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    Hey guys, so this is my first take at a Custom Minigame, I called it wanted because I got inspiration from some Game Advertisement on youtube, where a character is wanted with a reward behind them and you can choose to help them or not.

    This is my first take at any custom minigames and I think it's okay

    So, im going to explain the concept and how its mean to work below aswell as show you it working in-game (briefly);

    - A random character from a pre-defined list will spawn at a location that I will manually choose. I made it manual choosing because I want to give hints too and interact with the minigame.
    - A hint will be placed in server announcements for the whole week, something not too vague and not too obvious, aswell as the payout for finding the npc will be stated, each weeks has a random chance of ranging from 500k to 5m;
    - Once the player has found the Wantedee (the wanted npc), they can choose to help it and it will give them a skilling tasks (bit like a daily) and it will give you a reward of 5/times less than the payout previously stated.
    - Because you get 5 times less the payout, there is a 1 in 1000 chance you will get a huge payout of 200m in this minigame if you are lucky.
    - If you decide to not help and tell the locals, you will get the full payout with no chance of landing on the huge payout.

    Here is a quick show-off of me telling the locals;
    Spoiler for Telling locals:
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    & Here is a quick show-off of me helping the Wantedee, except no task has been given as I'm still working on them;
    Spoiler for Helping Wantedee:
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