Dear Rune-Server, I'd like to talk about my project
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A bit of history on this project.
Started scripting in early RSC times, have always been a avid and die hard RSC player since I started. Has to be one of my favorite games to date.

I started playing the private servers and realizing that one botting website controls all, and costs an extortionate amount of real money. So I put some of my own money I made into this website so we can all bot free and most importantly open-source.

I am also on a long break from work so I will be heavily maintaining and improving the scripts as I go along. I've thrown some basic scripts together into the Scripts section of the forums just to see how many other players we can get on board. I can promise you they will only get better and better in the coming weeks.

For those that don't know, RSC is a pain to train. Really.

AutoRSC is a open-source forum for scripting. At the moment we cater for two servers: RSCLegacy and RSCRevolution. If there is any requests to cover other servers we would be more than happy. I will also personally write custom scripts for money to keep the website maintained and running. But for the most part you can expect AutoRSC to be free.
I'd advise anyone interested in scripting or just interested in training their character quicker to check it out.

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