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  1. #1 Adding items from inventory to interface?? 
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    Hey guys i'm working on a gamble middle man system, server sided most of it is OO coded already and I got up to the part of the interface now.. Never did interfaces but i got pretty far imo. Now the issue I have is with the part where you need to be able to add Items to the interface, since the interface is some kind of step in the process where both players show there bet, and then they have to accept or decline the battle. i added a picture of the interface to give you an idea. If some1 can kickstart me here, just reply here i guess Or if somewhere wants to really explain me this process, send me a private message.

    This is the interface: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Thanks upfront already
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    Ok so basically somewhere in your RSInterface class you will see a method called ItemGroup,ItemContainer or something of the sort you will need to put this on your interface. After you do that you have to send a packet from the server to that item group interface Id. If you send more items then the max of your item group you will receive errors.
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