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I have been a member of rune-server for many years now, I like to consider myself comfortable with rsps, but truthfully other than the basics of java and copy and paste I really know nothing about the fundamentals of runescape servers and how they communicate with the client. If I ever came up with an idea, I would hack together some awful code and call it a day, without really learning much in the process. I envy the people on this forum that can delve right into the most obscure corners of clients and servers and implement all sorts of cool features to the point its indistinguishable from jagex's own work. I also find myself constantly going back to blank PI servers/clients and attempting to make something with them, but I always come to the same conclusion after trawling through loads of posts saying why you shouldn't develop PI servers blah blah; is that they really aren't work putting time into.


I am Looking for a 317 client, ideally loading 474 data.


A source to go along with it.

I really want to begin learning how the server communicates with the client, so it would be nice if the source was reasonably 'clean' so I dont have to filter through alot of junk code to best learn what is happening at the core of the server/client. I am also hoping this becomes a long term project so I will take recommendations of what source/client is best to use in terms of stability/limitations etc.

And also any links to any reference materials I should check out prior to undertaking any project please let me know.

Thanks for reading