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    Hello! My name is Ro, and I'm a total scrub, I have been very interested in making a private server and learning some code therein. That being said, I am working with the Elvarg/OSRSPK client from Prof. Oak.
    I was able to download a 188 cache and map, and to my surprise get it to load, *have only seen rev caves/but there are walls now, and I don't clip through them*. Now while in game I entered the command ::update 10 "because it was what the gentleman on YouTube did, and I'm not sure why I did it to begin with." Now the client is stuck saying it's being updated.

    I don't want anyone to think that I'm trying to get people to fix things for me, or do anything for me, however I cant seem to find anything related to this specific instance of the server being stuck "updating". I have tried googling and combing the forums here with a few different searches and taglines, to no avail. I would so appreciative if someone could link me a thread where this problem is explained/fixed, or explain to me what I've done. If not hopefully ill figure it out .

    the command line reads this just before the client starts loading "$ 1 execute
    INFO: Update task finished!"
    Then when I attempt the log in it says "RSPS is being updated. Try again in 60 seconds..."
    Thanks for any and help - Ro.

    EDIT: UPDATE: I restarted the whole thing, that being eclipse and my computer and it did the trick, but I'm sure my troubles are far from over as this is the beginning of my adventure in code haha. Sorry if I seem dumb, I promise I'm trying.
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