I'm running into an issue where when using the GPU plugin, its limited to the standard 4096 polygons per entity. I've already increased the limit via the Model class which resolves the issue for when the GPU plugin is not enabled, but being that the plugin overrides the standard drawing methods it is still limited.


Spoiler for With GPU Plugin:

Spoiler for Without GPU Plugin:

In the GPUPlugin, I have tried increasing the MAX_TRIANGLES int, as well as updating the corresponding compute shader .glsl file to match, to no avail. Not only does it not work but also then causes additional problems.

I've tried increasing the float and int buffers, I've tried changing the glProfile (GL4, GL4bc, and GL3bc - didn't really expect this to make any difference but just ruling out as many possibilities as i can).

And I've tried a variety of other increases to where its setting buffer capacities and all to no avail. No positive or negative impacts.

There must be something I'm missing, as I've not really worked with openGL before but I've spent a solid 20 hours trying to figure this out and searching for solutions and haven't come across anything.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.