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    This project is dead in the water. James and I are both too busy with school to continue to develop this project. James and I have both spent a lot of time cleaning up Ascend, and god knows it needed it. This release is close to what is shown on our project thread, but not exact, leaving out some of the major content additions that I would rather not release. Hopefully someone can pick up where we left off and run with it. I'm rooting for you. If I ever pick a project back up, it won't be PI lmao.

    NOTE: Please do not ask me for help, between being active duty military and full time college online, I just don’t have the time.

    Some Key Features:
    -Chambers of Xeric
    -Inferno Boss fight in this release is roughly 90%
    -All TOB weapons
    -Some combat changes / rework
    -New Custom UI to somewhat mimic OSRS (tabs)

    Noteable Bug Fix/Update log
    Spoiler for Spoiler:
    -New Interface:
    -Teleport tab was added for QoL purposes
    -Edited player names above head to look more appealing
    -Fixed a bug with Zulrah
    -Fixed total levels not accumulating properly, now displays correctly
    -Removed old clunky commands
    -Added commands for all web related things forums, votes, highscores, etc.
    -Added new items to the starter kits upon login for each game mode
    -Created a new interface for choosing your game mode
    -Improved equipment switching
    -Implemented experience rates for beta
    -Various QoL updates
    -Added various minimap icons, including the unique home area
    -Total level now displays correctly, missed updating method when construction was added
    -Staff ranks get corresponding crowns on their player names to make it easier to find staff members.
    -Overhead player names will be toggle-able for players who wish to turn it off
    -Added a tutorial for new players
    -Removed the 24 hour wait period before you can begin staking
    -Revenant Cave agility shortcuts now require an agility level before you can use them.
    -Corrected the elf warrior teleport, it now takes you to the correct location.
    -The lumbridge teleport will now actually take you to lumbridge.
    -Moved slayer masters from edgeville to home.
    -Removed most of the edgeville shop NPC's, they are now located at home.
    -Removed the Emblem trader from home, he will remain in edgeville near the wilderness.
    -Fixed a bug where Abberant Spectres were not counting towards slayer task.
    -Removed all NPC's on bobs island, not sure what we will do with this area yet.
    -Updated cost of enchantment tabs in the magic shop.
    -Added more NPC's to home, including an iron man shop and a general store.
    -Moved the location of some NPC's around home.
    -Grace is now located at the Gnome agility course.
    -Bob Barter will now decant your potions at home.
    -Decreased the amount of slayer points required to learn Superiors and Cerberus
    -Decreased the number of Jads that could be assigned for a slayer task, it will now choose a random number between 1-20, down from 1-50.
    -Taverly dungeon enterance/exit now works as intended
    -The ice dungeon in Port Sarim will now take you to the proper place. Bug would take you to taverly dungeon.
    -Decreased amount of slayer monsters given per task.
    -The castle wars portal at clan wars will now take you to castle wars.
    -Added a teleport outside the revenant cave enterance (43 Wild)
    -Added a teleport to Draynor Village
    -Fixed a few mispelled words
    -Fixed clipping at home, can no longer noclip through walls / objs (test more please)
    -Set the "Cannot drop in combat rule" to only be active in the wilderness
    -Yell; Anyone can now yell if the player count is below 25
    -Fixed two broken links within client, forums and vote.
    -Firemaking and fletching now work as intended.
    -Fixed a big old bug causing player to be attacked infinitely
    -Donor shop (online and in game) worked on - Email is hooked
    -Fixed gem prices, cut gems will now sell for less than uncut.
    -Updated Gargoyle slayer xp, was too low.
    -Edgeville Dungeon ladder now takes you to the correct location
    -Karamja teleport no longer takes you to shilo village
    -Fixed the dialouge when creating an infernal pickaxe/axe.
    -The portal at bobs island now takes you to home
    -Updated Ardougne Achievement diary to clarify that some achievements have to be done in ardougne.
    -You can now pickpocket master farmers and also complete the ardougne medium task.
    -Lowered required times to pickpocket master farmer for ardy task to 80
    -Created donation scrolls
    -Fixed donator shop second click
    -Made donor scrolls stackable
    -Friends now show up in green for player names.
    -Darklight can now be obtained through a Desert Diary task (Killing the shadow of the storm)
    -Arclight can now be created using a darklight and 3 ancient shards
    -Black Demons no longer count towards the boss slayer achievement
    -Fixed Crafting Skill Cape teleport
    -Anti-Venom is now made with the 4 dose antidote++, to match the rest of herblore potion creation.
    -Updated thieving stalls xp, they now scale correctly.
    -Elder Maul now has the correct attack styles
    -Scythe of Vitur is now actually a 2 handed weapon, sorry brandon.
    -Amethyst Veins now correctly deplete
    -Fixed an issue with barbarian agility course wall objects not giving xp if standing in a certain area.
    -Fixed multi barrage XP drop spam issue
    -Edited and perfected Inferno map - Game entrance zone
    -Added Animated Black armor support to Warriors guild - All to OSRS standards.
    -Fixed players walking away once they add the armor to the Magical Animator
    -Reviewed the Items kept on death dupe - believe it is resolved. (was only occuring on defenders)
    -Updated Lands end with various shops and fishing area's.
    -Removed Skillers Cove
    -Placed cave horrors in their correct location, there is a teleport for them as well.
    -Added a city teleport to Kourend.
    -Polishing Hunter (Work in Progress). Replaced some animations to be the correct ones.
    -Hydra combat is now 90% (Posion spec needs some work).
    -Started work on a ZMI Altar for runecrafting, giving more options than just the Abyss.
    -Updated some of the shops (Still a work in progress)
    -You can now dismantle magic fangs, tanzanite fangs, uncharged blow pipes, serp visage, and uncharged serp helms for 20k Zulrah scales.
    -Falador, Desert, Western, Wilderness, and Lumbridge Diaries are all now fully functional.
    -Various other small bug fixes!

    Basic Media (Project thread for more)
    Spoiler for Media:

    You can view the full project thread here for more media:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Note; some content in the project thread is not included in this release.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Updated Link:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    If you enjoy this release, please show some love to:
    -KingZeus (James)
    -Goon (Ascend)
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    Very nice, thankyou!
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    Thanks for the release
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    How much of my mother has my mother left in me?
    How much of my love will be insane to some degree?
    How much of my father am I destined to become?
    Will I dim the lights inside me just to satisfy someone?
    Will I let this woman kill me, or do away with jealous love?
    Will it wash out in the water, or is it always in the blood?
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    thanks for the release
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    Thanks for this might use this to implement some of my maps! So I can show off in game (been looking for something loading #180+)
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    And here com the influx of new OSRS servers...... Good release though!!
    [. . . nothing]
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    thanks for contributing.
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    Nice release. Goodluck with school!
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    Thanks for the release
    Add my new Skype: live:extremezgp

    Discord: Mr Extremez#3049

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    3 Java.Trojans.GenericGB.27730 found?
    Server Offline - New Website & Major Server Updates
    back online soon

    Owners - Reppie & Xzpozi
    Coder - Dev
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