Everything seems weirdly placed.

Tanz Fang inside a Boss Point Store? Weird customs in your donator point store; rainbow spirit shield?

  • Mapping of home needs work, it's not very appealing and there are far too many shops, etc.
  • The custom items are a nice touch but they are so strange.. the dog pet you receive on login has a dragon's head and a dog's body? I do like the +2% drop rate it gives, that's great.
  • No one wants to log into a server and see the same 'thieving stalls' on the north wall of Edge Bank, it's been done 1000x now. Create a unique thieving method, ie; Pyramid Plunder (but unique), etc.
  • Simplify everything. There doesn't need to be 4 slayer masters in the same 10x10 origin.
  • Only a 5% drop rate increase for playing x5 XP rate? No thanks.
  • Mystery Boxes are the same as any other RSPS.. you have your Barrows, GWD items, Furies, DK rings all on a common table and your rares being Partyhats, Customs, Raid items.. this is so cliche.

Keep trying to be unique, I think with more creativity you could have something. Stray away from adding custom content if it has no meaning.. not everything that is custom has to be "cosmetic". The rainbow color changing Pet Mystery Box is a huge turnoff.

I can appreciate your graphic design template, both of your advertisement threads for OSKingdom seemed well done. But, it's not displaying anything related to OSKingdom.. it's images straight from OS. This also applies to your landing page for the forums, all ripped from OS/Rs2.