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    I am trying to port forward my RSPS and everything I have done has failed to fix the problem. Every time someone tries to connect and myself testing it on another PC it says "error connecting to server" and yes the server is running fine. I can connect to it myself. And yes I am hosting it on my own PC. Don't say get a VPS cause I don't want to start payments while coding. I am almost %100 right that I port forwarded right. I have checked the UPnP, ports, DMZ, and the open ports. I've also opened UDP and TCP ports for the 43594 port. If anyone knows what may be happening please help. All of my friends say that I have a weird router and they don't know why people cannot connect. Please comment below.
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    check that your ip for your client is set to localhost or

    you need a static ip to portfoward on too, you might have a dynamic, if so call your ISP to ask about getting a static one
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