I have been looking for the last couple of days for a z508 source that has pking enable. I want the ::item commands to work, meaning they have to pay for the item.

I would also like a donator system too. like donator items. (not required) but i would like there to be a donator ranking system and only them and mods/admins can use.

TBH im not a great coder i can make commands but thats about it.
I have a VPS up and running but atm i do not have any Servers worthy of running. So, I HAVE used the SEARCH BAR but i wasnt able to find anything that worked for me personally. The vps is Windows 2003 with 10gb and nice bandwith.

But anyway please post me some links of fourms and such..

So far i have tried:

and none seemed to have worked out very well.