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    R-S Mod Response  Info

    Zaria is a project I put a lot of time in, it was hosted for 3/4 months an had some good potential. I'm releasing this because the person mentioned above scammed and I'm tired of this shitty community (the community I once loved so much) + I'm prob done with rsps.
    I know it has some bad codings, I started this project before I went studying computer science. Please don't complain on this thread, and please don't ask me for help.

    R-S Mod Response  Pictures

    Project link for images -> [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    R-S Mod Response  Download

    Full package : [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Client : [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Small note: I don't log everything.
    Spoiler for updates:

    #Thatscape update log, started all over again some pc probs.. corrupted cache etc and forsgot backups

    -Converted item defs, and npc defs. goign to do object defs tomorow.
    -Added seedicider.
    -presets almost done, need to add my old interface again.
    -Random create spawns into the wilderness
    -Loading gfx done.
    -Added springcleaner, converts amrour into bars and smithing exp
    -Started on the home.
    -Added a ingame panel (at the achievement tab).
    -Power tokens dorp from monsters, higher combat lvl = more tokens
    -fixed the bug where you didn't need a slayer level to kill certain monsters,
    -added right click examine player option, you can see their levels and armour.
    -Mix potions + effect added.
    -amulet of souls now give more healing while soulsplitting
    -players can now change their house style
    -note paper now works
    -made power tokens stackable
    -added max, the skiller at home
    -Record redone + interface added.
    -started on portable well + range+ ...
    -added a portal to home to close a room which is meant for prestiged guys only.
    -corrupted ore is now smithable.
    -holy,searing,salve overloads are now drinkable. + birghtfire potion
    -Corrupted ore smelting bux fixed.
    -obsidian shards are now smeltable.
    -option to enable special drops at kuradel, and you can get scales to make armour. Only from monsters you have a task from.
    -random server messages added
    -trivia redone
    -Celestial dragons are now attackable
    -Pvm master quest and boss caves done
    -wildywyrm are now a slayertask + celestials
    -wildywyrm now drops the amulet of souls
    -You can now make spiked dragon armour, and fur orn kits and orn dragon.
    -Started on the pirate quest
    -Added 120master cape shop, with interface
    -Players can now change their lootbeam gfx supports default and rainbow atm
    -Tried to make 120cape overrides, but it's seems that they are more than one model
    -KeepsakeKeys now work
    -made a class vor mastercape abilitys. agility, prayer,hp,con,rc,slayer done
    -Soldiers at home can't be attacked.
    - some more progress on the pirate quest
    - you can't add mastercapes to the keepsakeboxes.
    - If you drop a valueable item you get a message to confirm that you want to drop it.
    -crystal pickaxe and hatchet are now useable
    -spawned masteer capes interface + sum obelisk at home and holiday portal
    -wc,fish,smith,mine,cook mastercapes nowe have ability's, just some basic stuff having not much inspiration
    -Fixed a bug where the record would overwrite the players name and amount by null/0.
    -Finished the quest complete interface for the lost pirates, rocktailsoup recipe
    -added automaton combat
    -added spawns for them aswel + added some small dialogues in the cave.
    -added wealthcal interface
    -added construction interface
    -added preset interface
    -added potion interface
    -Fixed mastercapes interface
    -arcane resting and zen resting added
    -updated sol rewards, cause wtf fucking copper ore,fishing bait and cabbages??
    -Added dummy's
    -dummy's don't respawn back anymore
    -made a custom dung boss, world groger. has some special attacks like taking your soul and you need to reclaim it it heal back etc..
    -another custom boss, which spawns skelettons
    -added double exp tokens which stay after server logs or when the players logs off
    -started on jadinko's lair.
    -vine chopping done
    -item crafting done.
    -Redone fletching
    -afk timer, which logs out players after 5min without moving their mouse. to prevent accounts from getting stuck after crash
    -Worked on a new custom boss prehestorical abyssal
    -dominion crossbow now useable
    -you now can create spider legs and all the noxious weapons
    -started on sirenic crafting
    -gave the prehistoric abysal drops
    -money bags now give money.
    -updated the prehistorical abyssal, new npc and new place. drops spawns somewhere else
    -added keybinds,players can now close interfaces with the "esc" button, delete button will remove your whole inventory and the home button will teleport you to the home.
    -players can nowe enable and disable key binds
    -potion timers now work for prayer renewalls,anitfire,anitpotions and overload
    -Item degrading, players can now see the percentage of their item. noxious weapons now degrade also +chaotic
    -Added some new attacks to the custom boss
    -sirenic crafting
    -ancient ashes can now be burried, powertokens are stackable.
    - finished the pets interface, every bosspets is now summable. Players can get these pets by killing bosses every 100 kills 1% increase.
    -Strarted on legendary pets: alchemy and banking and geetting drops from death npc's
    -new pets added, frosty,fluffie,prototype,mini blink.
    -updated legendary pets, now have levels and can level up. new feature added
    -fixed some herblore bugs, only overload bug need to get fixed.
    -added record interface
    -ovl bug fixed
    -Airut bones can now be burried
    -Glass blowing added 99%
    - Armadyl orb creation
    - when you click an dragonbane kit, you now get a dialogue with the item you can use it on.
    -player can now split vine whip.
    -godswords dismantle are done
    -players now leave their house when they log off, caused memory probs
    12/5 today will be all construction
    -Added more windows and walls for the house. Now every style should have windows.
    -Throne room is now supported.
    -Formal garden is now supported
    -Dungeons + dungeon traps are now supported, summoning room is now supported + costume room
    -Fixed the 3th roof, someone put the wring id in it 235 should be 236
    -you now need a watercan to plant plants in your garden
    -players can now pick to where their portals go.
    -shelves now have a dialogue
    -players can now sit on thrones
    - started on a slave program, players can send a slave every hour to a resource gathering and get the loot after one hour. supporrts fishing, woodcutting and mining. Slayer will be done later
    -GE shortcut added
    -kuradel dungeon shortcuts
    -bane ore is now mineable
    - players can now send their slaves to kill monsters. can choose between 3 monsters
    -players can now upgrade the tools from their slave and armour
    -slave food use
    -did the trails on the slaves
    -wildy manager now has the right chat id, + added revenants shop to make revanants more profitable
    -brawling gloves effect added
    -wildy lava sharks added, can be fished + damage when you are not wearing ice gloves
    - ice warriors,giant bat, death wing, some zombies, greater demon, black demon, added all kalphite creatures with animations + kq,daganoths+ dag mother. now have attack and death animation
    -when you enter the godwars dungeon it now does the right animation and starts the controler
    -godwars npc now attack you when you are not wearing the right items suchs as bandos zamorak etc
    -players now lose their kc when they leave
    -all dungeoneering prayer amulets now work.
    -revenants will now drop brawling gloves
    -forin brace now works for revenants
    -reworked my instances a bit
    - added ironman + trophee sprite for record holders
    -Started on the prestige guild
    -ring of wealth gives increased drop rates
    -donators have extra drop rate
    -everytime you prestige your droprate increase with 0.1
    -players can now sell their artifacs
    -players can now make flask glass
    -flask crafting added
    -started on a email confirmation/
    -did some more on the email stuff, now generates a random code from letters and numbers, code check. Custom email can be send
    -started on a present thing, where online players get presents every random hour or two (idea from a rust server)
    -comp and max cape teleports
    -you can now remove your item in the bonus interface. Small bug with the bank interface going to fix that soon
    -bows can now shoot p arrows, noxious bow works now
    guthan effect added.
    blood furry now heals you. todo bloodneck blood charges
    spears do more damage against corp
    hybrid minigame set effect added.
    -slayer helm effect added
    -fixed the bug where player couldn't attack an npc if they did not stand face to face. was wrong handled in the playercombat, still some small bugs thou.
    -added gfx to the blood furry heal
    -gave all master capes stats + ascensions
    -bug fixed where items from hunter did not appear in your inventory.
    -grenwalls now give herbs
    -when leveling up hunter it now displays the hunter icon instead of the dungeoneering icon.
    -boosted rate of cathing hunter npcs
    -hunter added to bot.
    -blood necks now use charges
    -spawned elder tree in wilderness, can now be cut.
    -added blood tree and drame tree to woodcutting
    -dragon crossbow can now be made
    -ascendri,bakramil & bloodwood bolts + slayer bolts and arrows fletchable
    -crystal tree spawned in the wilderness and can be cut
    -added karils pistols + ahrims wand to barrows loot
    -players now now spawn summoning familiars, bug todo familiars don't go away after dismissing
    -bug almost fixed, had something to do with the animation i guess
    -teleports to crystal tree and elder tree added.
    - the wilderness controler now starts when you tp to the wildernes
    -fixed the gate in the wilderness
    -fxied necrolord combat
    -when you open your armour tab you can now check the charges of your items
    -charms are now dropped different, removed useless charms like talon etc. now more rarely and not every kill.
    -charming imp done, players can select which charm they want and whihc not
    -ring of wealth special drops done
    -chamring imp,bonecrusher, gold collecter can't be equiped. they were send to a wrong armour space (rs3 interface which we don't have)
    -Gave all noxious bows combat stats
    -added skilling teleport interface
    -killing the necrolord now removes the skelletons
    -thok now can create a celestial staff for you, you need the 4 necrolord staffs.
    -skelletons of the necrolord won't respawn anymore
    -made barrows more profitable
    -elder logs can now be fletched, you can also make note paper from it.
    a-elder trees now are harder to chop
    -elder bow added to the combat list
    -added boss teleport interface, has some bugs (need to redo it, background should be x = 10 not 0..)
    -silverhawk boots effect added
    -changed master command, no longer gives you max exp, just enough for 99
    -server now logs which item option you click on
    started on kiln damage dealt for the kiln capes
    -added an aray in for the seedicider to declare which seeds you want and which not.
    -started on a poll system, todo name check
    -based poll system done
    -added print screen tool
    -can't wear the seedicider
    -added dialogue to the seedicider, not done
    -fixed the ladder at dks
    -added dyes, and some new items to elite clue scrolls. third-age also added to hard and elite and hard clues
    -redcuced the amount fo clues you had to do to get a reward, clues will now be more attractive
    -clue scroll rewards now show on the interface
    -removed the whole loop from the crystal chest
    -redid the crystal chest loot, now gives more usefull things
    -working on chinchonpa ranged, almost done, todo: remove gfx from all the target, let it remove from equipment
    -fixed chins
    -fixed ovl not giving extra stats
    -started on a small quest at home where you need to bring supplies to someone to enter his dungeon. after you do this you can enter the celestial dungeonµ
    -there are now 5 different death animations with gfx, which the player will randomly get when he dies
    -home teleport is now arcane teleport
    -added zen resting and arcane resting
    -added donator commands
    -added arcane cooking
    -fixed item on object, was blocked by a bad packed.
    -added partyhat firemaking
    -updated bones on altar emote to the current emote
    -portable range now gives bonus exp while cooking and has a 5% chanche of doubling ur product (like in the real game)
    -increased the duration of portables by 5x
    -fxid the perk of the smithing cape
    -added some more teleports to the skilling teleport interface
    -crematation added (bones on fire)
    -cyrstal tree shards now (re)spawn every hour
    -removed home welcome message
    -started on spirit gems
    °spirit gems now display how much charges they have left
    ° you can only have gem active
    ° todo fix bug where you get more pouches than charms
    -started on prifindas thieving
    -made an small enum with dinivation whisps
    -spawned celestial dragons
    -finished hiddentrapdoor
    -gave yani a dialogue
    -started on getrude, she spawns every 3/5 hour randomly first person can unluck a kitten.
    -added super saradomin brews
    -players can now make saradomin brews
    -you need to unlock the recepie b4 you can make them
    -started on loyalty system,
    °added tokens
    °every half hour you get 250 tokens
    °made a dialogue for xuan
    °nothing going to use the interface.
    -added playtime counter
    -players can claim loyalty crown every 7 days they play, goes up 2 10 weeks
    -decreased the amount of power tokens you get from skilling
    -reworking farming
    °flower patch done
    -you can now charge ur blood neck
    -powertokens and godbooks are not tradebale
    -started on godbooks
    -cleaned itemconstants a bit
    -god books can now be filled
    -can preach
    °todo find animations for ancient and bandos
    -runespan controller now works
    -infinity ethereal armour now grand you free movement throu runespan +exp bonus in runespan
    -noods are now also spawned in runespan
    -now logs the amount of creatures you have siphoned
    -new challange, siphon 250 creatures = teleport to med and high level runespan
    -changed the spawn locations of noods a bit cause some were bugged spawned
    -blood ethereal armour now grands double blood runes while crafted + exp boost
    -you can store 6 essences in your blood ethereal outfit
    -disabled defence emote because it caused lagg so you couldn't ran away
    -int in settings where you can add the npc's who can't respawn
    -changed the combat animations back to 718, because the eoc combat emotes looked horrible and where out of sinc
    -item destroy option added
    -added more teleports top the skilling and pvm teleports
    -raid place is now multi
    -raid npc's don't respawn anymore
    -removed random spawned objects/npcs from the server
    -runespan updates
    °creatures now give points + noodes 2
    °started on runespan point shop, not the same as in rs.
    -law and death ethereal armour now also stores pure ess
    -removed the null bug at the specate panel
    -made a dialogue with commonly asked questions
    -bamboo ladders are now climbable
    -removed spam messages from necrolord
    -disabled teleport attack from necrolord since it bugged a lot
    -gfx showns when you wear an item that's degradable
    -now displays render emote when openening equipment bonus screen credits to andreas!
    -i think i fixed the spawn bug
    -added dragon pick (g) mining animations
    -right click health cure posion
    -added slayer dart with reqs
    -changed home
    -added runecrafting altar teletabs
    started on a 830 item editor, works only need to make the item list appear
    -ring of life now has his effect
    -defence master cape now has a ring of life passive
    -master ranged cape now has the ava's effect
    -fixed the spawn bug for real this time, was due some codes i riped from hyperion, lesson = check it
    -players can now see how much kills the owner of a pet has just by clicking on it
    -added chaos element pet and dark lord
    -you can now make battlestaves
    -started on boss pet dialogues, bandos,arma and zamorak done. takes quite some time...
    -master attack cape perk added
    -owners can now hit higher than cap damage
    -blinks drops have been revamped, now drops hybrid armour
    -added dungeoneering arrows gfx
    -fixed corp safespotting
    -prayer master cape now has a message
    -added nex pet dialogue
    °special dialogue when wearing a zyrte bow
    °special dialogue when you are at the nex room
    °special dialogue when you are ate the gwd room
    ° + 3 other random dialogues
    -players their join date now gets logged
    -fixed the bug where new players get messages from their slaves which they hadn't bought op
    -fixed the chathead of the look changer
    -fixed my item editor
    -changed the layout abit
    -changed the equiptype from seedicider bonecrusher, charming imp, sign of life to the auro spot. they were send to equipid 17 which does not exist in 718 servers
    -sign of life effect added
    -added slayer teleport tabs
    -added dwarf traders
    -removed some items who gave falls thieving bonusses
    -added thieving teleport dialogue
    -charms now have an upgrade function
    -coins now have a drop-x option
    -gathered some information for pyramid plunder
    -started on urns, fishing urns crafting done
    -fixed the issue where the the runespan controler was removed after teleporting to runespan
    -skill of the hour, every hour there's another skill where you get double exp in
    -added the correct attack animations of abyssal demons + spec where they teleport
    -added prifddinas thieving
    -added wall cracks thieving
    -added burthope agility
    -added a class for holiday events
    °finished love notes
    °finished present spawns for xmas
    °presents combining and opening
    -added master thiefs in the wilderness, afk thieving like elves
    -added bob barter the decant npc
    -the destroy option will now show the amount of the item you want to destroy instead of only 1
    -used hyperions leathercrafting was way more propper.
    -added sirenic crafting the right way
    -when examingen an item you now get the high alch value
    -master thieves now can remove you from their castle
    -cash bags now remove when using
    -added slayer masks to sof
    -shout action of slayer masks now work
    -slayer helmets can now be upgraded in the slayer shop
    -worked a bit more on the slayer shop
    -slayer tabs can be crafted by using a slayer gem + chisel
    -hydrix gems can now be cut
    -samid's gloves effect added; TODO: charges and gfx
    -started on darts throwing projectiles, found dragon darts
    -players can now get an abyssal orb and wand as drop
    -players can now lookup npc drops and search for specials items
    -slayer helm kills left option added
    -fixed slayergem not showing the correct task + right chat head
    -added bolt enchanting
    -revamped legendary pet exp system
    -removed armadyl battlestaf from drop tabel of glacors, added shards instead
    -added wine of saradomin to the saradomin boss
    -protean leather(hides) crafting added
    -added smithing area at home
    -players can get ancient fragments from a pickaxe while mining
    -added skilling crates with can be looted
    -check rescources option works on skilling crates
    -added a new npc at the smithing area where players can find more info about gilding pickaxes and a special pickaxe
    -lamps exp are now boosted by the server exp rate
    -added agility,hunter,combat,crafting and fletching potion effect. idk why they weren't there
    -pollmanger now works
    -drygores are now degradeable
    -made 2 new interfaces in photoshop
    -started on sql connections.
    -server now saves the amount of people who have the max,fire and tok cape in a database
    -added starter interface
    -added another new interface
    -server intro almost done
    -added item kits like orns etc..
    -split option added.
    -made a dialogue for zaria
    -players can now see how much master capes there are in game
    -oyster pearls are now craftable
    -first click option of cyrstal key parts now work
    -changed the prices of the power token store+ added more items.
    -there's now an item which collects power tokens
    -removed usless drops from nex
    -added new cape interface for max and comp cape etc.
    -forget to log
    -added drop counter interface
    -added the working dyes, everything is now support like rs3, use silk to remove
    -rock cake added
    -oyser pearls can now be opened
    -added master quest cape
    -added rune dragons, todo texture
    -new interface
    -redoing the master cape inter
    -cleaned the server output
    -worked on my editor, more detailed object editor
    -started working on the donator room ( i edidted "dz" pits with iron pits aswell as celests. lots of room for liam)
    -added object renaming in the client
    -refactored the client a bit
    -added home teleports
    -added stalls at home
    -added some decoration at home
    -added maxer npc
    -added brian at home near bank. will be converting into paolo welcome npc.if brian is not used else where. by liam
    -added man at home for level one thieving. by liam
    -added some npc such ass celestal drags and pit iron drags in dz. left room for rune drags by liam
    -added ring (i) 15016 made into a god ring. (FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY WILL DELETE ON RELEASE) by liam
    -added revs in the wildy imps and hbogoblins in low, orc,darks,drags in mid/high. by liam
    -added ::td command for tomrented demons that i placed in a dungeon. by liam
    -added :ragrev will be making donors only. area. this will take you to a room with dragon revenants. by liam
    -added some boxes to block off a tunnel to mutants. from donor area :ragrev.
    -redone the preset system, still need to be tested
    -updated bank right click options
    -added more commands
    -players can now see their saved presets
    -disbaled collecting interface, since there's no use for it atm.
    -changed the price of some items
    -lava sharks can now be shred
    -updated wildy chest rewards
    -added old armour looks for; bronze,iron,mithril,adamant and rune
    -added expert cape, same as a master cape but different symbol
    -added new client loading background
    -removed runescape logo form the client
    -verry small begin at the sailing skill
    -added more things 2 the zaria dialogue
    -fixed a bug with the spectate panel which causes players to freez
    -changed the name of the control panel + redid the sprites because they were done very badly
    -added a second page to the monster teleports, todo buttonhandler
    -added new shops at home
    -crosbows now load old model looks, old dds look
    -made frostyscache editor load my cache, better than my editor
    -will be making donator commands today. which only donors can use.
    -need to find the rune dragon correct id. then will use npc editor
    -added rune draggons in donor zone with combat deffinitions.
    -added celestal in donor zone.
    -dropbox isnt syncing correctly (cant sync "main_file_cache.idx255") (permissions denied) - fixed
    -added objects in the donatorzone extreme teleport.
    -added rocktails,cavefish,magic tree,rune ore,anvils,furnace,bankbooth.
    -refactored npc defs a bit client sided
    -whenever you examine a npc you see his drops
    -started on rots
    -refactored class 346 a bit
    -client snow can now be toggled
    -rots walls are now clipped
    -added npc at home who can convert armor into oldschool armor looks, atm supports bronze... dragon
    -dark lord damage increase fixed
    -found combat upcode
    -now only npcs with a combat level have the check drop option
    -client zooming has been added, use: shift+ mousewheel
    -tok-har capes now have stats
    -snow disables shiny effect of items
    -added some donor stalls in normal donor zone.
    -added genstore in normal donator zone for the thieving stalls.
    -godswords are now convertable to old looks
    -added new store to extreme donors Of donor miner.
    -had to remove my dialogue due to inflictions with another value.
    -added the website which isnt finished yet to button handler.
    -edited the general panel changed panel name to ZariaX and added Co-Owner.
    -finished araxxi.(16000hp now) drops better items such as 3rd age dye drgore barrows and drygore rapier 3rd age.
    -deleted araxxi. edited donors rune dragons to drop above. on a 2.0 chance.
    -tweaked celestal dragon a little making it harder and more rare drops of 0.01 chance. this can be found in rune dragon pit
    -made a working and correct animation arraxi for ever one to fight. with a lenghty drop list.
    -arraxxor combat deffintions arnt sticking if possible delete packed spawns for me paolo.
    -once done i want your opion on where to put it.
    -found the console write methode
    -started on the client special features
    -fixed the check drops option, now uses less memory + werks for every npc
    -arraxor is full functional now. fixed all animations. drops etc.
    -added zeke donator shop in dz.
    -added ecto tokens to rune dragon drop of drop rate of 90% dropping 5-10, for zeke donors shop.
    -scounting out a area for arraxxor to be placed, with portal interface teleport to arraxxor.
    -new area ::arax teleports you to dungeon which is quite spacious may add little spiders also changed attack of arraxor to special and now can hit 1200
    -ineed to add ::arax in home portal interface. maybe make a section for op boss list.
    paolo can you add in arax for me in the portal.
    -gnome/burthope/barbarian agility laps now get logged
    -advanced cours now get logged
    -removed a lot from the source
    -added max/comp/comp(t) reqs check
    -fixed dark lord
    -Convince Paolo Not to Quit. Because He knows More Than He Thinks He Does.
    -fixed nex portal
    -fixed 3bosses which had fucked options
    -moved world gorger coords
    - fixed transparentcy. need to fixx lights the a bit pixelated now and the shine from objects.
    -redid world gorger drops
    -now an achievement to mine redstone: limit is 70 each day
    -potion timers not get removed when you die
    -when you die you now respawn back at home
    -removed those stupid ecto tokens idk who added that
    -replaced the combat definitions with an old backup, the whole file wad fucked and don't want to look in 10k line for a error
    -dks now have the right animatios + gfx
    -glass machine now has a extra right click option for combinations flasks
    -while mining redstone there's a 20% chance you get a crystal-flecked redstone
    -made a scroll where you can teleport too an saved location; todo--> controler check
    -fixed a bug where money was not removed from the pouch
    -started on a custom quest, speak to Zaria aka fame
    --> todo: finish dialogue where you get the rewards etc
    -updated necrolord drops
    -finished end boss for the quest
    -quest done= reward; curses prayer
    -old rune 2h models loaded ; todo recolour
    -old dragon pick + all other pick
    -old dragon hatchet
    -removed ecto-tokens from some npc's
    -added crystal chackram
    -removd al the strange drops from runite dragons
    -added them in the wildy
    -added normal skillcape shop
    -added thieving master cape perk
    -updated squeel
    -added al slayer tower models, so the slayetowner is now visbale again
    -fixed the bug with farming aswell, so farming works now finnaly!!
    -godwars dungeon is now like the real 718's
    -loaden 718 npc's with rs3 npcs
    -superior tetsu now has stats
    -spawned godwars npcs
    -fixed a lot of animtions from npc's
    -redid summoning
    -if your combat level is under 50 you get easier slayer tasks
    -added home tour dialogue
    -added npc monster info interface
    -fixed teleport interface
    -partly fixed the food bug, where you couldn't run when you eat. still buggy thou
    -added torstol gloves effect
    -added blood runes gloves effect
    -added new hard task
    -loaded 865 items aswell
    -Fixed the food bug 100%
    -spawned edimmu's in the elite dungeon
    -every monster in the elite dungeon drops a different kind of tip, which you can add to the boots from glacors
    -would like to add a item/weapon that is only obtainable through time spent ingame like loyalty. and no other server has it.
    i could prob make one if i can find a editor.
    - sea troll queen added in seatrollqueen tele. need testing.
    -fixed a bug with the gwd killcounts
    -fixed gwd teleport to the wrong location
    -added gwd soulstone effects which require no kc to enter the room.
    -now removes the gwd interface upon teleporting
    -sea troll queen has now an area, + basic combat, drops spawn on land not in the water
    -started on redoing the perk system
    *you now need to destroy wealthy items to get those perk points to unlock perks (kinda like invention)
    *so items like armadyl buckler etc have a purpose
    -added crystal axe defs
    -players can now create crystal items
    -pickaxes and axes can now be added to the toolbelt
    -started on wildy achievements
    -blood furry healing and charge consuming done
    -farming cape ability added, you get noted items instead of normal items while harvesting
    -made a class for itemOptions handling, looks better and buttonhandler is not a mess anymore
    -first click option at gems working now
    -soul amulet can now be crafted
    -drop warnings can now be toggled
    -fixed a bug with the bonefires
    -removed some text from the login screen
    -started on a interface for cosmetics and titles
    -trees in the donator zone will not be transformed into a stump
    -added corporealpuppy dialogue
    -added kingblackdragonling dialogue
    -added ellie dialogue
    -started on boss pet overrides
    -coins and power tokens can not be stored
    -new interface
    -fixed the bug with the summoning familiars not getting called
    - bunyip passive healing effect added
    -fixed pack yak winter storage
    -did some fixes on the server introduction
    -fixed dragoonn cannon setup
    -fixed a lot of messy code
    -added lucky potion effect
    -added lucky potion recipe
    -added custom dragon crossbow
    -added wilderness bow
    *best bow ingame
    *can only be used in the wilderness
    *when you die with it you lose everything
    -added dragonpick to kbd droptable
    -death touch darts have been added
    -new slayer rewards
    * you can now add donecrusher, herbicide, gold accumulator to your toolbelt
    -redid note paper, now works as it should
    -note paper creation is reduced from 15 to 3 per log
    -master command now only gives 14m exp
    -reaper task have been added
    *only for maxed out people
    -did some home decoration xd
    -bird nest will now be dropped while wootcutting and can be looted
    -sirenic / tectonic crafting redone
    -crystal and potion flaks crafting done
    -inferno adze effect added
    -potions can now be decant to eachother
    -same for flasks
    -todo potions into flasks
    -added combination potion creation (only the ones i'm going to use)
    -added ascencions
    -fix dark lord bug, with double spawn
    -redid combat, is now with rs3 animations since the old animations looked bugged
    -almost every 90+ weapon has stats now
    -fixed error messages with potion decanting
    -fixed the bug where items transformed while equipping; cause: random old sheat mothod from idk which time
    -hunter master cape perk added, will increase box time by 10 times
    -input scripts now get closed when walking away, credits 2 hellman
    -prices now get loaded from the cache
    -you now have a attack emote while wearing no weapons
    -redid some shops
    -botanist set bonus exp added
    -fix appearance with gloves
    -you can now see the stats of an item while clikcing check stats
    -malevolent armour crafting added
    -cleaned the code from the slayertabs
    -updates home defender quest a bit
    -yak stick hunter effect added
    -redid hunter a bit
    -added a new medium task
    -worked more on the perk interface
    -you can now block slayer tasks
    -redid the slayer interface a bit
    -changed some npcs amounts for slayer tasks
    -offhand animations done for melee, and crossbows
    -you can now charge you silverhaw boots, and check the amount of charges
    -worked on avaryss combat system, like 90% done
    -barbarian fishing added
    -fixed catching delay, you won't get a full inv of sharks in 1min lol
    -global countings now get written 2 a file instead of the database(makes it easier and cheaper 2 host)
    *logs npc kills
    *npc drops
    *master capes + some special capes
    -redid potion timers, they now are counter per minute
    -removed a lot of stuff
    -added a class for handling points (like slayer and vote points)
    -started on currency pouch interface
    -money pouch now has a curreny pouch option
    -currency pouch interface added
    -finished pointsManager
    -forget 2 log oops
    -new achievements interface added
    + redid the whole interface class
    -Currency pouch interface added
    -elite dungeon is now unlockable
    -fixed wooductting message from ivys
    -loyalty shop done
    -powertokenshop done
    -fixed cyrstal items
    -fixed achievements inter
    -fixed drop nulpointer
    -added warning with cosmetics
    -fixed examine close button
    -fixed barrows objects
    -added new achievements
    -zaria now opens power token shop
    -updated cyrstal chest loot
    -redid dragonstone armor
    -fixed donator crowns
    -bought map client
    -fixed walking bug
    -fixed object bug
    started on port
    -redid second teleport page (now has more 865 teleports)
    -fixed cape counting
    npc clicking bug fixed
    automatoms added
    -fix coins and charms
    -fixed home gate
    -wilderness course now has a level req
    -fixed drop pickup
    -fixed magic shop
    -rewrote the whole slave stuff was written so bad lol
    -fixed charm drops from the sea troll queen
    -added messages when clicking an Item
    -fixed portean items
    -fixed alchemy prices
    -removed unused items from shops
    -added plank making and super heating
    -fixed prices for; black/mithril and infinity sets
    -slayer task level fixed
    -get slayer option added
    -fixed slayer interface
    -silverhawks nerfed + emote added
    -redid teleport interface
    -fixed slaves
    -power tokens increased
    -fixed effigy, skills now get locked + right emotes
    -increased dung exp
    -get more runes now
    -added more items to the shop
    -nerfed desert damage
    -more teleports added
    -slave interface added
    -fixed hunter leveling icon
    -hydrix gem crafting emote added
    -added new enchating emotes
    -added orb chargin, supports every element
    -updated bolts enchanting emote
    -protean logs are now craftable
    23/4 forget to log again, prob missed so much lol
    -redid the whole player shops
    -fixed darklord objects
    -fixed slayergate animations
    -added more items to shops
    -fixed blood eth set
    -added blink into the wildy
    -made a lot of item untradeable
    -fixed double slayer points effect
    -added another spotlight
    -updated tasktasb, new get refrezshed when you click
    -added serreb stones
    -fixed bug with mapbuilder
    -added ape a tol
    -added corrupted ore
    -added protean bars
    -fixed barrwos chest loot
    -added lava flowmine
    -added some npc anomations
    -fix charming imp drop bug
    -added construiction shop at the portal of poh
    -fixed double drops events
    -added loading screen when joining your house
    -rewrote the whole slave class
    -rewrote the whole springcleaner class
    -rewrote daily tasks, base is from hch47 thx to him
    -did more on achievements
    --Started on dungeoneering
    -map loading done
    -binding done
    -npc spawns done
    -item spawn begin done
    - nodes spawn almost done (needs bufs)
    -dung mining done
    -dung foods added
    -started on runecrafting
    6/5 once again not logging lol
    -added perk interface
    -perk class done
    -fixed bugs with the shops where you couldnt buy certain amount
    -added blink and gave him drops
    -pot timers now get removed when you die, also get removed when they are done
    -fixed springcleaner
    -fixed siverhawk feathers
    -rewrote boss pet system
    -added pickaxe gildingµ
    -slayermasks done
    -starter on a title handler
    -fixed dung master cape emote
    -added boss timers (how fast you kill the boss)
    -add inter for boss timers
    -added hof interface
    -puro puro added
    -fixed the bank equipment bonusses bug
    -rewrote cosmeticshandler + keepsake keys
    7/7 once again didn't log much
    -rewrote wildy events
    -finished wily bow
    -introduced wily perks
    -redid console panel
    -fixed some interfaces
    -started on player owned ports
    -Player owned port crew is now almost done (only need to to the level system)
    -slayer shop fixed the reassing option (you now can only reassing if you have a task)
    -final boss check added in (atleast 2000 boss kills + you need 100 kills in everyboss)
    -interface for house styles done (players can now change their housestyle (still buggy))
    - Rise of the six
    *Party system done

    - Barbarian fishing will now be prioritized over harpoon fishing when fishing Shark, Swordfish and Tuna. If a player wants to fish with a harpoon, they must bring another one in the inventory.
    - Fixed a random null point when killing an npc, the game would think you were in fight caves

    -bonus exp config found and added (todo make check) ~DONE[HASSAN]
    -Started on pendants

    - Started on a new 'gambling game'; "GuessTheCode"
    - GuessTheCode done
    - The config 2044 (Bonus EXP) will now only appear if you are receiving more xp than usual

    - Started on reworking brawling gloves
    - fixed a bugg which cause amulets not showing when equipped
    - Pendants
    *picking which skill you would like to transform it
    *Exp calc
    *pendant removing after exp is 0
    *added to sof
    -fixed another null point when killing npcs (senddrop null check for killer because npcs can kill npcs aswell)
    -Godwars updates
    *Npcs from different factions now attack eachother
    *Players won't get attack if they wear an Item of that faction( nex armor counts for everything)
    *TODO fix npc animations
    -fixed sof bug where stackable items only gave less than 10( example less than 10 protean bars)
    -removed sof rewards from
    -made quickspin option (buy spins button) trying to change the button soon
    -fixed sof bug where certain items didn't bank

    - Brawling gloves done
    - Tested and fixed for any bugs
    - Perfected a formula for config 2044 (bonus XP config), before it glitched with items that were below 100%
    - Added Item dialogue option (quick item dialogue = SimpleItemMessage : params : Item + message)
    - fixed pendant message showing every time.
    - started on herblore habitat
    -Fruit tree patch added

    -added plant trap
    -jadinko's added to hunterNpc enum
    -rewrote the hunter enums partly (were just int arrays with values , idk who did it but bad af)
    -started on herblore habitat farm patches
    -climable vines done (need to find better climb emote)
    -draconic are now only for donators
    -fixed bug where jadinko's didn't walk
    -jungle trees can now be cutted
    -fixed bug where players would get 2 logs instead of 1
    -wishing well patch added
    -donators now start at wave 30 of fight caves and 11 in fight kiln
    -jadinko's now have a chance of dropiing wishing well seeds
    -fixed sof coin amount
    -SOF: removed world message for lamps
    -removed like 20+ useless construction files, idk what they were doing there but was an old and bad written system.
    - added donator info panel
    - donators now get extra spins
    -increased quick teleports to 10
    -Artisan workshop rewards added (cannon upgrade + auto refill)
    -complete new achievement system (easy to use 100x better than my previous which i deleted )
    -added a lot of new achievements
    -added a quick-offer option to the prayer altar
    -Added quick cook added (campfire at home)
    -donators can now toggle their icon
    -donator can change their own spawn tile
    -when you receiving rare loot from an lootbox it will be counted in the global counter
    -fixed bug with master cape dialogue
    -strarted on master cape emotes
    -ice wolf animations and drops added
    -fixed bug with quick cooking
    -sarted on kalphite king combat
    -kalphite king can now be instanced
    -cleaned out interfacemanager
    -cleaned player examine, now also displays in another tab
    -instances should look better now
    -gargoyle combat finished
    -players can now unlock rock hammer addinng 2 toolbelt
    -added some objects to the donator zone
    -added donator hunter spot + celestial dragons for them
    -pool of restoration added in the donator zone
    -added vine whip special attack
    -added key finder perk
    -added more achievements
    -tris keys added
    -added expert cape and reqs
    -added slayer tasks for combat > 50 && < 100
    -added more oldschool looks
    -added add to toolbelt option to the rockhammer
    -added dung map icon
    -rewrote gano crafting
    -added new achievements
    -fixed dung entrance interfaces partly
    -fixed dung invite tab
    -Upgraded client and server to 887
    -Fixed maxhit bug from npc's with no definition
    -fixed construction (options changed)
    -fixed construction options spawn (options changed, so checks were wrong)
    -pets can now be stored inside your house and will be spawned in free mode
    -preset button added to the bank

    R-S Mod Response  Credits

    -Hassan, for being such a nice guy.
    -Johnyblob22, for always helpig me.
    -Silvernova, for being such a big part of the server back in the day.
    -Bobismyname, for ragescape base.
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    Do not use the vps from ovh, blocking vps without reason and no customer support
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    Unfortunate dude. Sucks it went this way. Nice release though

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    thanks bud, i can see its a solid project
    Quote Originally Posted by Verago View Post
    You have been reported for harassment on a post attempting to give jobs to people in this community.
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    WHAT??? this is released... wow im so done man.... Amazing source to start with cant believe its out there and people would do this. Paolo i love u man dont let this drag u down
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    Thanks for the credit man . I know you're a great guy and a magnificient coder. Do not let shit heads like Yenthe drag you down.
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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    Nice release g
    Hendara made this, can somebody please make a nicer signature for me
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    Why the fuck is it 5gb
    donald trump approves this message
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    Quote Originally Posted by Java100 View Post
    Why the fuck is it 5gb
    Took the most recent version I found without looking into it and uploaded it, it has 2 back-up caches in it aswell mb.
    One from when it was 718-830 no maps.
    other is from 718- 865.
    and 718-887

    Do not use the vps from ovh, blocking vps without reason and no customer support
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnek View Post
    Took the most recent version I found without looking into it and uploaded it, it has 2 back-up caches in it aswell mb.
    One from when it was 718-830 no maps.
    other is from 718- 865.
    and 718-887
    does this one has a fixed sound system? like no ear rape?

    EDIT nvm client was not added

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    Good release, sorry for what happened.
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