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    Hi folks,

    I have been messing around with rspsi map editor. When I finish editing I choose File > Save to > .dat/.gzip

    I then open toms cache suite and choose View/Edit Raw File System > main_file_cache.idx4

    I find on the list the number that corresponds with the .dat file I saved from rspsi editor and choose Replace File, then replace it with the corresponding .dat file.

    Once I have finished replacing the files I close toms cache suite and load the client...

    Then my client fails to load and displays the Sorry an error has occured whilst loading runescape message, this is also displayed in the console Error: loaderror Requesting maps 75

    What am I doing wrong? or How do I pack them correctly?

    Any help is appreciated!


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    create an "index4" folder in your cache, place the .zip file in there, in your client class, you'll need to

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