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    Spoiler for ✨Server Features✨:
    -Game Modes-
    Normal Mode
    All Ironman Modes
    Extreme can be added to any game mode, reducing XP rates and boosting drop rate by 5%

    -Active Community-
    Our discord is continuing to grow with new players everyday, with warm welcomes and hello's!
    We have events going on all the time, keeping everyone curious with what might be coming next...
    The community is also very competitive, wether it be first to maxing out an account, completing
    achievements, or killing each other in the wilderness and walking out with their bank.

    -We Listen-
    Here at Revelation, we make sure to release very consistant updates, and new content.
    we are always encouraging players to fill up the suggestions box on our discord, we want
    the players to build the environment they play in!

    Epic Wilderness

    -Wilderness Keys-
    Obtained from wilderness slayer tasks only.
    Rare rewards from chest include items like, Zenyte shard, Abyssal whip, Dragon boots, both
    Dex and Arcane scrolls, and plenty more!

    New wilderness boss that is within the lava maze. The boss has two phases, you will want to use
    range on the first phase, second phase you will use magic, while the whole time it's best to use
    magic protection prayer. After the boss dies, a chest will come down and you can open the chest
    with the wilderness key, garanteed to drop every time the boss is slain. The boss also drops
    mangled bones which are stackable, and are the best prayer XP on an altar.
    Making things more interesting there is a global announcer showing that you are obtaining
    keys from the boss. You have to run through the entiremaze where you will find
    a portal you can jump in and escape.

    -Bounty Hunter/PK-
    Fully working bounty hunter system, all tier emblems and correct combat differences.
    Rewarding PKP shop, bonus PKP events, PK clans!
    Additional Note - You can also obtain stacks of PKP rarely from wilderness slayer tasks!

    Beneficial Skilling

    While you're grinding out any skill, you can obtain a skilling supply crate.
    These crates contain bulk skilling supplies, skilling outfits, Dragon, and even Third-Age
    axes, and pickaxes.

    Spoiler for ⛏️Skilling Locations⛏️:
    Gnome Stronghold Course
    Barbarian Course
    Werewolf Course
    Wilderness Course

    -Rooftop Courses-
    Al Kharid
    Seer's Village

    Lands End
    Fossil Island
    Crafting Guild
    Feldip Hills
    Puro Puro

    Falador Farm
    Catherby Farm
    Harmony Farm
    Farming Guild

    Lumbridge Swamp
    Karamja Island
    Fishing Guild
    Port Piscarilius

    Lumbridge Mine
    Shilo Village
    Mining Guild
    Fossil Island Mine
    Rune Essence Mine

    Beginner Pickpocket
    Ardougne Stalls
    Pyramid Plunder (Coming Soon)
    Rogues' Den

    *New Pickpocket NPC's*
    Confused Miner - ores/bars
    Drunken Fisherman - raw fish
    Lost Wizard - runes

    Seer's Village
    Draynor Village
    Woodcutting Guild

    Other Hot Spots - Wilderness recourse area, custom loyal skilling zone, donator skilling zone.

    Spoiler for Media:

    Spoiler for Update Log:

    Released 11/10/21.

    Added skilling supply crate drops from all skills 1/50 Chance! You can obtain bulk skilling supplies and outfits from the crates.
    NOW STACKABLE: Skilling supply crates, clue bottles, geodes, crystal keys, mystery boxes, ultra mystery boxes, and amethyst ore.
    Added master caskets events to fishing and mining.
    Added rune, dragon, and third age axes/pickaxes to skilling crates.
    Boosted prospector outfit bonus XP.
    Skilling Crates are now placed in your bank rather than inventory.


    Spiced up the pvm event announcement.
    Added christmas tree to home.
    Clue geodes, clue bottles, and master caskets now get sent to your bank rather than inventory.
    You mine higher tier ores slightly faster (Adamant-Amethyst).
    Anvils at home now work properly.
    Catacombs are now aggressive.
    Added Alert messages.
    New Winter Home.
    Skilling Supply Crates are now 1/100.
    Fixed Auto Donations, Vote, Highscores.
    You can now exchange vote & pkp tickets at the vote booth.
    New Donator Zone Location.
    Donator Zone Grants Bonus XP.
    Quest Tab Redone.
    Teleport Tab Redone.
    Third Age Axe & Pickaxe are now better than dragon.
    Slayer Key added to Wilderness Slayer Tasks 1/200.
    Added Bob to varrock for diaries.


    Launcher Released! Download now.
    PVM Boss Events happen less often, but have better rewards now.
    PVM Event Discord Alert Removed (To much spam).
    Nerfed Skilling Supply Crates, made dragon axe and pickaxe less common, added Dragon Harpoon.
    Nerfed Skilling Supply Crates from thieving.
    Fixed Magic Spell Book Switcher Altar at Home.
    Added Donator Rejuvanation Pool at Home.
    Added message when a crystal key drops.
    Revamped all global messages.
    New WOGW Event on Sundays.
    Double XP Weekend works properly.


    Extreme mode added, low XP rates (10% Drop Rate Boost).
    Removed barrows pieces from ultra box (Kept full sets).
    Removed clown suit and imp suit from ultra box.
    New Gambling Zone.
    Fixed spots at home that you could no-clip.
    Secondary Upgraded Donator Zone (Custom donator slayer tower & boss zone).
    New Donation Method & Benefits
    Ice Queen Added to PVM Events
    Extreme Mode XP Fixed.
    Normal Combat XP and Slayer XP Boosted.
    Slayer Keys are now 1/100 from wilderness.
    Fixed Slayer Key Drop Bug Fixed.
    :enist command added.


    Fixed Wilderness Not Showing Level.
    Fixed Combat Skills Not Giving Correct XP.
    Chance at Getting 2 Slayer Keys.
    Ring of wealth - 5% DR.
    Ring of wealth (i) - 10% DR.
    Ring of fortune - 20% DR.
    Max Donator Dropped to $2000.
    Added Droprate For Amount Donated.
    25$ = 7.5% Drop Rate Increase
    $75 = 12.5% Drop Rate Increase
    $175 = 17.5% Drop Rate Increase
    $375 = 22.5% Drop Rate Increase
    $750 = 27.5% Drop Rate Increase
    $1500 = 32.5% Drop Rate Increase

    Drop Rate Lowered On Abbysal Whip - 1/100.
    Drop Rate Lowered On Dragon boots - 1/50.
    Added Display Timer For DFS & Freezing.
    Bracelet of Etherum Droprate Lowered.
    Slayer Chest Loot Fixed.
    Mystery Box Is Now 1 Donator Coin.
    Money Dump NPC Added To Home.
    New Client.


    Pest Control Points Are 25 Per Game Now.
    Pest Control Lobby Timer Is Now 20 Seconds.
    Slayer Helmets Do 1.5x Damage Towards Tasks Now.
    Amulet of Avarice Now Does 1.5x Damage Towards Revs.
    Bandos Godsword Spec Works Now.
    Ironman Can Now Access The Money Dump NPC.
    Redid Starter Kit.
    Redid Game Mode Interface.
    Added Barrows Pieces to Money Gains NPC (3m EA).
    Added Boss Points, Each Boss Gives You 1 Point, Wilderness Bosses Give 2.
    Added Boss Point Shop at Home.
    Xp and Drop Books Removed From Donator Store, Added to Boss Point Shop.
    Items Added to Donator Store.
    Barrows Changed to on top, Each Piece is 1/25.
    New Client.


    Organized Quest Tab.
    Added Players in Wilderness to Quest Tab.
    Added Bounty Hunter Points to Quest Tab.
    Useful Tab Added to Quest Tab.
    When You Get a Slayer Key Drop It Announces What Monster You Are Fighting.
    Made Slayer Key Drop Announcement Look Cleaner
    Added Overloads to Boss Point Shop.
    Teleport Tab Organized.


    Boss Point System Fixed.
    Bounty Interface Fixed in Wilderness.
    Discord In-Game Alerts Cleaned Up.
    Added Bank Booth to Falador Farming.
    Learning How to Find Slayer Pets Dropped to 100 Slayer Points.
    You No Longer Need to Be On Task to Kill Cerberus or Kraken.
    Event Boss Can Randomly Spawn At Home Now Too.
    Added Glod to Event Boss Event.
    Fixed Event Boss Crates.
    Dicer Rank & Scroll Fixed.
    You Don't Need to Have Cave Kraken's as a Task to Fight.
    Added Dragon Throwables, Arrows, and Bolts to Bounty Hunter Store
    Droprate Fixed for Donators.
    Made Kraken Pet Bigger.
    Raid Teleport Fixed.
    Vesta's, Statius', Morrigans, and Zuriels Removed from Revs, Added to Wilderness Bosses.
    Removed Excess Drops From Revs so Bracelet of Etherum is Easier to Obtain.
    Added Discord Message When Someone Completes a Raid.
    PVM Boss Events Happen Every 30 Mins Instead of 50.
    Added All Rewards to Raids (Scythe etc.)
    Added Alchemical Hydra Boss (Hard).
    Fixed Ahrims Dropping Dharoks Helmet.
    Discord Announces When Players Complete a Raid.


    Fixed Donator Shop.
    Adjusted Some Donator Shop Item Prices.
    Added Custom H'ween Masks to Donator Shop.
    Zamorakian Hasta & Spear Now Do 10x Damage to Corporeal Beast.
    Tentacle Whip No Longer Degrade.
    Fixed Rev Weapons.
    Removed Hasta and Spear From Boss Point Shop.
    Fixed Bounty Hunter Shop Prices.
    Added to PKP Shop.
    Mystery Box Loot Changed (Better).
    Ultimate Ironman Can Now Access Bank Only to Withrawl Skilling Crates and Other Stackable Bank Items.
    Finally Fixed Wilderness Bounty Interface Not Showing.
    Fixed Slayer Helmet Range and Mage Bug.
    Slayer Helmets Work Out of Wilderness Now Too.
    Amulet of Avarice Fixed For Range And Magic.
    Edited Ultra Mystery Box Slightly (Better).
    Extreme Mode Can Now Benefit From XP Books.
    Corp Now Drops Corporeal Beast Critter.
    Hasta Fixed (Now Works Just Like Spear).
    Fixed Home PVM Event Boss Spawn Not Letting You Attack.
    Farming Guild Added.
    Extreme Donator Zone Released! ::edz
    Extreme Donator Slayer Master Added.
    Skotizo Pet Added.
    Dark Claw Added to Skotizo 1/15.
    Hydra Head Added to Alchemical Hydra Droptable.
    Inferno Minigame Fixed.
    Added Trading Post Section to Discord.
    Added more voting toplists to vote on! More advertisements, plus more rewards, win-win!


    Added Commands -

    Lowered Damage on Zamorakian Spear & Hasta Towards Corporeal Beast.
    Fixed Cows/Chickens Gate.
    Telerport Interface Re-done.

    Teleports Added -
    Cows & Chickens
    Al Kharid Warriors
    Barbarian Village
    Sand Crabs
    Cleaned up cache, should download faster now!


    Fixed Double Raid Chest Not Working.
    Ultimate Ironman Can Now Use Donation Shop.
    Home Cleaned Up And Organized.
    New Shop NPC's.
    New Trading Post.
    Imbue Fountain Added.
    Ironman Shop Added to Adam.
    Removed Requirements For Master Clues.
    Added Shark to Consumables Shop.


    Fixed door at fishing guild for cooking range, as well as bank booth.
    Fixed Event Boss at Home (LOL).
    You can now wear the Bracelet of Etherum (U) now, but gives no benefits.
    Double Drops Fixed.
    Fixed Starter Bug.
    Can't Safespot Armadyl Anymore.
    Auto Client Updater Working. (Finally)
    Runecrafting XP Boosted.
    Blood Runes Now Give More XP.
    Imbue Fountain Functioning.
    Edited Money Gains NPC.
    Fixed Prices In Money Gains NPC/Torags Sellable Now.
    Added Scoreboard Object at Home That Opens Highscores Link.
    Fixed All Skilling Outfit XP.
    Fixed Highscores And Added Extreme Mode Category.


    Added rare item names to skilling supply announcer.
    Darklight now drops 1/50 to Chasm of Fire.
    Anvils Fixed at Home For Making DFS.
    Cerberus Now Counted as a Demon (Arclight).
    Fixed Boss Points From Zulrah and Vorkath.
    Re-adjusted Runecrafting.
    Added Bolt Racks to Karils.
    Added Amulet of Damned to all Barrows Brothers Droprate.
    Boosted Drop Rate to 1/35 at Barrows.
    Barrows Added as a Slayer Task to Medium and Hard.
    Added Ring of Coins to Mystery Box.
    Added Ring of Nature to Skilling Supply Crate.
    Zamorak Hasta Does Slightly Boosted Damage Towards Cerberus.
    Added ::Bank Command to Donator Store.
    Ironman Now Have Their Own Donator Store.
    Rare Drops Announce Killcount.
    Fixed Seers Village Rooftop Course.
    Fixed Draynor Village Rooftop Course.
    Falling From Rooftops Happens Less Often.


    Fixed Killcount Announcer For Rare Drops.
    Redid Alert Messages.
    Skilling Supply Crates Are More Common Except From Thieving.
    Made Skilling Supply Crates, Event Crates, and Slayer keys Stackable.
    Redid ::commands.
    Added Combat Reset NPC at Home.
    Added Kill Tracker In Quest Tab.
    Added Teleports Option to Slayer Helmets.
    Added Bank Pin Manager.
    Added Revelation Guide NPC at Home.
    Fixed Map Icons at Home and Dice Zone.


    Donators can now select which gwd to tele to (teleports to each door).
    Resized all pets.
    Made ammy of glory tele straight to home


    New Wilderness Boss - Dusk/Dawn (Wilderness Teleports).
    Wilderness Chest.
    Wilderness Keys Are Now Stackable.
    Fixed Dusk/Dawn Safespot.
    Added Portal Outside of Dawn Boss.
    Mangled Bones Now Work On Altars.
    Fixed Zuriels Staff Not Autocasting.
    Redid Achievement Rewards.
    Removed Runes etc From Master Clues.
    Extreme Mode Added For Ironman!


    Added Crystal Key chest to dz.
    Bandos Godsword uses 50% special now.
    Statius Warhammer uses 50% special now.
    New Global Skilling zone, 1000 total level required.
    Webs can now be slashed in Dusk/Dawn maze.


    Fixed Tentacle Whip - No Longer Degrades.
    Extreme Ironman Modes Fixed.
    Bandos Minions Don't Hit Through Prayer Now.
    Fixed Super Antifire Potions With DFS.
    You Can Now Make Kodai Wand.
    Boosted Soul Runes Runecrafting XP.
    Bolt Enchant Sorted.
    Karils Now Drops 20-100 Bolt Racks.
    Ironman Can Now Sell to Ironman Shop.
    Fixed Donator WOGW.
    Giant Mole Now Drops Mole Claw & Herb Box.
    Hellhounds Now Drop Herb Box.
    You Can Use Mole Claw on Adam or General Store For 25 Saradomin Brew.
    Added Herblore Secondaries Thieving NPC (Level 75 Thieving).
    Fixed Rare Drop Announcer Showing Total NPC Kills.
    Fixed Magic Shortbow (i) Requirements.
    Fixed Proselyte Requirements.
    Restore Pool at Extreme Donator Zone Now Works and Has no Timer.
    Both Noon and Midnight Pets Now Grant 5% Drop Rate Boost in Wilderness.
    When The PVM Event Boss Gets Killed it Announces.
    Mole Teleport Takes You Below Ground Instead of Falador.
    Herb Box Stackable.
    You Can Now Open Herb Boxes.
    Fixed Herblore Secondaries Thieving NPC.
    Hellhounds Drop More Secondaries Per Kill.
    Added Personalized Zone Scroll in Donator Shop (Your Own Personal Zone Customized).
    Added Angler Fishing Spot.
    Extreme Ironman Can Now Open Their Shop.
    Fixed a Safespot Issue With New Boss.

    11/26/21 - 11/27-21.

    Skilling Updates.

    Agility -

    Werewolf Agility Course.
    Al Kharid Rooftop Course.
    Canifis Rooftop Course.
    Falador Rooftop Course.
    Relleka Rooftop Course.

    Crafting -

    Fossil Island Location (Crafting).

    Farming/Heblore -

    Falador Farm.
    Catherby Farm.
    Harmony Farm.

    Fishing/Cooking -

    Lumbridge Swamp Fishing.
    Karamja Fishing Zone.
    Port Piscarilius.

    Mining/Smithing -

    Lumbridge Mine.
    Shilo Village.
    Fossil Island Mine.

    Thieving -

    Ardougne Stalls
    Pyramid Plunder
    Rogues' Den (Thieve Gems)
    Mining/Smithing Pickpocket NPC.
    Chef Pickpocket NPC.
    Wizard Pickpocket NPC.

    Woodcutting -

    Seer's Village
    Draynor Village

    Snake weed now stackable.
    Saradomin minions no longer hit through prayer.
    Fixed all bones xp for prayer.
    Achievements get added to bank no matter what.
    Viggoras mace is more accurate and stronger.
    Fixed Chaos Fanatic Pet.
    Dragon lance stats on dragons fixed.
    Bandos godsword now 15 donator coins instead of 700.
    Rune arrows added to crystal key loot.
    Copper ore works at home now.
    Jars from bosses now have a chance to give unique items from said boss when opened.
    Katana Attack Speed Buffed, Nerfed Strength Bonus.
    Fixed Crazy Archaeologist Teleport.
    Dragon Hunter Lance Has Proper Drop Value.
    You Can Now Sell Ring of Wealth (i).
    Fixed Mixing Imbued Magic Caped With Max Cape.
    Fixed Rock Crabs Achievement.
    Fixed Chicken Achievement.
    Fixed Baby Dragon Achievement.
    Fixed Slay Any NPC Achievement.
    Fixed Zulrah Achievement.
    Fixed Cerberus Achievement.
    Damage Increased On Arclight Towards Demons (Besides Cerberus).
    Slightly Nerfed Zammy Hasta & Spear.
    Max Capes Now Have a 5% Droprate Boost.
    New Client Background.
    Fixed Farming Guild.


    Fixed Auto Retaliate Bug.
    Venenatis Buffed.
    Wildy Bosses Drop Noted Dark Crab Instead Of Not Noted.
    Fixed Price On Overload (3)
    Removed Ultra MBOX From Skillcape Achievement.
    Fixed Max Cape Droprate.
    Launcher Released


    Energy Potions Added to Food & Potions Shop.
    Fixed Spots At Home That Were Unwalkable, New Bank Booths at Home.
    Bank Command Chest Fixed.
    Arclight Damage Fixed at Zammy.
    Fixed Extreme Donator Bug.
    Magic Accuracy and Magic Damage Buffed.
    Ahrims staff can now use ancients.
    Buffed a list of Magic Weapons.

    Cya in-game!

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    A Christmas event in mid November is a bit optimistic I'd say, fella
    You might wanna show a bit more media and what features your server has too

    The pioneering custom server network

    Spoiler for wat:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owain View Post
    what features your server has too
    it has mbox for 5 bucks each
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    Yes, we are doing many updates and i'll be updating this thread too

    Also the christmas event is a pre event atm, the main event drops december 1st
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    Bump! Let's try this again

    Edit: New Wilderness Boss Released!
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    Bump! Edited Post, Plenty of new updates!
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    Plenty of new updates including blood slayer! Check out the video posted in the ad
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    Quote Originally Posted by _Joker View Post
    it has mbox for 5 bucks each

    New #727 open source - click below

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    Quote Originally Posted by .css View Post
    A lot of things have changed Gotta love rune-server tho, always toxic haha. Love you guys tho
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    Bump, christmas event live! Check video in the thread
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