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  1. #1 KieransBossScape is BACK!!!! 
    Well i deleted all my server's/coding's and so forth so i decided to come back... anyway.

    At the moment the offical server isnt up yet... for now its a pimpscape so it gives you something to play on while i'm doing whatever i have to do with the offical...

    IP -

    Updates for beta

    Full crafting
    Full thieving
    Full mineing
    Anti hack
    All emotes for all weapons,items,attacks,skills
    60% Prayer
    only 10 of each rare in game

    And many many more just i forgot...

    REPEAT: Server is not up " YET " it should be up for next week...

    Also recruiting mods/admins, if you have an admin or mod on the current server, it will be passed on to the beta

    if you have any question's feel free to ask here or msn [email protected]

    ip -
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    hello,good luck.used to play it and i remember it when you quited.
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    glad your back kieran I LOVED playing your server
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    Horn ( old )
    Woot hey
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