Many may be wondering how this is a project as Glory has been hosted many times. I recently wanted to get back in to rsps after the failure of TizenX. I worked on Glory for 2-3 weeks and put it online and within a week I knew this was not the game I wanted to host. Glory was unstable, had disorganized content, and many other issues. So i decided to take it down and fix it. And its been a month and a half since so I would like to make a project thread to organize things and also keep people updated. My goal with glory right now is to make the best TizenX Like server ever. I loved that era of 667s and want to bring that back with a more modern feel. I feel as if the direction most 667s are going in now is either a super duper custom op pk server or a pvm eco server, which is fine but people like me dont want that. We want something like TizenX. So that is the direction I am bringing Glory too.

I will be slowly adding stuff to this thread after the first couple days of posting it. If it seems dry check back in a week. And as usual its just me working on this.
Major changes to note:
 - Most osrs content has been removed (as in bosses, maps etc) 
- I lost my main Glory client so im working with a basic TizenX client with minor edits. 
- Skills have been replaced to the most recent version of TizenX.
Spoiler for LoginScreen and Loading background:

Spoiler for Misc Stuff:

Spoiler for Yell Revamp:

The Assist tab on the chatbox interface has been changed to the Yell tab.
Yell messages will no longer be a game message, they are now yell messages.
Yell titles and Custom chat titles can only be used by Extreme donator+.
A few of the Staff Yell icons have been changed.
Yell timers have been added the timer is shorter depending on your donator rank.

Spoiler for Client:

Runelite Alike tool tips

Shift dropping

Spoiler for Content:

Spoiler for Charges Update:

Lite weapons now have a new re-vamped Charges system. Very similar to before in previous versions of TizenX and Glory.
Each lite weapon has 5k charges, There is now a charges manager interface that simply displays your charges on your items and also
Explains the Charges system its self. 
Examining a Lite weapon or any other weapon with charges will open the charges guide.

Spoiler for Daily Tasks System:

Daily skilling tasks have been added, Upon Login you will be given a task.
Rewards include barrows items, mid tear pk items, and the rarest being Glory wings.

Spoiler for Upgrading Items Revamp:

Upgrading an item no longer is done through the right click Upgrade option,
Rather through the Upgrade Chest.

Spoiler for Generic Bank Presets:

Basic Bank Presets. With an edited 762 Interface.

Spoiler for Custom Gear Interface:

TODO more presets.

Spoiler for Slayer changes:

Task point shop unlocks: (in progress)

Spoiler for Timers:

Visual timers that appear over the chatbox.

Spoiler for Blowpipe osrs animation and dart loading system. Creds to RevrendDread for the code:

Loading the blowpipe with scales and darts now works similar to OSRS. And Ofc the osrs animation is there.