implement a way to get them
    The door to get into the inferno from the Tzhaar city has been fixed
    Updated the landing spot of the Mos Le Harmless teleport
    removed the Dark/teal hydra metamorphosis
    The dark/teal hydra is now picked up with its second-click option
    Ring of Wealth and Ring of Wealth imbued now pick up coins from PvM drops when worn
    Fixed an error with custom hitsplats that I have previously added
    The pet pickup/drop animation will no longer display if you try to drop a pet item while you already have a pet out
    The gfx on the Craw's bow projectile (arrow) has been changed from the green, crystal bow gfx, to the orange, craw's bow gfx
    The Vesta Spear special now uses the proper GFX
    Impelmented the Royal Seed Pod teleportation system
    The Royal Seed Pod will now allow you to teleport up to 30 wilderness.
    Dice zone boundary has been updated to cover the home area
    The :ice command now takes you to the home bank
    The crown displayed with dicing messages has been updated

    When a player walks away from the trading post they will now be able to equip items
    Bonecrusher Necklace will now restore prayer when the necklace is being worn and bones are being crushed
    Fixed an issue with the Monster Drop Viewer not properly loading aggressive npcs
    -Issue also caused certain npcs within specific areas to not display their drops and outprint an error

    Basic Media. Will add more if requested (Grabbed these just for the purpose of releasing)
    Spoiler for Media:

    Package Link:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Spoiler for Bugs that need fixed:

    In search for
    public void refresh() {
    Then remove the following
    		player.getItems().wearItem(-1, -1, player.playerHat);	
    		player.getItems().wearItem(-1, -1, player.playerChest);	
    		player.getItems().wearItem(-1, -1, player.playerLegs);	
    		player.getItems().wearItem(-1, -1, player.playerWeapon);	
    		player.getItems().wearItem(-1, -1, player.playerAmulet);	
    		player.getItems().wearItem(-1, -1, player.playerCape);	
    		player.getItems().wearItem(-1, -1, player.playerFeet);	
    		player.getItems().wearItem(-1, -1, player.playerHands);	
    		player.getItems().wearItem(-1, -1, player.playerShield);
    Credits to all these Lovely people:
    - Jason & The whole OSV team. No one credits them for ethos/ascend being mostly their work.
    -RSPSi. I have his map editor and used it for small changes through out. I.E; Home area, Raids Skilling Room
    -Kingfox & the whole Exotic team
    -My friends; Footpad, Vam8, Your wife (Not the same Your Wife as on this forum)
    -Patrity for his Edgeville Village release found below
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    -XoraRSPS for providing his for me to find the fix from myself lol
    Last edited by Kid Buu; Today at 03:26 AM. Reason: Forgot updated discord link within downloads, it has since been removed lmao
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    Thank you my g
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    Man puts a lot of pride and effort into what he does. Keep it up Buu!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Footpad View Post
    Man puts a lot of pride and effort into what he does. Keep it up Buu!
    Thank you Footpad & thanks for keeping me sane while I worked on this.
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    Amazing man thank you so much
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    Thanks for this sweet release, been looking for wilderness items for a while!
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    You miss 100% of the shots you donít take.
    -Wayne Gretzky
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    Great job
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    Will use some of the client definitions for some pets, thank you for the release!
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    Quote Originally Posted by snurf View Post
    Will use some of the client definitions for some pets, thank you for the release!
    Glad you found some use out of it!
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    would anyone have an idea on why the when new players equip items you get nulled items? Even just a direction i should be looking into would be awesome, thanks a lot
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