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    Not needed thanks.
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    For model editor you could probably get Metasequoia and use Datmaker to put the .dat model files into a file readable for metaseq. As far as dumping models from other caches, you could use Tom's Cache Suite or RSDataSuite, load the models, find which ID you need, dump it and repack to your cache. All of this is free would save you money
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    if you're looking for a texture editor then there is nothing better than displees tool. You can do it through code but thats a bit annoying. MQO is used to create and physically edit models and thats a free tool. You cannot texture in mqo as datmaker (the only tool atm which converts mqo to dat) does not support textures.

    TLDR; use mqo to make models, datmaker to convert them for rsps use.
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