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    o.O 508 Server Manager V1.2! O.o
    By Luke Rogers!
    A "Perfect Compiler" For 508!


    New Release! Now Has Runescape Version Grabber
    And Automatic Jdk/ Jre Dection!

    Easy, Unique Compiler System (For 508, It Is Unique)
    Can Tell You What The Current Rs Version Is <New!>
    Runs In An Easy And Lightweight .Bat Or .Cmd File
    Auto Jdk And Jre Finder!!
    Has Partally Done "Fuzzy" Commands
    Eg. You can use "iopackets" or "packets" or "ccom" or "comm" or "COM"
    Run Command Opens Separate .Bat/.Cmd Window
    Miniguides Included In File (Finished Base But None Yet, I Will Add In V2.0 Or Earlier)
    Has Settings Command To Change Colours
    Submit A Feature, I Will Try To Make!

    How To Add It:
    Just Download These Files, Add Them Into Your Cmd Folder, And Run The .cmd File!
    To Use, Simply Type The Command You Want!


    Q: How Do I Change The Jdk Path, Without Editing All Of The Code?
    A: Simple! Right Click Edit ( Or Open In Notepad) The Main .cmd File, Scroll Down To The
    "REM Put Your Jdk Version Here!"'s And Edit The Jdk Below!
    set jdkver=jdk1.6.0_06
    Q: I Cant Right Click Edit?
    Just Rename The .cmd To A .txt, Then Open And Edit! After That, Rename It Back To A .cmd File

    N.a No Need! Auto Jdk Detection!

    Q: Can I Rename It To A .Cmd File?
    A: Of Course!

    N.a. Now Comes In A .Cmd, Which Just Looks Better Than A .bat File!

    Post All Of your Questions Here!
    Remember to Rep!
    Dempltr 508 2.. All New.. All Fun.. All Wow!
    508 Progress: | | | | | | | | | |
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    Seriously, these are pointless...

    We really don't need some fancy **** to compile our servers... we bearly spend time looking at it..

    But much appreciation for trying to help out
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