Thread: Need help on getting a basic server and client up to test models

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    so, the title says it all, im looking for a clean basic client/server i can test models on. ive been working with a server lately making models but my models are not been tested as fast as i would like. so im just looking for a basic server and client i can easy get up and running and test my models. im not much of a coder or a server hoster/owner but i would like to make some models/ npcs so i can post them. because lets fact it, the same models are everywhere now and servers are looking the same. and as a player of just rsps i would like to contribute if i can. i was posting models on here back in 2015 "i believe" and this website showed/learned me alot. yes back then my poly/tri count was too high for the 315 servers to run (yes i did learn after awhile to lower tri count so the servers could use them) but the new servers will not have a problem with what i now can do. so please someone help me help give back. the client and server only needs to run on and be able to open in eclipse. if possible, with this client and server in the future i would like to learn how to add custom animations, i know how to animate models, but missing the link between saving as a .obj converting to .dat then adding to the game its self. this is why i need a test server to be able to give back a better product that may have not being seen before due to people on here seem to be more in to coding side of things than the modelling (dont get me wrong some amazing work out there made by talented people but..more so on the less side. anyways i hope someone can help, if not i will keep looking for a server and client what isnt buggy or i can get working and learn from a youtube video . ..
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