So i have not touched RSPS in well over 4-5 years and i would really like to get back into it so this is my idea of what i'd like to do.
I'm looking at joining a development team or making a team upon talks.

Looking at either a 718 or a 742, (prefer something loading 718-742 data wise.
Not really looking for a leeched server but something that has a decent starting point to build off of.
My idea would be Eco server that's mostly Pre Eoc mindset.

*Not looking to make or join something with customs, other then things like, Master Capes, Boss/Skilling pets.*

Some of the servers i have owned or ran with others, these are around 2012-2015.

(limited on post's that still exist)
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[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Pm me and we can go from there or message me on Discord: Kylee#1391

Thanks, Kyle.