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    I am going to make a Private Server on Runescape where it does the following :

    1. Replaces Skill XP with Skill Points
    2. Replaces Skill Functionalities
    3. Replaces Food that heals to Food that gives Stamina, energy, and eating and drinking points (The amount you can eat)
    4. Replaces Potions as main source for healing. Adding Potion Consumption Points; limiting you on the amount you can drink.
    5. All Monsters cannot be killed at a certain Slayer Level. Level 1 = Rats and Spiders can only be killed.
    6. Skills can only be leveled through Skill Points to purchase Lamps to level up your skills.
    7. Dungeoneering Skill replaced with Commerce Skill.
    8. Magic Skill cannot be learned unless you go to Magic School.
    9. Archery Skill cannot be learned unless you go to Archery School.
    10. Crafting, Smithing, Fletching cannot be learned unless you go to an Art School and that itself is hard to get into.
    11. Everyone starts with 3 lives. And if you die 3 times, your account is deleted.
    12. Entire World outside of Cities is PVP however new players are protected for 5 hours.
    13. PVP Protection Potion is added to prevent PVP from players.
    14. Cities have factions and Faction Based NPCS will kill players not from their faction.
    15. Notoriety is added.
    16. Fishing cannot be learned unless you go to a School of Fishing.
    17. Herblore cannot be learned unless you go to a School for Nursing.
    18. Runecrafting cannot be learned unless you Graduate from Magic School and go to Magic University.
    19. Thieving cannot be learned unless you have an infamy of 500 or were born a Peasant.
    20. Life Positions added to the game before you start allowing you to use certain skills you can't easily get.
    21. Attack and Defense Skill are renamed : Weapon Mastery and Armor Mastery
    22. Weapon and Armory Mastery is limited no matter the Level; Only in the Guild of Warriors can different types of Tier Weapons and Armor.
    23. All weapons and armor have a Tier and Rank System.

    Tier 1 = Lowest (The higher the rank the less likely the item will break)
    Tier 11 = Highest = Critical Damage Wise

    Rank E = Lowest (Rank E to C will always break)
    Rank S = Highest = Minimum and Maximum Damage Wise

    There are also five types of quality items > Crude, Basic, Grand, Fine, Celestial; there are other tiers but these are the only ones right now.

    Crude = -5% decrease
    Basic = 0% increase
    Grand = 5% increase
    Fine = 10% increase
    [Rare] = 15% increase
    [Arcane] = 20% increase
    Celestial = 25% increase
    [Divine] = 30% increase
    [Epic] = 35% increase
    [Mythical] = 40% increase
    [Primordial] = 50% increase

    This means that the stats on the item will be increased based off the percentage increase. A bronze sword can be 50% stronger than it is as well be S Ranked and 11 Tier weapon; can be considered strongest weapon in the game.

    23. Only types of weapon/armor in game

    Bronze (Can only be Tier 11; Can only be Rank B) [Bronze is best armor and weapon]
    Iron (Can only be Tier 8; Can only be Rank C) [5th Best]
    Steel (Can only be Tier 6; Can only be Rank D) [6th Best]
    White (Can only be Tier 4; Can only be Rank F) [3rd Best]
    Black (Can only be Tier 4; Can only be Rank F) [4th Best]
    Mithril (Can only be Tier 2; Can only be Rank E) [Second best armor and weapon]
    These will be the only obtainable items in the game until we get somewhere.
    There will be much more information; but this is an idea where we are going from here.

    24. Prayer cannot be obtained unless you choose a Faction. Each faction will have a different type of Prayer Style.
    Falador = Saradomin Related Prayers
    Varrock = Saradomin Related Prayers
    Lumbridge = Guthix Related Prayers
    Talvery = Guthix Related Prayers
    Edgeville = Zamorakian Related Prayers
    Al Kharid = Ancient Related Prayers
    Draynor = Zamorakian Related Prayers
    Fremm = No Prayers however it is replaced with a new "Prayer" feature. 3 books to choose; Warrior, Crafter, or Merchant.
    Camelot = Saradomin Related Prayers
    Ardogouge = Saradomin Related Prayers
    Yanile = No Prayers, however replaced with a new "Prayer" feature. Wizard Powers
    Goblin Cave People = No Prayers, however replaced with a new "Prayer" feature. The Power of Science. Yes.
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    tl;dr: custom survival rsps
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    almost 80% sure i've seen a source around this base line back in 2008-2009 i wanna say you may be able to dig and find it if you look hard enough on the other hand importing current data into that client would be almost near impossible unless you have the right programmer behind it.
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