Thread: 718/8xx documentation of protocols/cache/client?

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    I used to mess around with RSPS when i barely knew what I was doing. Would like to give it another crack with now professional programming and devops experience.

    Was wondering if anyone can point me to any useful threads/information which can help me get a better understanding of connection protocols, any useful documentation of values / opcodes, where to look when doing x, etc. would be much appreciated.

    I'd also really appreciate any documentation regarding the cache (how to load it, how it interacts with client/server etc); I'm currently struggling to get a 718 cache editor to work on a 718/883 cache. For example, unhandled ItemDefinitions opcodes. I understand you can read the data from the stream, but how do I figure out where the opcode is used? Surely its not read just to not be used (or is it?)
    How can I find the relevant code in the client?

    Or is it pretty much "go analyze every line of code and make a million break points to see what is happening"?

    Thanks in advance
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    For the client, I found that writing some rules to remove the obfuscated mess that comes with the client is a good starting point, certainly not putting breakpoints everywhere and trying to follow them along. After removing it all and then the unused fields/parameters/methods that this reveals, the client is easily understood.

    Understanding how to read from the cache becomes easier at this point too, most sources you'll find on the forums have just identified the cache reading parts and pasted them in to their server, along with the unnecessary bloat.

    If you want to understand the protocol and have a source you can work with, I found learning with a packet sniffer was the easiest way of achieving that.
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