Thread: SpeedScape Alpha - Starting on the 30th.9.07

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    SpeedScape Alpha - Starting on the 30th.9.07
    Hi, I'm currently making a new server called SpeedScape. I will be opening the server to Alpha Testers in 4 Days.

    Info About the server:
    -WinterLove Based.
    -Has NPCS so far.
    -Needs To add "most" skills
    -Has been tested by me for 19 Hours Without crash.
    -Linux Run
    -Server has 1GB Ram, And 2.2Ghz 64-bit AMD.

    How to be an alpha tester:
    -Post here in this format:
    Server Username(What I want, or none if you want a set one.):
    What area I will search for bugs in:
    How long I will be able to play each day:
    -I will msn you the access password for the server. And you will be allowed in.
    -I will also msn you the full screen client beta(1024x768, 1280x1024)
    -I will give you the ip aswell.
    -I will give you a set username, eg Alpha01, or Beta01. If you want to use your username, just ask.
    -All alpha testers will recieve 5000Game Tokens after they finish the testing. These tokens will be able to be used to purchase rares, money, ores, bars, weapons, stores, etc....

    Current Testers: 0

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    Good luck? I'm not sure how you made those gametoken things work but nice job!

    Mr X

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