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    Hey, I'm posting on behalf of the DgScape project.

    Note in advance: This project is not in any way meant to undermine the efforts of cX. Their effort to recreate Dungeoneering is incredible. I've spoken personally to many of the devs of cX, and only have the utmost respect for them. They are in a class of their own. Unfortunately, priorities exist, and we understand this. It is not realistic for cX to assign much of their development time toward Dungeoneering, when 99% of people can't tell the difference between cxdg and rsdg. cX is an amazing achievement and we have only respect for it.

    Part of our goal for the DgScape project is to create realistic, procedural generated Dungeoneering mazes. After a long while, and a great deal of help from the legend Vincent, we've made some progress.

    What is the difference between the DgScape map algorithm, and the CorruptionX algorithm?

    The CorruptionX dungeoneering map algorithm has been altered and changed throughout 2014, but currently it does not create realistic maps. CorruptionX creates the map maze by "tree"ing forks from a main path constructed by key-locations. This leads to the occasionally ridiculous looking map layout. Here's an example:

    Additionally, the critical path on CorruptionX has many faults. The critical path on CorruptionX is a random structure within the maze, so it necessarily doesn't follow correct critical path principles. The critical path on RuneScape can be described by these principles:

    - The critical path is a 19-23 room continuous structure which necessarily connects the base room to the boss room
    - The critical path contains a non-forking continuous line of at least 10 rooms, called the "base-crit"
    - The base-crit is usually 15-17 rooms
    - There are usually approximately 5 branches on the critical path, of which approximately 50% immediately DE (turn into a dead end)
    - Critical branches rarely exceed a depth of 5 rooms
    - The critical path has a hard-coded maximum of 8 keys, so there can only ever be 8 non-boss dead ends on the critical path
    - The critical path very often (>95%) stops on at least one wall

    Our DgScape map algorithm preserves all these features.


    Here are some pictures of the maps we've created:

    Here are some pictures of the maps CorruptionX has created:

    Here are some pictures of RuneScape map pictures:

    Want to help with the DgScape project?

    Currently we are looking for people to help us make our dream a reality. PM me on skype at "kevin_koehler" if you're interested in helping with coding or research.
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    Looks nice. Good work with this.
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    Goodluck man, Hope you finish this!

    Do not use the vps from ovh, blocking vps without reason and no customer support
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    Nice! I hope you finish it so we can do some Dungeoneering!
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