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    Hello there guys,

    I wanted to start up my own RSPS after I've created something of my own so that being said I've seemingly got together a decent 569 base to start with, which will require A LOT of work (lol) to get it anywhere near a playable RSPS. That being said I don't mind as I'm one for effort = reward.

    My ONLY gripe with it is that the client I've got working for my 569 base is stuck only using "SD" and just flashes blank screen for a little before running with "SD" again if "HD" is toggled (please refer to gif below).
    I'm certain the server is not the one at fault here as the cache contains the proper models etc etc, What my hunch is, is that proper opengl libs are missing from the client's build or reference paths. Or could this possibly be because I'm on 64bit and this client may not support HD on 64 bit? How should I go about debugging this?

    I ask in all serious respect as this is actually bugging me a bit. I remember there being issues with 64bit system and 5xx builds, some like sushi with his 592 got HD for 64 and 32, I'm wondering if that's my issue and how to go about resolving it.

    No stranger to code but Java and game development is new to me, I'm a C/C++ developer so this is quite different.

    Once more thanks for any suggestions, help and/or ridicule!
    (PS: the server and the client do not report errors while attempting to switch to HD, also doesn't crash, just won't enable it)

    EDIT: Also, this is not my machine itself, have a HD 718 base working just fine in full HD. I just REALLY don't want to use it, have it more for educational reasons

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    I ran into the same problem a while back, figured it out tho thanks to leanbow.

    You have to run the client with 32 bit java, look for this line in the SignLink class:

    											method.invoke(runtime, (new Object[] { class188.anObject2700, method2382(102, "jaggl.dll").toString() }));
    Change it to

    											method.invoke(runtime, (new Object[] { class188.anObject2700, method2382(102, "jaggl.dll").getAbsolutePath() }));
    Then find this line in Class153_Sub14_Sub6:

    			   : (aClass5466 = method1767("Class162"))) }));
    Change it to:

    			   : (aClass5466 = method1767("SignLink"))) }));
    It should be working after you've done this.

    Don't forget to include the jaggl.dll in the cache directory.
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