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    I really need Help, Something is Wrong with my WebClient, Here have a Look
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    It tried to connect to my server, But I wants to conenct to localhost, Ill show you what I have in SignLink and everything else.

    ( Part of It )
    socketip = inetaddress;
    Serverip = "";
    dns = Serverip;

    ( Part of iT )
    return new Socket(InetAddress.getByName(""), i);// sets ip for server when client files is used over gui

    ( Part of It )
    Serverip = "";
    sign.signlink.startpriv(InetAddress.getByName(Serv erip));
    String sServer = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(this, "Server IP #:");
    Serverip = sServer;
    sign.signlink.startpriv(InetAddress.getByName(sSer ver));

    Everything else is Fine, If I host the server on my Computer, I can connect, But I just cannot figure out HOW to make it connect to, It somehow likes to connect to localhost.

    - Please help,

    PS: If I need to post more stuff, I will
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    I've had a look and look at this:
    <TITLE>iSuicide Webclient</TITLE>
    <applet name="iSuicide" width="765" height="503" archive="client.jar" code="client.class" code="Gui.class" code="Applet_Sub1.class" code="Gui$1.class" code="Gui$imageFileFilter.class" code="Bluurr.class" code="Class1.class" code="Class2.class" code="Class3.class" code="Class4.class" code="Class5.class" code="Class6.class" code="Class7.class" code="Class8.class" code="Class9.class" code="Class10.class" code="Class11.class" code="Class12.class" code="Class13.class" code="Class14.class" code="Class15.class" code="Class16.class" code="Class17.class" code="Class17.class" code="Class18.class" code="Class19.class" code="Class20.class" code="Class21.class" code="Class22.class" code="Class23.class" code="Class24.class" code="Class25.class" code="Class26.class" code="Class27.class" code="Class28.class" code="Class29.class" code="Class30.class" code="Class30_Sub1.class" code="Class30_Sub2.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub1.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub2.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub1_Sub3.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub1_Sub4.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub2.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub3.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub4.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub4_Sub1.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub4_Sub1_Sub1.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub4_Sub1_Sub2.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub4_Sub2.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub4_Sub3.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub4_Sub4.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub4_Sub5.class" code="Class30_Sub2_Sub4_Sub6.class" code="Class30_Sub3.class" code="Class31.class" code="Class32.class" code="Class33.class" code="Class34.class" code="Class35.class" code="Class36.class" code="Class37.class" code="Class38.class" code="Class39.class" code="Class40.class" code="Class41.class" code="Class42.class" code="Class43.class" code="Class44.class" code="Class45.class" code="Class46.class" code="Class47.class" code="Class48.class" code="Class50.class" code="ColorChooser$1.class" code="ColorChooser.class" code="ColorTypes$1.class" code="ColorTypes.class" code="DrawingArea.class" code="fileChooser.class" code="FileOperations.class" code="Frame_Sub1.class" code="InterfaceGUI.class" code="Main.class" code="MP3Player.class" code="Node.class" code="NodeSub.class" code="ProgressChecker.class" code="RSApplet.class" code="RSFrame.class" code="RSImageProducer.class" code="RSInterface.class" code="SAXParser.class" code="Sprite.class" code="stream.class" code="TextDrawingArea.class" code="Update.class" code="Updater.class" code="UserLoader.class" code="VersionGetter.class" code="Xml$.class" archive="Theme.jar">
    <param name="java_arguments" value="-Xmx512m">
    You should only have client.class or gui.class, not every single class file. Maybe that's one reason it's not working? Try changing that, because mine took so long to load, it froze firefox.

    It was only loading the java bit, at the start with the "java" symbol.
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