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    i can not find the SQL.sql in this tut [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    on step 17:
    Step 17: In the left side you will now see a link for "rsc." That is your database. At the top of the website where the tabs are, click "Import." Where it says "Location of the text file" below "File to import" click "browse." Navigate to where the "Server" folder is located and go inside of it. Select SQl.sql and click OK. Now move the mouse to the bottom of the page and click the "Go" button. To the left you will now see the tables that have been imported inside the RSC server database titled "rsc" (in my case.) Now look at the top of the webpage where the tabs are. Click on "SQL". You will have a big white box for code. Righ-click copy the code below and right-click paste it in that white box:

    it says to select SQL.sql and i can't find it in the server folder so if someone could upload it or just tell me were i'm not seeing it (I KNOW I'M A NOOB SO DON'T CALL ME ONE)
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    Maybe it isn't included in the source that was reposted. Basic Server v2 is very old and we just don't support it anymore
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    oh i see i just won't use that i'll use open rscd v25
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