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    We are running on a powerful Dedicated Server:
    1x Intel® Quad-Core I7 960 3.2Ghz
    Operating System: Windows 2008 Standard
    Primaray Hard Drive: 500 GB SATA II 7200
    bandwidth: 2000 GB (100Mbs)
    RAM: 12 GB DDR3 RAM
    DDoS Protected

    Here at Chaotic United, we strive to be the best. We have programmers that spend several hours a day adding new, fresh content to our server. Our programmers are extremely dedicated to improving the game play for our fellow players. We are a non-profit organization, and ALL donations are never for personal use. Our intentions is to make a new gaming community. Some servers are created just to make money or get rich in runescape, but not here. Our donations are stored to pay for our powerful dedicated server and website, and the rest is saved to pay for advertisements and upgrade our dedicated server. We have been open for little over two months, and are growing rapidly. So, what makes Chaotic United stand out?
    - New Hit Splats
    - Highscores
    - Double Xp Weekends
    - Double Xp ring
    - Automated Voting Rewards
    - Dungeoneering
    - Skill Points
    - Random Events
    - 100% Summoning skill, familiars with effects
    - Max combat level of 138
    - Daily Community Events(Owners participate too!)
    - Double pc point, xp, and voting reward weekends!
    - Familiars with effects!
    - Unique Slayer Tasks
    - Dragonfire Shields charged by dragons
    - Paid vBulletin Powered Forum
    - 24-7 Uptime
    - Active helpful staff
    - Donator Benefits
    - Vote4Reward System
    - Updates Everyday!
    - Completely Lag Free!
    - Active, knowledgable staff team
    - All Skillcapes with working emotes(Even Dungeoneering!)
    - Economy! All dupes are patched
    - Torva!
    - Pernix!
    - Virtus!
    - Ancient Ceremonial!
    - Summoing: Pets & Familars like Steel Titans and pet dragons
    - Bosses! (God Wars, KBD DKs, TDs, Jad, Giant mole, KQ and more!)
    - Downloadable Client and Web Client
    - Frost bones for prayer!
    - Working Korasi Sword+Special!
    - Working Dragon Claws!
    - Staff of Light Special, 1/8 chance of not using any runes
    - Every Skill Trainable! Even Summoning and hunter!
    - Dragon Defender!
    - All PvP Armor: Vesta, Statius, Morrigan, Zuriel
    - Imbued Rings!
    - Pk Point Shops
    - 100% Working Overloads and Spec Restores!
    - Lootshare, even coinshare!
    - Elysian and Divine Spirit Shield effects!
    - Rocktail Fishing+Cooking! With eating effects!
    100% Curses PVM+PVP
    - Protect Item
    - All Saps
    - All Deflects
    - Berserker
    - All Leeches
    - Wrath
    - Soul Split
    - Turmoil
    - Barrows
    - Pest Control
    - Tzhaar Cave
    - Fight Pits
    - Duel Arena
    - Warrior Guild!
    Donator Benefits
    - Your very own Personal Banker!
    - Great Deals!
    - $2 For an individual Item
    - $5 for 3 items+donator rank/benefits
    - $10 for 6 items+rank
    - You don’t have to get boring killcount
    - Ability to Yell + Custom Name Tag!
    - Access To the Donator Zone!
    Join us at
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    Nice pictures.
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    Chaotic United is up an running under the original domain. The ownership is different but the community is still the same.
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    wow nice donator deals, and daily update is insane features lol, even jagex didnt update every day. this is so chaotic
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