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    24hrs to add media, If OP wants this thread removed they need to report it themselves.

    Quote Originally Posted by combatx View Post
    Kris let me help your undeveloped mind set, I need new opcodes to support the 184 version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
    hmmm 10 hours? per day? but your interface still the same, with a name zaria on it. hmm please post your 10 hours per day logs to support your statement.
    I don't need to, Prodeth can vouch for that if you're that hungry for proof, I don't have a job persay, so I have all the time in the world all day, every day to do what I like, I choose to program most of the time. Prodeth and I are IRL mates hence I'm helping him to get a server off the ground that he can call his, and that isn't a pile of shit like the Zaria source was originally.

    All my time has been spent on fixes and content, there was a ton of missing shit as well, godwars bosses werent even spawned in for example, nex was also broken and crashing the server to name a few, Wrote a custom Araxxor/Araxxi script for him yesterday from start to pretty much finish, this is what took me like 20ish hours and I did it all in one sitting with the help of a lot of weed at the ready ofc created the lobby and instancing for it as well, currently writing a custom Vorago fight for him as we speak.

    In my mind it's not ready to release, hence I haven't gone around and changed anything major that needs to be changed yet, such as the starting inter with the game modes on it, though, easy to change, just haven't gotten to some of that stuff yet, I'm the only one programming this server as well as my own server so there's still a lot to be done in my mind on this 718 before it even considers releasing, but for now the crashes are fixed so that it theoretically can be hosted without too many issues, but it does lacks in some areas still, as I'm sure you've seen, or know of if you've looked into the Zaria source code before, there was pretty fuck all in terms of content in the game, very little for the players to do etc, that's where my focus is being put currently. I'm sure you can understand this logic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Herb View Post
    Another shit thread, nothing new...
    Best of luck
    Yeah, I'm really not sure why he posted this on R-S, it's definitely not ready for Advertising, I'm just the developer for it though so, don't blame me for any mishaps, just note that he doesn't really understand how you're supposed to make an advertisement thread etc. Thanks though.

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    Closed due to lack of media.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idiot Bird View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
    lol np mate looks like the community brought ur rep down to ur IQ
    Not too sure about that, it's at 0 . It would have to go minus to even be remotely close to his IQ.

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