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    The Perfect RSPS for you

    Welcome to PerfectRSPS, where you can find nearly the best content you'll find across any other rsps.
    In-Game Referral Code: runeserver

    Homepage | Vote | Donate | Main Launcher | Direct Client | Discord

    Spoiler for Images:

    Centered Dialogue

    The count down timer on the websites meaning, we are launching Google Advertisements, TopG Advertisements, Rune-Server Advertisements, Hopefully Runelocus Advertisements (impossible to get a spot), and many more advertisements. Right now, we're posting free organic ways to bring in players (this post for example), as well as hiring a few streamers (Such a "Lano", "Vihtic", "Wr3ckedyou", "I Pk Max Jr", and "Khalil") to bring in a starting community before billboarding our ads acrossed other sites.

    Homepage | Vote | Donate | Main Launcher | Direct Client | Discord

    PerfectRSPS has came together, and brought to you so much content. There's such challenges, starting with raids. We have many different raids, some in OSRS and some not! We removed the useless minigames, that are unlikely to be used, and imported it in to more active content through out the server; such as Pest Control, the rewards are now spread through PerfectRSPS points, and more. Zulrah is nearly identical to OSRS, missing it's cloud phase, but indeed does pop out of the ground, and have it's own instance, controller & phases. The goal is to bring to you a challenge that you will not only accept, but enjoy in the process without doing activities that you don't want to do. To be continued...

    Spoiler for Features:

    - Chambers of Xeric
    - Theatre of Blood
    - ToB Items/gear.
    - Cerberus & his items
    - Zulrah & her items.
    - Catacombs and their items.
    - Vorkath and his items
    - Kraken
    - Abyssal Sire
    - Venenatis
    - Chaos Fanatic
    - Crazy Archeologist
    - Scorpia
    - Vet'ion
    - Vorago
    - Sliske
    - Rise of Six
    - Ainivia
    - Double XP Weekends Automatic
    - Instant Instances by Teleports
    - Angry Bunny
    - 3 Amigos
    - 15+ Minigames
    - Slayer Survival
    - Dungeoneering
    - Construction
    - Pets
    - Pet perks
    - Pet filter system
    - Quest tab teleport
    - Trivia
    - Nightmare Gears/Weapons

    Spoiler for Update logs:

    - Launcher is now working, you will automatically receive client & cache updates from now on.
    - Added Automatic Voting & Claiming.
    - Automatic Donation Now Working.
    - New donator perk SoulSplit (soulsplit originally heals based on your hit divided by 5, when purchasing, it will heal based on your hit divided by 4 permanently) You will all in all, heal more in the long run and last a lot longer fighting bosses.
    - New donator perk Feels Familiar, when using your Familiar's Special Attack it will require Scrolls. Not when purchasing this perk, you will forever be free from having to make scrolls for your familiars special attack. (Very useful for saving inventory space too)
    - Extended our  new launcher, sending full access to both PerfectRSPS & OS-Alive via ONE Launcher, since we are a collaborated server. So you will no longer have a clutter of files. (Did the same for their Launcher). 
    - When in wilderness it should now display your wilderness level even on fixed mode
    - Nerfed green dragons defence.
    - Nerfed zulrah's defence
    - Changed godwars teleports to be directly to the room. 
    - Controller manager re-works. (controller manager, manages all your minigame, and event activity, for example Wilderness & Godwars.)
    - Made ;;home teleport close all controllers & interfaces.
    - Made the familiar/potions timer interface an Overlay, which is walkable (no more weird spot clicking)
    - Seasonal now works made it for 1 year season.
    - Changed gamble spot in the teleport interface from the donator zone to dice zone.
    - Made Vorkath Unlureable.
    - Will auto join "help" chat if you're not in a friends chat on login every single time
    - Sponsors get 250k extra per/site when voting.
    - Changed how much it costs to receive donator ranks,
    $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000, $2500.
    - Raised price of Donator Gloves to 25,000 tokens.
    - Changed our auto-donate system to EverythingRS, it is an easier system, and is alterable without live updates.
    >We now accept Litecoin Crypto Currency 
    - Made it so ironmans, hardcore ironmans etc, can not even open the bank. I know they can't add items to it, but to avoid future issues. You cannot open it any longer.
    - Fixed torag hammer animations
    - Hella nerfed green dragons.
    - Chambers of Xeric tunnels now move you with out the teleport animation directly to the other side.
    - Chambers of Xeric first room - I replaced the Icefiend with 3 Lizardman Shamans that you have to complete.
    - A Brand new beginning to Chambers of Xeric Instanced with a team of 4. 
    - Made it so dialogue is fixed (currently, it puts the buttons all the way to the top of the dialogue box. Next update, it will center them up)
    - Donators when entering Fight Caves will start on Wave 20
    - Extreme Donators when entering fight caves will start on round 40.
    - Grammar correction in dialogues, and capitalizations when needed.
    - Added a boost start in fight kiln, when donator you start at wave 10, and extreme donator at 20.
    - Made party demon require only 1k total level to enter.
    - Raised combat experience.
    - Healer at home will now heal your prayer points.
    - Changed  ::donate donator link to our new EverythingRS link
    - Added colored whips to donator page for $5.
    - Added a couple redwood trees to ::dz
    - You can now combine the Tooth half of key with Loop half of key
    - Fixed the vote boss, will now be an instanced and delete ticket upon entree
    - Fixed boble mystery boxes for next update
    - Made it so bandos pet announcement gives you bandos pet now, before it didn't.
    - Added "Glacors" to Monster Teleports for easier convienence
    - Added "Jadinkos" to Monster Teleports for easier convienence
    - Completely added in new item: Neitiznot Faceguard
    - Added Neitiznot Faceguard to Vote Boss drops.
    - Added same RuneScape Stats to Neitiznot Faceguard BUT with + 1 Range & + 1 Magic Damage as well!
    - Added another vote link for more rewards (Runelocus)
    - Worked on Chambers of Xeric, made it so it will join with your friend chat group whom is in raid lobby area, multi friends in a instance
    - Removed the weird PHP warning that occurs after voting for a site.
    - Did some tweaks on lizardman Shaman attacks made them more neat and more proper.
    - Made it so familiars don't require donation perk, but the perk still does make it so you don't need scrolls
    - Made it so if you vote on ALL sites, you receive a bonus reward, and made it so you must vote on all to receive a vote boss ticket
    - Shooting star
    - Buffed bandos boss
    - Buffed Fight caves
    - Bonus vote rewards when doing all sites instead of individual!
    Chambers of Xeric Updates: (not live)
    - Made Skeletal Mystics not spawn duplicates at a time.
    - Made all monsters in raids not re-spawn.
    - Added test Animations to Skeletal Mystics
    - Added an attack for Skeletal Mystics.
    - Added Lizardman Shaman to new test raids.
    - Nerfed zulrah's defense a TON! You will now be able to actually damage her more often. (let me know if it's too nerfed)
    - Sponsors receive a 1% damage increase to monsters & 10% accuracy increase to monsters as well.
    - Nerfed bandos defence a tad to even out the combat.
    - Completely re-buffed the Elite Void Set. Giving it way better bonuses than void
    - Added referrals
    - Removed Dryax key requirement to kill
    - COMPLETELY re-did zulrah. Check it out!
    - Added shooting star locations when it spawns it will now announce.
    - Fixed nex crashing
    - Fixed shooting star spamming chat when first. 
    - The beginning of our forums community.
    - Buffed Donator Ring Drop Rate to 1
    - Buffed Donator Ring (i) Drop Rate to 2
    - Fixed the shooting star respawn phase.
    - Removed 90 dungeoneering as requirement for noxious scythe 
    - Added different drops to the blue bauble box, now gives rewards and different ones than the red one.
    - Fixed text color of events & spotlights (no longer bright orange)
    - Zulrahs controler will stop after 80 ticks of killing her, and then will re-begin starting a new zulrah.
    - Dice bag no longer requires 1b coins in inventory
    - Donator ring now gives you +10 all combat stat strength/range bonus.
    - Donator ring (i) now gives +11 all combat stat strength/range bonus.
    - Fixed zulrahs diving time
    - Zulrah only passes 20% of damage to player through player now, instead of 30%.
    - Worked on the overlay of potion timers (not being able to click), to see if maybe now we can click
    - Worked on familiar's special attacks.
    - Fixed CoX spamming, when going through doors, its acting like you're in the raid instance, and joins says you didn't make it in time to participate.
    - Fixed noob scimitar attack options
    - Fixed dragon scimitar (or) attack options
    - Fixed donator gloves saying 15k when not clicked and 25k when clicked, now it displays the actual price.
    - A Control Panel On the Dedicated server, allowing me to do a bunch of things in-game from the Dedicated Server
    - Worked on Vote boss animations, made his HP readable, so you can physically see it fall down in damage.
    - Made a test new instance for vote boss, with complete mechanical work around the instance.
    - You can now teleport to the new vote boss re-work (more work to come, want to test the current functions)
    - New drops to vote boss
    - Vote boss re-work.
    - Added pet monkey drop to vote boss.
    - Made PvM Key 3 drop Dragon Hunter Lance & Dragon Hunter Crossbow.
    - Fixed gilded dragon pickaxe sell price.
    - Hint hint * Testing a new bow that I'm adding in-game.
    - Tweaked Zulrahs Stages, Including Snakeling
    - Removed so many zulrah position swaps.
    - Updated the vote boss attack, now actually provides damage
    - Did some work to the shooting stars, to prevent any spam whats so ever.
    - DWH (i) price increased to 200M trade value
    - DWH (i) strength bonus is now +132 & +162 attack bonus for accuracy
    - Did Squeal of Fortune updates:
    >Removed some bad items off the rare table.
    >Added dragon hunter crossbow to jackpot slot.
    - Made vote boss hit less, and less damage.
    - Nerfed vote boss defence.
    - Added Bowfa stats.
    - Added bowfa "Wield" Option.
    - Added bowfa to PerfectRSPS points shop costing 60k.
    - Changed price of barrows totem from 500 points to 100.
    - Temporary disabled the use of creating seasonal accounts until we get an actual Real Life Prize & Less Confusion & more clarification
    - Did some work to the familiar special attacks
    - Fixed ironman & hardcore ironman modes not having access to the bank.
    - Did some server work to make npcs have an fourth option available (currently they'll show one, but none of them having working options: nor working packets)
    - Made Slayer Survival Shop the "Rewards" from Kuradel right click.
    - Adding the inquisitors armour pieces into the "Super Donator Box". Until we get nightmare boss inside
    - Added stats to inquisitors armour.
    - Bowfa does not take arrows.
    - Did work on familiar special attack, let me know if you encounter problems (report in report-bugs section please)
    - Brand new home, completely rebamfed
    - Added ::pt & ::previousteleport (this will teleport you to the last selected teleport spot - excluding instances, and excluding events like cox, rise of six & a few others.)
    - Removed the non-working vote site as a requirement to receive your vote boss ticket/announcement.
    - You will now gain extra slayer points as you complete multiple tasks in a row.
    goes like 3-10, 10-25, 25-50, 50-100. 100+
    - Made nex armours have a default charge of 50,000 charges, instead of 35,000. (equals out to 10 hours)
    - Gave a warning when your item fully degrades.
    - Added infernal cape in to the game
    - Queen black dragon is now in-game in the panel.
    - The only way you will be able to achieve infernal cape is via Queen Black Dragon. It will be a 1/50 chance, and is tradeable, and provides +8 to strength, range, and magic damage. The only cape in game providing such significant results.
    - Added coins to every QBD Drop, and 1/5 chance for chance at 25m coins.
    - Prized pendant of dungeoneering provides x1.5 xp & x1.5 tokens.
    - Added a login reminder on how many squeal of fortune spins you have.
    - Zulrah teleport will now close the teleport interface. 
    - Primal spear now hits double damage on Vorago, Zamorak boss and Thunder boss
    - Added a NPC to teleport you to the 3 prestige bosses.
    - Moved research table & recycle table to an easier & noticable spot at home
    - Buffed noxious scythe on npcs.
    - New weapon in-game "Zaros godsword (i)"
    - Moved "Fighter hat (i)" to the perfect points shop, being higher points than Fighter Hat.
    - Zaros godsword (i) has a 10% buff against monsters & has +2 higher bonus than zaros godsword.
    - Moved around some NPCS @ home to organize it more.
    - Added item warnings to calalmity, letting you know you cant do the minigame with items/equipment
    - Raised price of "Uncut dragonstone"
    - Bofa is now a 2 handed weapon
    - Tweaked up Vorkath as promised, but as I said won't be in-game yet this upd.
    - Vorkath updates
    - Rise of six updates
    - ALL instance updates.
    - Vote boss instance re-work test.
    - Nerfed Exquise longsword special attack by 40%.
    - Removed dryaxian key from shop
    - Buffed seren godbow
    - Temporary removed the instance off Rise of Six
    - Made it so when you teleport, it spawns a new Monster there automatically per person,
    - When killing Rise of 6 monster, it teleports you home.
    - Added bonds to vote point store.
    - Zaros godsword special attack, will now work on players and do 0.8* the damage (less than normal hitting on monsters) & will drain the enemies prayer points to 0.
    - Can now talk to the gambler at ::dice for seeds every 10 minutes.
    - Abyssal sire should now work
    - Removed needing a task for abyssal sire, only need slayer level.
    - Added attack dummy to home
    - Worked on adding snakelings to zulrah
    - Added Rise of Six fully working.
    - Abyssal sire will drop loot under player now (since is too big and drops under him usually).
    - Fixed the ability to instance any boss.
    - Added reminders to gambler of how long until you can re-claim some seeds (at ::dice)
    - Added a reminder to the gambler that you must contact Josh in order to receive dice rank
    - Added living minerals to the ironman store.
    - Removed the fact you couldn't use seren godbow special attack to wilderness monsters. (pvp) but still cannot use it vsing a player.
    - Staff of sliske has been dramatically buffed vsing monsters
    - Seren godbow has had a dramatic buff vsing monsters.
    - Made heist minigame require 1 player on each side, instead of 2 so people can work for the Crystal shard.
    - Buffed drygores on monsters.
    - Prestige bosses now only require 1 & 2 prestige (depending on mode)
    - Fixed ROT6 monsters now that the minigames working.
    - Made ROT6 chest give a corrupted piece every single time (so eventually, you can upgrade it)
    - On happy hour you receive more vote rewards
    - On happy hour all donator token donations give 50% higher reward! (example, donate $100, receive 150,000 tokens!)
    - Added Crystal body (perfected)
    - Added bonuses to Crystal body (perfected)
    - Added crystal legs (perfected)
    - Added bonuses to crystal legs (perfected)
    - Added crystal helm (perfected)
    - Added crystal helm (perfected) bonuses.
    - Added all crystal pieces to perfect points shop
    - Added effect with all crystal armour pieces & bofa effect.
    - When you do ::switchitemslook it will now display your hitpoints in example (990 = 99) form. (hits will still show as normal fighting though)
    - Added an OSRS Mode to Settings in the quest tab
    - Made the hydrix crafting into Amulet of souls etc close the dialogue if you don't have the required items to do it and it will tell you in the chat what is needed.
    - Added corrupted helm (perfected)
    - Added corrupted legs(perfected)
    - Added corrupted body (perfected)
    - Added stats/bonuses to corrupted perfected set
    - Added a "Upgrade Crystal Gear" Item in-game
    - Dropped by Yk' Lar thunderous is the Upgrade Crystal Gear
    - Buffed Yk Lar Thunderous boss.
    - Can no longer camp Mage on Thunderous boss.
    - Made a way to use the Upgrade Crystal Gear on crystal gear to upgrade it to Corrupted.
    - Added Full Cannon & Super Saradomin Brew Recipe to Vote boss drop
    - Added ::setemail be sure to set your email so you can recover easier! 
    - Re did Hydra, lets see how she turns out.
    - Re did a little of anivia
    - Can't just pray mage on Night gazer anymore.
    - Added full inquisitors to AOD boss
    - Eldritch nightmare staff added to anivia drop
    - Added volatile nightmare staff to dryax
    - Added harmonised nightmare staff to Yk lagor thunderous
    - Reworked yk lagor the thunderous combat
    - The troll boss from prestige bosses now requires prestige
    - Added ava's perk to donator store $5. ��
    - Donator boss will now hit you, so you cannot afk it
    - Did reworks to the kalphite king boss. 
    - Implemented a way to change your home to 3 different homes for right now.
    - Added Steel Titan special attack.
    - Added corruption to ROT6 Chest.
    - Re did the sunfreet combat completely
    - Added a way to change your home in the Quest Tab -> Settings
    - Redid Saradomin boss combat
    - Kalphite king will hit LESS through prayer.
    - Fixed collectors necklace completely
    - Added blade of saeldor
    - Added bonuses to blade of saeldor
    - Added the effect of blade of saeldor with the armour
    - Nerfed void & elite void for melee.
    - Increased the amount of corruption things you get from rot6
    - Added verac corruption piece to list of rot6 chest.
    - Fixed blade of saeldor attack animation
    - Fixed blade of saeldor strength hit.
    - Fixed Familiar Special Attack.
    - Zulrah requires you to swap combat styles.
    - Zulrah will now perform its melee attack.
    - You can now melee zulrah.
    - Completely rebuffed the saeldor max hit.

    Dialogue Example:

    Credits to Hydrix team.
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    That's a bold name choice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshismyname View Post

    Top notch graphics.

    GL mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jigsaw View Post
    That's a bold name choice!
    Comes in time
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    lmfao, good luck mate.
    Spoiler for Grian:
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    looks like hydrix rename then host lol
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    looks good, good luck with the server though.
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    Hmm interesting how you are not banned yet.

    Mind sending me the money back you scammed from me for ''services''?

    Feel free to join our Discord
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    Just finished in adding nightmares gears & weapons. Now to add the NPC & his attacks/animations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slay Kid View Post
    Hmm interesting how you are not banned yet.

    Mind sending me the money back you scammed from me for ''services''?
    OP can you address this?
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