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    Hello I am looking for a modeler that is willion to make some customs for my rsps. This will include skilling objects, npc's, weapons and armours. Ofcourse I will be paying for the efforts.

    My rsps is a custom 667 rsps, so models will have to be made for a 667 revision. For skilling object I am especially looking for custom objects as you can train skills up to level 120 and I want to add additional 99+ money making methods with skilling.
    I will also be looking to get custom bosses and custom slayer creatures for levels 99-120 slayer. Besides those I will still want a lot of custom items.

    If you are interested in modeling for my server, pm me on discord: noobs own#7914

    Thank you in advance, Noobs Own

    PS:I don't know if this is the right section to be posting this thread.
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    did you forget your discord? lol
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