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    I am the Creater of Pvpu and would like everyone to come and join my on Pvpu for some fun Pking.

    The server is a basic Pk server, like the ones that were first made. You train your skilling in the dummy house and you can type :: prayer to train your prayer. The server has all the basic commands like ::barrows and ::food. You can attempt to kill Jad for the Fire Cape But only do this if you are not afraid to lose your items if you die.

    My server is ran off of Hamachi because i can not port foward do to my extra secure fire wall. In order to play you will need to download hamachi and join my hamachi server before being able to join my Private Runescape server.


    Google search Hamachi download and you can download it from the Hamachi website or any other link you can find. If you want to make sure there are no viruses or anything of that nature fill free to scan the program before downloading it. the download will take a few minutes.

    After you have the hamachi program up you will need to turn it on by pushing the on button on the bottom left size of the screen. Then you need to click the Triangle emblem on the bottom of the screen and click join server.

    Server name: PvPu
    Password : (there is no password)

    You will then need to put the ip adress of the server in on the ip adress spot on the Moparscape client or anyone client you my be useing.

    Username: (make a name you will remember for the server)
    Password: (make a password you will remmeber for the server)
    Server Ip:

    My user name on the Server is BlackKnight if you have any questions and im logged in let me know.

    Server Status: Online
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    Hi .
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    Hello, Just follow the instructions to join my server.
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