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    Sinhaza originally began as a fun side-project between friends. After allowing people to play the beta version, the buzz began to grow and people started asking for a release date. Although we had never planned on ever releasing the server publicly, watching 200+ accounts created on our server and 200+ members join our discord got us interested to take Sinhaza to the next stage. Since discovering Runescape in 2006 we have never experienced the same excitement for any game released. We realize that many of the RSPS's that replicate this content are riddled with customs that take away from the experience. We decided that if we were to release Sinhaza, it would be to replicate the old school experience that is currently live. We wanted this so players didn't feel the need to complete 200 quests and do 20 other long sub tasks which would take the average players months before they can get to the fun stuff like raiding, player killing and bossing. We are a server that offers fair XP rates, a balanced economy and a fun experience for everyone involved whether you are a player killer or a skiller. I guarantee that you will never see a 4 trillion GP pot here at Sinhaza.

    In the recent months since deciding to launch Sinhaza, we have worked very hard to improve the server, fix bugs, and develop new enjoyable content. We have spent hours-on-end perfecting Cerberus, tweaking minor details in the Inferno, adding every animation to every rooftop course, and making Sinhaza an amazing server that's packed full of content. We have paid bug testers who have been working to find bugs for the last few months, as well as a dedicated and mature staff team. We plan to release future OSRS content based almost 100% on community suggestions. We are also proud to be the ONLY server online today that does NOT profit from our community. ANY funds received beyond what is required for maintaining the server go to improving the server directly via advertising/adding in new content in order to make for a better playing experience for our community.

    Sinhaza is also having various competitions including:

    $300 store credit to :
    - The first to max competition for normal players
    - The first to max competition for Hardcore Ironmen
    - The first player to achieve 200M in any skill
    - The first player to complete the inferno and proudly wear the infernal cape

    $175 store credit to:
    - The first player to achieve 200,000,000 experience in ANY non-combat skill.
    - The first player to reach maxed combat (99 strength, attack, defence, HP, ranged, magic, prayer)
    - The first player to complete any OSRS boss collection log.
    - The first player to complete the Chambers of Xeric. (If on a team, each receive $100 in Store Credit)

    You can view more information on our website.

    If you don't have time to partake in any of these competitions don't worry, as we are hosting a discord invite competition which you can read more about [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    We are awarding credit for the most discord invites like so:
    - First Place: 125$ of store credit on Sinhaza
    - Second Place: 80$ of store credit on Sinhaza
    - Third Place: 65$ of store credit on Sinhaza
    - Fourth and Fifth Place: 35$ of store credit on Sinhaza
    - A super mystery box for every 10 invites a player gets for Sinhaza

    Our team consists of individuals who are already very experienced with the server and have been picked solely on merit. At Sinhaza we pride ourselves on our staff team as we believe this is the backbone of the server. If you have any questions or thoughts don't hesitate to contact any of us through discord or PM us here on rune-server.

    Recursion (Recursion#7893) - Owner/Lead Developer

    HostilePride (HostilePride#0840) - Developer

    Horror (Horror#6666) - Discord Manager
    [EMPTY] - Admin

    Calum (Calum#3131) - Web/GFX Designer

    [EMPTY] - Global Moderator

    [EMPTY] - Moderator
    Minsk (Minsk#7038) - Moderator

    Mex (Mikeyy#5738) - Server Support
    [EMPTY] - Server Support
    [EMPTY] - Server Support

    Spoiler for Current Features:

    Not Started --- In Progress ---- Completed

    Sinhaza Website -
    - Homepage with dynamic image loading
    - IPB Forums integrated within our website
    - Voting integrated with the server
    - Hiscores implemented for all game modes as well as an overall page to display all game modes together
    - Ability to compare two accounts with hiscores like in OSRS
    - Store fully integrated with server
    - Global navigation bar across all pages ( Header and Footer)

    - Heatmap/Trading API

    Sinhaza Server Structure -
    - Discord bot integration with webhooks for rares/tournaments ingame
    - Dynamic system for dungeon creation for raids/TOB
    - Dynamic system for players
    - All unhandled client opcodes fixed
    - Full runelite + integration with 90% of plugins working
    - Grounditem packets system rewritten in order to support region changes
    - Drop system completely reworked allowing users to see every drop for every NPC in the game
    - Shop system rewritten to support the ironman game modes
    - Dynamic object creation and deletion added ingame
    - Logs created for every activity ingame including drop trading
    - Anti bot technology to detect and deal with users that may be using automated software
    - Multi world support ( if we decide to expand in the future)

    - Pathfinding and clipping 100%

    Melee Combat -
    - All weapon special attacks and effects
    - Barrows special effects in combat
    - All potions working as intended including Divine potions and Raids potions
    - Combat emulated 100% like OSRS
    - Correct melee bonuses for worn items and damage multipliers

    - Pid system in combat

    Ranged Combat -
    - All crossbows, darts, arrows & shortbows can be used on players and NPC's
    - Blowpipe works 100% like OSRS with spec
    - Ava's Accumulator & Assembler work exactly like OSRS with arrows saving and dart saving in blowpipe
    - Correct ranged bonuses for worn items and damage multipliers
    - All bolt effects work on NPC's and players as well as damage caps
    - Chinchompas work with correct target finding

    - Dwarf Multicannon (90% done)

    Magic Combat -
    - All combat magic spells working as intended with the correct effects
    - System to organise all spells in one global system
    - Modern spellbook all spells
    - Ancient spellbook all spells
    - Arceuus spellbook all spells

    - Lunar spellbook ( 6 spells left )

    Prayer -
    - All prayers working with the correct buffs to their respective skills as in OSRS
    - Raids prayers are unlockable with only their respective scrolls
    - All bones can be obtained and buried
    - All bones can be offered to the correct altar as well as the chaos altar giving a 50% chance to save a bone

    Cooking -
    - All fish can be cooked including fish caught in raids
    - Cooking gauntlet support has been added to reduce the burn level for certain foods
    - All ranges/fires can be used to cook on throughout the whole map
    - Cooking/max skillcape perk works to never burn any items

    - Myth guild range to reduce burn level independently

    Fishing -
    - All fish can be caught including monkfish, anglerfish, all fish in raids
    - Barbarian fishing has been implemented
    - Barehanded fishing

    - Tick system for the action of collecting fish ( to enable 3 tick fishing ) - (50% done)

    Firemaking -
    - Global system which handles every firemaking action
    - Barbarian firemaking
    - Ability to have different colour fires through gnome firelighters

    Woodcutting -
    - Global system which handles every woodcutting action
    - Correct creation of tree stumps and amount of logs collected before tree felling
    - Birds nests as a random event which are increased by wearing a rabbits foot
    - Farming trees are cuttable and diggable if you so prefer
    - Every woodcutting axe obtainable including infernal with the correct effect

    Mining -
    - Global system which handles every mining action
    - A unique custom respawn formula based on the number of people currently mining the ore
    - Every mining pickaxe obtainable including infernal with the correct effect
    - Clue geodes can be received randomly when mining

    - Amethyst mining

    Smithing -
    - Global system which handles every smithing action
    - Every single item is smeltable and smithable including Lovakite armour
    - Creation of unique things e.g. crossbow from scratch can be done
    - Infernal pickaxe support added

    Crafting -
    - Global system which handles every crafting action
    - Glassblowing from scratch with lunar spell support
    - Spinning flax
    - Every jewellery piece ingame can be created and enchanted
    - All item spawns for raw materials added

    - Fletching
    - Global system which handles every fletching action
    - Every bolt, dart, arrow, crossbow, shortbow, longbow including special items can be created
    - Fast dart tip creation supported with Runelite+

    - Tick system for fletching ( to support 3 tick mining/fishing in future)

    - Herblore
    - Supports creation of every potion currently ingame even misc/quest potions
    - Divine potions and raids potions can all be created from the required ingredients
    - Every single potion effect works exactly like OSRS
    - Disallowing potions to be used/previous effects to retain when duelling

    - Thieving
    - Global system for thieving stalls
    - All thievable NPC's work including Paladins, Heroes, Master Farmers
    - Lockpicking in rogue's den
    - Rogue's outfit

    - Pyramid plunder

    - Agility
    - Global system for shortcuts and Rooftop/Agility courses
    - All rooftop courses added including prifddinas
    - Graceful outfit effects purchasable with marks
    - Run energy restoration scaling with agility level

    - All shortcuts added ( 60% done)

    - Runecrafting
    - A unique handler system for every runecrafting action performed
    - Rune essence, pure essence and dark essence mining and rune creation
    - Every altar has the ability for runes to be created
    - combination runes can be created for every rune
    - Abyss runecrafting fully supported
    - Rune creation like OSRS with multiple runes after certain levels

    - Hunter
    - Global system for every hunting action performed
    - bird traps and box traps fully work including chinchompas ( red/black)
    - All implings can be caught and give the correct reward

    - Falconry
    - Pitfall and Deadfall traps
    - Kebbit, butterflies, rabbits and imps

    Farming -
    - Global handler for all farming actions
    - Disease and harvesting like OSRS including herb patches and roots
    - Every patch works like OSRS including disease free patches
    - Every tool and seed is obtainable from farming stores/slayer
    - Tool leprechaun can be used to store all tools and note herbs

    - Payments can be made to farming NPC's to look after crops

    Slayer -
    - Global system to handle all slayer tasks including loading tasks directly from spawn list so they will never bug for a player
    - Every slayer task in osrs has been implemented
    - All slayer equipment can be obtained and slayer helmets can be created and imbued.
    - All slayer locations and slayer unique drops have been added, as well as slayer bosses
    - Ability to pick what kind of task you would like e.g. boss task/hard task
    - EHP meta's in OSRS such as barraging nechraels/ Cannoning kalphites available
    - Superior slayer monsters

    - Duo slayer

    Construction -
    - Sinhaza is proud to announce 100% Construction
    - Global system to handle everything built in rooms for each individual player
    - Correcting all possible PAFTs and errors through POH's ( Disallowing noclipping through the game/entering instances)
    - All rooms and objects have the ability to be built and function 100%
    - All interactable objects have the correct effects e.g. jewellery box/obelisk/ornate rejuvination pool/
    - All materials are obtianable
    - All servants work exactly like OSRS
    - All styles like in OSRS
    - Construction skillcape works to teleport to a player's POH as well as outside any altar
    - House viewer and ability to move/rotate/swap rooms
    - Upstairs and dungeon support as well as the correct meta's for XP like in OSRS
    - Plank creating

    Misc -
    - Player trading/Ironman Trading works 100% without any bugs or glitches
    - A custom trading post to sell items to, with the ability to search for items and see all offers live
    - OSRS skill menu's
    - Fairy rings
    - All teleports in spellbooks
    - A global world teleporter to get to almost anywhere you wish to
    - A unique clean home
    - Many item sinks including a death storage facility that unlocks with gp corresponding to the price of items
    - A unique currency of blood coins which can be used to purchase various Pking gear
    - Various tournaments which run 4 times a day in which anyone can partake and attain the OSRS gp we have set for them
    - Price checker
    - Runelite+/OPRS Integration
    - Duel arena works 100% including presets and items in the duel screen.

    Minigames -
    - Barrows
    - Chambers of Xeric fully completed
    - Pest control
    - Duel arena with anti-scam prevention
    - Inferno
    - Fight caves
    - Last Man standing
    - Wintertodt

    - Castle wars
    - Recipe for Disaster
    - Nightmare Zone
    - Gauntlet

    - Theatre of Blood

    Bosses -
    - Godwars Dungeon with correct killcounts
    - All wilderness Bosses with correct mechanics just like OSRS
    - Abyssal sire
    - Dagannoth kings
    - Cerberus
    - Kalphite queen
    - Zulrah
    - Vorkath
    - Kraken
    - Corporeal Beast

    - Hunllef

    Spoiler for Features under development:

    Not Started --- In Progress ---- Completed
    Below are some of the features we are working on and expecting for release for very soon:

    - Theatre of Blood

    - Dynamic dungeon creation
    - 1st room completed fully with no errors

    - 2nd and third room
    - 4th room

    - All TOB items are able to be worn with the correct bonuses and charging
    - TOB reward system points calculator with chest
    - Supply items chest purchasable through TOB

    Gauntlet -
    - Dynamic dungeon creation
    - All item creating/potion making within the gauntlet
    - Sub monster with correct drops during gauntlet
    - Timer system for completing the gauntlet
    - Global interface for gauntlet including best time
    - Gauntlet pet with metamorphosing

    - Hunllef combat script
    - Gauntlet rewards and crystal armour

    - Fixing room limits and hard coding room progression ( sort of like raids)

    Zalcano -
    - Party system for everyone currently in the room with requirements to kill Zalcano
    - Runelite plugin for zalcano
    - Mining, imbuing tephra,
    - Throwing tephra to Zalcano

    - Damaging orbs on the floor ( red)
    - Increased damaged orbs on the floor ( blue)
    - Zalcano prone ( to mine)
    - random mining start spawns

    Spoiler for Media:

    Gambling area :D :

    Credits -
    Dollar & Runite Development Team
    Leviticus & OS-PVP Development Team

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    Looks great
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    cool project man, gl
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    gl with ur leech.
    heard the team is made up of ex ikov staff lol i'm sure it'll go far
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    Best of luck, not really seen anything unique so far. Just another OSRS remake.

    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post

    gl with ur leech.
    heard the team is made up of ex ikov staff lol i'm sure it'll go far
    Why'd you have to do them like that bruh

    Where did all these people come from LOL
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    If you pride yourself on spending “hours on end” to “perfect” cerberus, I wouldn’t have much confidence in the server, I ain’t even gonna lie, it ain’t that complex chap.

    Gl anyways buds!

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    Good luck m8s hopefully you can make runite great again

    Quote Originally Posted by DownGrade View Post
    Don't let these no life creeps get to you, its always the same on here. They'd rather spend hours upon hours in the rune-server spam section then getting laid! ha ha!
    Its honestly pathetic i haven't seen so many lowlifes in my life its actually insane i wish that this section would just vanish its probably the only way to get these people out of the community...
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    This screams "I got fired from ikov and I wanna be different, dad!"
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    looks good nice work ignore the haters

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