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    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Runescape development/Java scene.

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.

    Does anyone know which encryption/decryption algorithm Runescape uses for their pinging and chat between clients?

    Does Runescape use the same algorithm for all communication between the server and the client?

    If there is a key and it's not just encoding and decoding, does the server or client generate the key?

    If the server generates the key, how does it send the key to the client? Is it just plain text or does it encrypt it with a hardcoded key in the client?

    If the client generates it, how does it send the key to the server? Does it use a public key encryption to securely transfer the key to the server?

    Or does it just send it in plain text?

    If you guys have the experience or be willing to answer those questions, it'd be extremely appreciated. Thank you.

    Edit: I may have posted this in the wrong section and I apologize for that.
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    RS uses the Isaac Random Number generator to scramble packets ids going through the sockets. The 'seeds' used to initialize the generator are created by the client, and sent on login within the RSA encrypted block. The client does this so both server n client generators r synced so the server can decode the encoded packet ids correctly. Other than the random packet id, theres is no other encryption/encoding used on the packets.

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