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    I'm having the same problem as in this post
    Link : [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    would anyone have a solution?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kris View Post
    Pathfinding is actually fine lol, this only happens when you're standing next to the object; when that happens pathfinding isn't even being called as the game thinks you're already at the required spot. All you need to do is check if the tile isn't clipped (Kind of like you'd check how ranged or magic projectiles are clipped) and if it is, call the pathfinder and let it find the route to the object through the right path.
    This is pretty much the solution.
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    On top of what bracket said, you should also make sure your pathfinding checks for object access flag. Some objects are only meant to be interacted with from a certain direction (NORTH,SOUTH,WEST,EAST). You could get this issue with stairs inside a house for example, if this isn't defined:

    where you're able to use the stairs even if you're not on the left.
    Project thread
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