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    Latest updates are going live now! Raids 2 is going live!

    gameserver: Melee boss for Raids 2 -> Teleports all players to flame spots. Players will take constant damage until outside of those locations.
    gameserver: Prevent non-melee attacks from damaging the Melee boss.
    gameserver: Flame wall special attack rendering/collision added for ranged raids 2 boss.
    gameserver: Randomly selects 3 flamewalls to use out of the collection for the ranged raids 2 boss special attack.
    gameserver: Terminate flamewalls after specified duration. Changed logic with updating/rendering flamewall positions.
    gameserver: Force movement was fixed/re-written; removed old event manager that had several issues.
    gameserver: Added forcemovement to gap jumping in map 9.
    gameserver: Added combat script for tortured souls. Cannons can only damage these souls within Raids 2.
    gameserver: Torch combat script done.
    gameserver: Added JalTok-Jad combat script. Blood blitz & barrage sap target hp and heal for total amount.
    gameserver: Teleport players to next room when jad hits 50% hp.
    gameserver: 2H sword bypass for raids item. Created minotaur combat script.
    gameserver: Dusk + Dawn combat script done.
    gameserver: Venenatis Combat script done.
    gameserver: Galvek can only attack whilst not being stunned & may only take damage upon being stunned. Galvek is stunned for 9 seconds.
    gameserver: Galvek is immune to specific combat styles when in its respective form.
    gameserver: Added support for listening to incoming hits on NPCs. Galvek will not take damage upon being stunned.
    gameserver: Fixed raid npc death instancing.
    gameserver: Fixed ground items in raids.
    gameserver: Made Raids 1 abstract so that we could use aspects of raids 1, in raids 2 and fix some scaling issues.
    gameserver: Fixed all raids 2 objects.
    gameserver: Fixed raids clipping region size.
    gameserver: All attack animations/death animations added to raids 2 bosses/mobs.
    gameserver: Riddle puzzle room done.
    gameserver: Reward chest spawns upon killing final boss.
    gameserver: npc death removals added.
    gameserver: Skilling room done.
    gameserver: Dwarf multicannon mechanics done.
    gameserver: NPC VS NPC combat done.
    gameserver: Cannonball projectile flows smoothly now; projectile relative src position now scales based on mob size; added combat support for tortured souls on cannon.
    gameserver: vyrelord + skeletal mage combat scripts done.
    gameserver: fadeout and fadein support for the client/raids2.
    gameserver: Added resource drops for every raids 2 room.
    gameserver: Raids 2 completion count tracking.
    gameserver: Raids 2 rewards done.
    gameserver: Raids 2 leaving/room starting.
    gameserver: Cannon of Doom attack emotes removed.
    gameserver: NPC unregistering fixed.
    gameserver: Removed empty inv requirement for raids 2.
    gameserver: Added raids 2 str bonus at the end of raid completions.
    gameserver: Rope and key mechanics added for skilling room.
    gameserver: Raids 2 shop added.
    gameserver: Fire wall mechanics added.
    gameserver: respawning npc hp will no longer scale infinitely every death.
    gameserver: cannon room will end correctly when all souls are dead, cannon scaled to not take a billion hours.
    gameserver: Death penalty added to raids 2.
    gameserver: Raids 2 dynamic room generation done.
    gameserver: You can now lure tortured souls away from the cannon inside the cannon room.
    gameserver: Added force movement to all stones in melee room.
    gameserver: Fixed deaths in map 11/10 respectively.
    gameserver: Added ability to repeat a room if you fail it.
    gameserver: Fixed being teleported and running at the same time forcing you off platforms.
    gameserver: Woodcutting implemented into raids 2 mechanics.
    gameserver: Smithing implemented into raids 2 mechanics.
    gameserver: Added new special attack to Raid Melee Boss to give it some variety.
    gameserver: Added support for defining raid modifiers for each raid type.
    gameserver: Added support for defining various modifiers per raid difficulty.
    gameserver: Fixed a bug causing Player's to falsely send map update request causing relative coordinates within respective region to become skewed.
    gameserver: Adding not allowed to attack NPC check per player rather than per raid.
    gameserver: Hank's 20% nerf on all NPC's health.
    gameserver: Hank's 10-40% nerf on all armour sets in-game.
    gameserver: World boss HP nerfed.
    gameserver: Raids 1 HP nerfed.
    gameserver: Raids 2 spell + raids 2 bow working now.
    gameserver: Removing Kill on Contact from Lava buffs.
    gameserver: Dragonbone to Heavy dragonbone effect fixed.
    gameserver: Dark Raiden set effect message fixed.
    gameserver: Item drop rate bonus applicaiton fixed.
    gameserver: Fixed buff time and cooldown for phantom/qbd sets.
    gameserver: Fixed Scroll of cleansing options.
    gameserver: Buffed Ankou set.
    gameserver: Rage effects now actually goes off.
    gameserver: Crit and Deadly hits don't apply to player when self hurting.
    gameserver: Task Scroll reroll fixed.
    gameserver: Rules link fixed.
    gameserver: 'Add to pouch' option on 1m and 500m tickets.
    gameserver: 'Open' option on hellchest.
    gameserver: 'Open All' option on hellchest.
    gameserver: Item and Equipment definitions done for all Raids 2 armour/weapons.
    gameserver: PinkSpiritShield effect no longer modifies spec damage.
    gameserver: Fix for melee and ranged dmg calculation.
    gameserver: Omen's maul no longer auto smashes if it was charged once but now has 0 charges.
    gameserver: Omen's maul charges no longer go down if above 2000 (permanent auto smashing).
    gameserver: Loaned items are now unusable in any other way except wearing/banking. Loan item re-enabled.
    gameserver: Spamming NPC kills messages fixed.
    gameserver: Inspecting task scrolls added.
    gameserver: Universal Drops no longer server annouce; updated system for universal drops.
    gameserver: Skill level up dialogues removed (till skills re-done).
    gameserver: Cosmetic scythes can now be worn.
    gameserver: Removed debug message for olmlet burn.
    gameserver: Fix for Heavy dragonbone items - now gives proper bonuses.
    gameserver: Fix for Turtle Set set bonus (str) - 50 str per piece bonus.
    gameserver: backstabber's teddy (upg) now gives proper str bonus.
    gameserver: Combining raiden set fixed.
    gameserver: Equipment Sets re-enabled.
    gameserver: Universal Drop player announce rather than global.
    gameserver: NPCs above 12000 HP will now give a npc kill.
    gameserver: Added a way to get perimeter positions of an entity.
    gameserver: Nitro booster for highroller giveaway added to discord bot.
    gameserver: Stored messages to Notifications.
    gameserver: Packet added to display hovers.
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    Sorry, someone has to speak the truth..fucking shut this ugly shit down and open a good osrs server sense you can code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DGKxNick View Post
    Sorry, someone has to speak the truth..fucking shut this ugly shit down and open a good osrs server sense you can code.
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