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    R-S Admin Response  The Team

    Slay Kid - Developer
    John - Developer
    DBCrazy - Manager

    R-S Admin Response  About us

    Tanoth, a 667 server based from Matrix.
    providing some of the most enjoyable content with balanced mechanics. You won't find any crazy custom items & bosses, but rather our own take on the 2011 Experience with diverse Skilling, Challenging Bosses, Interesting Quests and so much more.
    This is our rendition of how a perfect server would look like. Over the past months we have redesigned edgeville to accommodate for a small playerbase. we have tried to keep everything uncluttered & extremely functional.

    R-S Admin Response  Links

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    R-S Admin Response  Server Features

    - Supports 23 Skills incl. Construction, Summoning, & Farming
    - Supports 3 XP Modes (Easy, Normal & Hard) with its unique droprates
    - 7 Boss pets
    - Fully automatic PK Bots
    - Remapped Edgeville
    - Wilderness Activities - from Skilling to PvM & Pking
    - Achievement system
    - Custom mini-quests
    - Unique loyalty programme
    - Scam-Safe gambling
    - Custom Mini-Quests
    - Daily Skilling Challenges

    R-S Admin Response  Notable Minigames & Distractions Supported

    - Puro Puro
    - Fight Caves
    - Warrior's Guild
    - Penguins
    - Pest Control
    - Customized Barrows
    - And more!

    Spoiler for Server Media:

    Spoiler for Gifs:

    Spoiler for 12/05/2019:
    Updates from @[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]:

    Fixed teleportation tab store.
    Fixed dragonfire shield special attack
    Added clue scrolls system
    Fixed switching in pvp
    Fixed Slayer conversation bug
    'Teleport sounds can’t be turned off ' - Removed teleport sounds
    Removed all waves for fight caves (1 Wave jad)
    Removed Museum guards
    You will now recieve triple slayer points
    Dragon implings can now be caught
    You can now equip void
    Two darklights will now spawn around the tormented demon lair (these are required to temporarily disable the tormented demons shield)
    Updated completionist cape requirements. You are required to have completed all 99's & have completed all achievements in order to unlock the high tier cape.
    Fixed the slayer achievement i & ii, this achievement will now only increment after full slayer tasks.
    Reduced the base Wilderness tokens to 500 per kill, this was previously 1000.
    Fixed teleporting to the rock_crab slayer task
    Aberrant spectre's will now count towards your slayer task
    You will now automatically receive the veterans cloak & hood upon 300 ingame hours played.
    You now require veterans status to equip any item that contains ("Veteran")
    Some cache issues were resolved.
    Removed old comp cape requirements messages.
    Fixed unsupported java error in client.
    Gave new player login messages a different color (no longer pain in your eyes)
    Mini quest ''recipe for disaster'' now works! (Reward: Gloves)
    Mini quest ''helpless lawgof'' now works! (Dwarf Cannon + Mould)
    Mini Quest ''lunar diplomacy'' now works! (unlocks lunar spellbook)
    Mini Quest ''desert treasure'' now works! (unlocks ancient spellbook)
    Mini Quest ''the robbery''' now works! (Access to keldagrim stalls)
    Fixed the bank chest at home
    Accounts will no longer null on login.
    You will know automatically join an help fc.
    Removed the bank pin dialogue on login.
    Wilderness obelisks will now have the correct animation and graphics.
    Switching items inside the bank is now working.
    You can now customize max & comp cape in your equipment tab.
    Removed smith helmets from daily tasks
    Updated crystal chest rewards.
    When completing Lunar Diplomacy it should now tp you back to the quest hut.
    Increased slayer pts for all types(edited)
    Decreased mining action delay
    Leather Crafting should work
    You can now pickpocket man and womans
    Added cash rewards for completing daily task 1-50M
    Cleaned out the information tab
    Bank presets are now working again.
    Fixed a few more cache issues that caused bugs
    Fixed private messages on resizable mode
    Pvp no longer causes errors

    Spoiler for 22/07/2019:

    Spoiler for Patch notes #5::
    Fixed jad entrance (other cave entrance works too)
    Removed censored words
    Added potions decanting (only works with (3) into (4) )
    Removed penguin hs and evil tree messages (makes it more clean)(edited)
    Added this to tips: "You can view what world event is going on in your information tab!"
    Updated combat, NPCs will now follow there correct weaknesses i.e You will have a higher chance of damaging Dragons with Magic, Ranged would damage Dark beasters higher than melee or magic.
    When wearing a defender you will get an extra strength bonuses
    Magic, Ranged & Melee combat triangle has been somewhat balanced, (This will need to be tested)
    Disabled Potion & veng timers
    Updated Switching, we now process this action before anything else. this action is now a Prority.FIRST
    Wilderness bossing gives 2k points now.
    Added pvp region wilderness activity's. (double pvp points)
    Added a 30 seconds delay in order to gain wilderness points (without activity) this eliminates point farmers in the future
    Added random PvP Rewards (rewards: Magic Logs x250, Rocktails(noted) x200, Raw Rocktails(noted) x100, Runite Ore x250, Adamant Ore x500, Yew Logs x750, Overloads x20, & 10M Coins)
    Added OSBuddy like drop overlays
    Adjusted wildy shop prices
    Fixed kalphite queen entrance (use rope on entrance).
    limited pyre logs on G.E
    limited dragon full helm (or)/dragon sq (or) on g.e
    limited elegant legs on g.e
    limited godsword shards on g.e
    searching for Torva in GE no longer crashes your client.
    fixed typo in server tips.
    disabled nomad's requiem for now.
    re enabled all pvp bots (including the noob ones)
    added Bones on Fire (cremation).
    Added achievement system + added a whole bunch of them.
    godwars should work now.
    added daily skilling challenges

    Spoiler for Patch notes #4:
    -XP Modes: you can now select your own xp mode that is best suited for your play style, each mode has its benefits & cons, higher experience rate players lose drop rate whilst lower xp rate players reap the benefits of a higher drop rate
    - Adjusted Gnome, Barbarian, & Wilderness Agility XP - Adjusted Each skills XP Rates - Added 4 XP Modes [Easy, Normal, Hard, Legend] Each Rate has it's perks - Fixed Wilderness Store [Torag set] - Price added - Adjusted Wilderness Store [Ahrims set price (70k)], [Dharoks set price (90k)] - Fixed Hunter Catch rates - Improved Charm drop rates - Fixed Summoning XP Rates & Revamped the handling of each [infusion & creation]
    - Removed Tanoth credit from skilling
    - Removed Wilderness Points from skilling
    - Fixed Experience lamp handing for Prayer
    - Grand Exchange Removals (Adamant Bar, Rune Bar)
    - Enabled Bots to drop items (All equipped & inventory)
    - Added penguin hide and seek, see hints in information tab, rewards shop at home.
    - Added bank presets.
    - Fixed magic stall at home, no longer afkable
    - Fixed Brawling Gloves
    - Fixed Experience Locking
    - You will now be teleported inside the ring when teleporting to the abyss
    - Fixed Nose peg, you can now equip this.
    - Increased slayer xp rate
    - coin caskets contains more gold.
    - slowed down global messages
    - Trivia is now up to 3 answers.
    - ::empty should work for normal players now.
    - Claiming killstreak helmets should work now.
    -You can now exchange pvp artifacts talking to nastroth.
    - Removed the Droprate changes, everyone will have the same droprates.
    - Reducing Experience for rates to better suit the game
    - Fixed Revenant PvP equipment drops
    - Adjusted Drop rates for XP Modes
    EASY(300, 100, 1.0) NORMAL(200, 50, 2.750) HARD(100, 25, 3.750)
    - PvP Artifacts will still drop frequently this can be used as a money making utility.
    - Tanoth credit will now only be obtained via killing NPCs
    - The amount of tanoth credit you recieve per kill is based off the NPCs health, Credit-HP ratio is 1:1
    - Adjusted prices in credit store
    - Mithril dragons now have health
    - Tormented demon should now switch prayers (need darklight)
    - Wildywyrm should be fixed now.
    - Wilderness bossing should be fixed (spawns every 5 min for 15 mins) = 3 bosses.
    - Ring of wealth longer requires charges.
    -Fixed the herblore skill.

    Spoiler for 29/05/2019:

    Just got back from a small holiday & have managed to sort out a small slayer update;

    You can now toggle a slayer counter that displays your kills left/kills started with, easy to track your task progress

    29/05/19 - Bonfires!

    We want to stay upto date with some relaxing skilling methods.. introducing bonfires on our 667. (Doesn't use real animations or graphics since they don't exist in our cache)
    Basic bonfires - Burn logs with ease, We offer the ability on all fires around tanoth. But if your into team-skilling you can utilise our home fire-pit for 20% extra experience when used with more than one person.

    Spoiler for 23/05/2019::
    23/05/19 Updates

    Intoducing our Loyalty Programme, Every 30 minutes you spend online you will receive 750 Loyalty Points. Points can be spent on [Titles, Recoloring items, Brawling Gloves (BXP Item), & Auras.]

    Brawling Gloves, obtained via the Loyalty store. Each glove you purchase grants you either 30 minutes of Bonus XP (x2.0 multiplier) donators receive extended bonuses of 1 hour. once the glove has been used it is destroyed.

    Spoiler for 19/05/2019:

    Some Agility Updates; We now fully support Three agility courses, In addition we now have a points & store system. Points are rewarded upon completion of the final stage of each course, the better the course the higher the points rewarded (with some randomization). Each course has it's own lap recorder.

     - Gnome Agility + Advanced Obstacles
     - Barbarian Agility + Advanced Obstacles
     - Wilderness Agility
    Please note we don't support or have the intention of adding object failing.

    Spoiler for 16/05/2019:

    Just a few updates to show, Have rewritten The slayer system with the following features included;

    *Manually select task difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite)
    * Full Slayer Store
    * Teleporting to slayer tasks (We don't like running around all day do we?)

    Currently supporting tasks;
    	"Goblin", "Cow", "Hill Giant", "Al-Kharid warrior", "Ghost", "Crawling Hand", "Banshee"
    	"Baby blue dragon", "Ice warrior", "Lesser demon", "Basilisk", "Gargoyle", "Moss giant", "Bloodveld"
            "Frost dragon", "Bronze dragon", "Iron dragon", "Steel Dragon", "Mithril Dragon", "Green dragon", "Blue dragon",
    	"Dust devil", "Abberant spectre", "Aquanite", "Gargoyle", "Nechryael", "Abyssal demon", "Dark beast", 
             "Blue dragon", "Hellhound", "Black demon", "Mutated jadinko baby", "Mutated jadinko guard", "Mutated jadinko male"
            "Kalphite Queen", "Tormented demon", "Commander Zilyana", "Ice strykewyrm", "Glacor", "King Black Dragon", 
            "General Graardor", "K'ril Tsutsaroth", "Kree'arra"

    Gircat, Matrix, Zephyrr, Tristam, Andreas, Walied, Hc767, Jagex, Smirnoff, Slay Kid, Tyluur, Lazarus, Shnek, Wonfa, Johnyblob22, Simbiotic, mynameisbob & Others that have contributed to Private servers

    Feel free to join our [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    Goodluck bro looking good
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    Good luck
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    Where are my credits for using naragun as base?

    OT: goodluck!
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    Respect goes to everyone as he deserves.
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    Alreaddy had a chanse to make a video for them on the beta Good luck with the project!!
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    Very excited to finally do something wit slay kid after all these years. Lets goooo
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    This looks really decent man, good luck mate!
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