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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Spoiler for About Zaros:

    Zaros is a #666 revision server that was started a little over half a year ago. What started out as a fun project amongst close friends, blossomed into an advanced and content filled server, with a knowledgeable and professional team behind it.

    At Zaros, we tire of seeing the same OSRS content, and want to breathe new life into the higher revision. As such, we will never be supporting OSRS content. Don’t let this put you off though, as we’ll be coming up with a lot of high quality and creative features and producing spectacular updates regularly!

    We have three core principles at Zaros:

    • Anything is possible. We are community driven, and want our community to flourish whilst supporting their ideas. If the community wants it - we’ll give it!

    • We want to maintain a balance between economy and PVP. This is a difficult thing to do, and many servers have failed to do so, however we’re aiming to do it with our flawless combat system, our unique tournaments and our perfect economy. This will all be backed by our knowledgeable development and management team to produce an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you, our community!

    • We want to reward those who play Zaros. Whether you engage on our forums, chat with us on our Discord or play in-game, everything you do will allow you to earn points for use in certain shops. We also throw lots of events, our first being the giveaway of a new MSI gaming laptop(to play Zaros on, of course)!

    Spoiler for Our Team:
    Whilst most of Zaros’s progress comes from the community driving it, we still have the backing of our team to help push us forward to success. Whether it be a moderator keeping things civil in-game, or a developer optimising the stability of the server, every team member plays a vital role in our success. Below, you can see the list of developers working on Zaros. Rest assured, they’re professional and have plenty of experience, meaning they can add features quickly and efficiently!

    Development Team
    Nomac - Founder/Game Developer
    Walied - Game Developer
    WolfsDarker - Game Developer
    Edit - Manager
    Jay - Manager

    Spoiler for Features:

    Every piece of content that we add into Zaros, up to and after release, always goes through testing and multiple iterations of quality control to make sure we perfect everything we release to our community.

    Core Progress
    Multiworld Support 100%
    Full RS Clan System 70%
    Lobby System 100%
    Bespoke API 10%
    SQL Support 30%
    Locked Ticking 100%
    Skill Progress
    Agility 0%
    Construction 0%
    Cooking 0%
    Crafting 10%
    Dungeoneering 0%
    Farming 0%
    Firemaking 0%
    Fishing 50%
    Fletching 0%
    Herblore 0%
    Hunting 0%
    Magic 65%
    Melee 25%
    Mining 0%
    Prayer 0%
    Ranged 0%
    Runecrafting 0%
    Slayer 0%
    Smithing 0%
    Summoning 0%
    Thieving 40%
    Woodcutting 0%

    Minigame Progress
    Barbarian Assault 0%
    Barrows 0%
    Brimhaven Arena 0%
    Castle Wars 0%
    Clan Wars 0%
    Conquest 0%
    Duel Arena 0%
    Dominion Tower 0%
    Fight Caves 90%
    Fight Pits 0%
    Fist of Guthix 85%
    Fishing Trawler 0%
    Mage Arena 0%
    Mobilising Armies 0%
    Pest Control 0%
    Pyramid Plunder 0%
    Stealing Creation 0%
    Sorceress's Garden 0%
    Soul Wars 0%
    Vine Sweeper 0%
    Boss Progress
    Araxxor 0%
    Barrelchest 0%
    Chaos Elemental 0%
    Commander Zilyana 0%
    Corporeal Beast 0%
    Dagannoth Kings 0%
    General Graardor 0%
    Giant Mole 0%
    K'ril Tsutsaroth 0%
    Kalphite King 0%
    Kalphite Queen 0%
    King Black Dragon 0%
    Kree'arra 0%
    Nex 0%
    Nomad 0%
    Phoenix 0%
    Queen Black Dragon 0%
    TzTok Jad 0%
    Vorago 0%

    Spoiler for Media:

    Spoiler for Events:

    Support Event

    We're always excited to be showing off our updates, but we can only get the word out so much! We need your help in making sure absolutely everyone hears about Zaros so that we can really have a great launch with a fantastic community. As such, we're offering a great incentive for you to claim if you wear our signature!

    All you need to do is:

    1. Add the BB code found below to your signature.
    2. PM this account to say you're wearing the signature
    3. Post a reply here with the signature on
    4. Keep the signature on until release

    Easy, right? You'll be getting a couple of goodies for doing this for us, and be entered into a prize draw, too!

    Prizes Include: 'The One And Only' Title, New 'Resting' emote, Black Zodiac Costume

    Forum Registration Event

    Another event we've got going on is simply to register up to our forum, in preparation of the Beta! The forum link is found at the top of this thread, or you can access it [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Keep up-to-date with our forums, as it'll be where we post all of our updates! You'll also need to make at least 10 posts on our forums to be entered into the prize draw, but this is easy as we post so many updates for you to discuss, and if you're not a fan of admiring our work you can simply engage with our already active community!

    The prizes for this event are massive! You can win yourself a brand new MSI gaming laptop! That's right, a completely brand new and free laptop for you to sesh Zaros with on release! Not bad for signing up and interacting with the community!

    Discord Referral Event

    We've also got a Discord event happening right now, too! Like all of our events, this one is super easy too! All you need to do is invite people to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]! Whoever invites the most people by the time we release, will be winning a Razer Gaming Kit! This include a Kraken Wireless Headset, a Mechanical Keyboard and a Precision Mouse!

    Don't worry if a staff member takes the highest spot, this reward is exclusively for players so as long as you have the highest invites out of all the other members of the community excluding staff - the prize is yours!

    Woo, what a crazy amount of events! Just to recap, you've got the chances of winning a MSI Gaming Laptop, a Razer Gaming Kit and some fantastic in-game goodies! All for doing about 10 minutes worth of tasks?!

    Thanks for reading, and be sure to stay updated! We'll be posting updates very regularly and updating the thread to reflect our development!
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    Good luck
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Spoiler for More Signatures:

    Credits to Niceman, Vippy and Dami for the awesome signatures

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    good luck.
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    Goodluck, but it's not a pure 666

    Do not use the vps from ovh, blocking vps without reason and no customer support
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnek View Post
    Goodluck, but it's not a pure 666
    We reverted trees, wildy ditch, g.e, and edge to 647. Added RuneSpan, QBD data, and Polypore. It’s just added data. Not adding any OSRS , eco or custom junk.

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    Zaros | Bring back that OG feel.
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    Happy to be on board with this.
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    Gl, with Walied it can go far.
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    Good luck
    Spoiler for sig too large:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poolside Gin View Post
    I taught Graham how to do loops and blakeman thought a boolean was a sandwich before I took him under my wing.
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    Goodluck lads!
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