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    I searched for a quick minute and didn't see this released before. Sorry if it has been and I missed it.

    So I decided to benefit my server by finding out the exact damage boosts a weapons special attack has. I kind of enjoyed doing this so I continued with every item I could think to do. I did this by using a max hit calculator (pre RS3). I would retrieve the max hit of the weapon without the special attack and then get the max hit of the weapon with the special attack, followed by some basic algebra to figure out the multiplier. Some items didn't have an option to enable special attack for a new max hit, so I assume they don't have a damage multiplier. Though, I could be wrong. For the accuracy boost for special attacks, there's no way of knowing exactly what they are so you'll just have to go with your best guess. So here they are!

    Melee Speical Attacks
    Dragon daggers: 15%
    Dragon longsword: 25%
    Dragon mace: 45%
    Armadyl godsword: 37%
    Bandos godsword: 21%
    Saradomin godsword: 10%
    Zamorak godsword: 10%
    Vesta's longsword: 20%
    Statius's warhammer: 25%
    Korasi's sword: 50%

    Range Special Attacks
    Dark bow (with dragon arrows): 50%
    Dark bow (with other arrows): 30%
    Morrigan's throwing axe: 20%

    Range Bolt Effects:
    Opal bolts (e): 25%
    Diamond bolts (e): 15%
    Dragon bolts (e): 45%
    Onyx bolts (e): 20%

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    thanks, although i dont think this should be in the informative threads section (configuration maybe?)
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    thanks, usefull!
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