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    Nex Update & More! | Home Location: Edgeville

    If you'd like to view the alpha stage development log, you will have to visit RL

    What's Pauper?

    • Economy

    This is where we take our pride. Pauper's economy is a very fair one, many things in the server have been edited and changed based around our economy. A few bits of content requires a quest to be completed before gaining access to it, resulting in rarity trees. No items are available for donation whatsoever, so any item you see in-game was earned by the community in some way or another. Due to the scarce resources available to the player, many items have value and will flow through the economy; which is basically all done through the Grand Exchange. Our Grand Exchange system allows any item under 250,000gp worth to be bought and sold freely based on trade value. However, this only applies to items that are not on the "limited item" list, which restricts the purchase of an item without another player buying/selling it. Due to this system, there are very few shops to browse through, and no general store. The general store is replaced with high alching your items.

    • Wilderness

    The influence of wilderness is a large one in Pauper. Many features require 'Pauper Points' which can only be obtained through killing monsters located in the wilderness. On top of this, there are multiple quests that force the players into the wilderness, many essential NPCs for farming items to sell located in the wilderness, many wilderness skilling spots, and (oh yeah!) bosses. There are a few bosses, such as King Black Dragon and Corporeal Beast for example, that can only be found in the wilderness. If you'd like to gain access to Queen Black Dragon, you'll need to complete a quest that forces you into the wilderness. There's also a counter in the quest tab that shows how many players are located in the wilderness at any given time, so you'll always be updated on how many prey are lurking in your wilderness.

    • Skilling

    The skilling in Pauper has been edited tremendously. We strive off an in-depth skill system, with many different ways to train most skills. With that being said, all skills you find in your skills tab are available to level up and train. Some being quite profitable, others being a little money-draining. However, every skill has a way to earn profit off of. That being said, every skill also has it's own way to lose money, too. The skills are in-depth in Pauper because of all the little things we've added to it. Whether that be from proper tree stumps to inferno adze burning logs on-cut for firemaking experience, from agility levels scaling your energy restoration rates to agility levels boosting your chance of a double-catch at fishing, our skills have been directly improved to give you that proper feeling. On top of this, most skills have many different ways to level them, so you'll get to decide how you spend your time.

    • Bossing

    Pauper has many bosses for the player to choose from. However, not all of them are "readily available". What this means is, the player will need to make an accomplishment before being granted access to these bosses. For example, to enter the chambers of Bandos, the player will require 80 strength to push open the large door. A different category of such is that some bosses are only available through completing quests - like Queen Black Dragon. However, each of our bosses have been worked on tirelessly to give you a challenge that will be worth remembering. We'd also like to challenge our players to attempt at soloing the notorious Nex boss, which we've improved greatly. We can assure you - she is not solo-able!

    Features & Media

    • Economy
      • No items available for donations
      • RWT is allowed at the player's discretion; staff may perform middleman services
      • A large variety of items with fair prices
      • Many different large markets
      • Gambling available, either through staking at duel arena or playing flower poker

    • Quests
      • Total of 6 quests to complete (2 coming soon)
      • Many different, useful, and unique rewards
      • Wide variety of different skill experience rewards
      • Required completion to access certain content
      • Quests in the quest tab now display a combat level recommendation to players that have not completed said quests. The color of the level recommendation changes from red, to orange, to green based on the player's combat level compared to the quests' recommended level

    • Wilderness - *Note: Important Feature
      • Heavy wilderness influence
      • PvP Points per player-kill
      • Fully functional drop system; certain items are always kept on death
      • Working earning potential
      • Certain quests force players into wilderness
      • Certain 'hot zones' where players will frequently be found farming NPCs
      • Various bosses only found in wilderness
      • Extremely well designed combat system
      • PvP Store coming soon

    • Player vs Monster
      • Very large aspect to Pauper
      • Many items only available through certain monsters or bosses
      • Extremely well designed combat system
      • Arguably the best way to make money
      • Very large variety of monsters to kill and make profit off of

    • Skilling
      • Runecrafting
        • Altars
          • Pauper uses the abyss system
          • Speak with the Zamorak Mage in level 5 wilderness to teleport to the abyss or to the essence mine
          • Need a total level of 175 to start the dialogue
          • Pure essence counts for 2 runes crafted, whereas rune essence only counts for 1
          • The higher level rune you create, the higher the experience

        • RuneSpan
          • Creatures
            • The only way to receive Runecrafting points
            • Will give essence upon depleting their energy
            • Random lifespan between 8-14
            • Chance to not give any experience
            • Chance to give an 11th of their total experience with no runes

          • Nodes
            • Will not receive any Runecrafting points
            • Will not receive any essence upon depleting their energy
            • Higher the RuneSpan levels for better node spawns
            • Best way for Runecrafting experience
            • Random lifetime of two minutes to twelve minutes (does not have any effect on the chance to deplete the node whilst siphoning)
            • Small chance to transform into a different node and disrupt player siphon
            • Chance to not give any experience
            • Chance to give an 11th of their total experience with no runes
          • Traveling
            • Platforms cost their required runes
            • You will not be charged for traveling to a larger island
            • RuneSpan can only be accessed after completing a quest
          • Wizards
            • Dialogue not yet added, but their 3rd option works
            • Blue wizards will put a hint icon over the yellow wizard requesting help
            • Yellow wizards requesting help will take some of the player's runes in exchange for experience

          • Rewards
            • Master Runecrafter Robes will be 4k Runecrafting points each
            • Runecrafter robes will be dependent on the piece you're buying

      • Construction
        • Plank construction
          • Use a saw on logs in your inventory, but this skill is taxed
          • Some logs will be profitable, others will be consume money
          • Every log you can gain from woodcutting is available
          • Dialogue confirmation regarding the taxing

        • Player-Owned Houses Released!
          • Every object available to construct
          • Every room available to construct
          • Houses cost 500k gp and can be accessed from any house portal throughout the world
          • Many house objects are able to be interacted with
          • Will soon be the only way to get the +300% bonus exp for prayer from the gilded altar
          • Walls and roofs automatically Yanille white brick, and no options to change it as of yet
          • Very expensive skill if you're buying all the materials
          • Marble blocks now unlimited items in the GE costing a whopping 326k each
      • Dungeoneering
        • Not yet coded, but available to level through spending Pauper Points
        • Pauper Points are only obtainable by killing monsters in the wilderness, bosses, or quests
      • Agility
        • Three, fully-working courses - even with their advanced stages
        • Agility levels scale energy restoration, maxing at 4 energy per second at level 99
        • Agility levels increase your chance of receiving a double-catch while fishing
        • Many agility shortcuts throughout the world are available to use
        • Agility levels increase chance to receive double, triple, or quadruple loot from pickpocketing

      • Herblore
        • Nearly ever potion available to create
        • Expensive to max it's level, but end-term potions sell for a lot
        • Every potion effect works perfectly, resulting in this skill being potentially very profitable
        • Extremes & overloads are tradeables
        • Pestle and mortar working

      • Thieving
        • Most pickpocketable NPCs work perfectly
        • Catch rate based on player's thieving level has been remodified to be much more proper
        • Chance to be spotted by market guards whilst stall thieving edited to be much more proper
        • Pickpocketing is the fastest way to reach 99
        • Stalls end up giving more money in the long run
        • Certain gear will enhance your chances of succeeding
        • Agility & thieving levels enhance chance to receive double, triple, or quadruple loot from pickpocketing
      • Crafting
        • Most functions to crafting work
        • Leather tanning and armor crafting fully functional
        • Gem crafting fully functional
        • Amulet and ring crafting fully functional
        • Crafting levels scale the rate of success for cutting gems
        • Only profitable gem cuts are diamonds and onyx
        • Yes, you can make furies out of onyx

      • Fletching
        • Most features in fletching work
        • Ammo available to be made, works perfectly
        • Weapons available to be made, works perfectly
        • Action sequence of fletching updated to give the correct amount of resources the player owns, rather than 15 at a time
      • Slayer
        • Almost perfect working slayer, we're only missing cooperative tasks
        • Task difficulty ranging from easy to boss tasks
        • Slayer point store where the player can buy various items for slayer points
        • Slayer rewards interface where the player can unlock certain gear, build certain items, gain slayer experience, or other things for slayer points
        • Slayer helmet fully functional
        • Slayer ring provides +20% bonus experience per-kill

      • Hunter
        • Trap Hunting
          • Bird snares and box traps work almost perfectly
          • Hunting gear does not affect chances of trap catching
          • Distance slightly effects rate of attempt
          • Depending on the player's hunting level, chance to fail for no hunting experience
          • Trap amount increases by 1 every 20 hunter levels
        • Impling Catching
          • All implings can be caught, but I still need to spawn some
          • Player must have an impling jar in their inventory to attempt the catch
            Player must have, or have equipped, a butterfly net to attempt the catch
          • Impling jars are now limited purchases in the Grand Exchange
          • Impling jar rewards work entirely, some of them being rare items; making hunter potentially quite profitable
          • Chance to miss impling catch for no hunter experience based on player's hunting level
        • Chinchompa Combat
          • Player now loses chinchompas per-throw; Ava's Accumulator does not effect this
          • Chinchompa prices lowered
          • Chinchompas now limited purchases via Grand Exchange; which means there will only be as many red chinchompas in the server as the players catch
          • Projectile now only sends to the initial target
          • Hit GFX now delayed based on how far the player is from the target

      • Mining
        • Almost every ore available to mine
        • Mining can be quite profitable when selling adamant, runite, or granite
        • Lava flow mining available through Keldagrim
          • Player must discover Keldagrim at least once before using the shortcut at the Grand Exchange
          • Lava flow mining is the fastest mining experience
          • Small chance to receive a gilded dragon pickaxe through Lava Flow
          • Every now and again, a possessed pickaxe will spawn and attack the player at Lava Flow, making it not AFK-able
        • Wearing the golden mining suit will grand the player +20% bonus mining experience
      • Smithing
        • Trade prices have been edited to make smithing profitable via high alching
        • Player will lose a lot of money buying resources to power-level this skill to 99 if they don't alch their creations
        • Artisan's Workshop planned for future update
        • Potentially a very profitable skill
      • Fishing
        • Large variety of fish available to catch
        • Only fish that heal above 90 health available for purchase in the Grand Exchange, making fish a large market
        • Agility levels increase the chance to have a double-catch
        • Very appropriate algorithms for fishing speeds based on player's fishing level
        • Wearing the fishing suit will grant the player +25% bonus fishing experience
        • Random fish caught now based on player's fishing level, rather than literally being random. Example: a player with 99 fishing will catch more swordfish than a player
        • with level 70 fishing
        • Player has a chance to catch specified bonus fish if they have a granite crab or spirit terrorbird summoned
        • Rocktail fishing works perfectly
      • Cooking
        • Every fish that's available to catch is available to cook
        • Many glitches in both fishing and cooking have been patched, making some quite proper skills
        • Burn rates for most fish have been edited
        • Specific pies and potatoes also available for creation
      • Firemaking
        • Using a bonfire is the fastest firemaking experience
        • Bonfires have a chance to spawn fire spirits, which give a reward of summoning charms
        • Bonfires have a slight chance to burn the player's hand whilst tending the flame for no firemaking experience
        • Correct colored flame in correspondent to the logs the player is using
        • Inferno adze has a chance to burn logs on-cut for firemaking experience
      • Woodcutting
        • Nearly every tree available to cut
        • Many different features and skills to use your logs
        • Yew and magic logs restricted purchases from Grand Exchange, making them a need in the economy
        • Proper tree stumps
        • Inferno adze has a chance to burn logs on-cut for firemaking experience
      • Farming
        • Every allotment, herb, flower, tree, hop, and bush patches throughout the world works
        • Each type of crop has different produce methods
          • Allotment produce received has been increased
          • Herblore produce received now relies on whether or not the player has secateurs or magic secateurs
            • Secateurs provide +75% bonus resources
            • Magic secateurs provide +150% bonus resources
            • Using no secateurs will have no effect on produce received
          • Flower produce received has been slightly increased & lowered depending on certain seeds/levels
          • Hop patch growth time significantly reduced, produce received increased
          • Bush produce receieved has been left the same
          • Tree patches now require hatchets to harvest, time it takes to harvest & produce received based on hatchet definitions
            • The algorithm for picking produce is: (produce.getAmount() / axeTime) / 2 -- when using a dragon hatchet on a magic tree, you will gain double your produce.
            • The time it takes to cut your trees down is: axeTime * 4. Which means if you are using a dragon hatchet, you will gain 1 log per-second. If you are using bronze, you will gain 1 log per 4-seconds.
          • Plant watering
            • Can water plants once for each growth stage
            • Watering plants reduces the time of that stage by 10%
            • After reaching the end of a growth stage, timer resets
            • Can water any crop besides herbs
          • Players may harvest plants with a full inventory
          • If the player's inventory is full, or gets full during harvest, the produce will drop on the floor

        • Skilling Points
          • Skilling points can be obtained through any non-combat skill
          • Rune tier+ skilling tools purchasable with skilling points, but are able to be traded
          • Costume box available for purchase via skilling points
            • The costume box is an item which will provide the player with an array (for my devs, it's an enumeration with many parameters, so don't worry!) of cosmetics upon consumption
            • The rares can include anywhere between h'weens, partyhats, the Santa outfit & sled, and more
            • This item is only available through voting, paying with skilling points, or risking your luck on Corporeal Beast drops
          • Very expensive title only available through buying with skilling points

      • Titles
        • Very large selection of titles to choose from
        • Some titles earned simply by playing the game
        • Other titles can be bought with money or some sort of point, increasing account-value
        • Every title is unlockable
      • Bosses
        • Many different bosses available to kill
        • Certain bosses can only be accessed through some sort of achievement
        • To access Nex, you must kill all the GWD bosses at least 5 times
        • Certain bosses only located in the wilderness
        • All bosses available work perfectly
        • God Wars factions fight against each other

      • Account Pin
        • An important, free safety feature that acts like your 2nd line of defense
        • Upon login, the player will be requested to enter their account pin
        • If the player was unable to enter the account pin, or hasn't yet entered it, the player will be unable to do much of anything
      • Grand Exchange - *Note: Important Feature
        • Any item under 250,000gp worth can be purchased and sold freely in the Grand Exchange
        • This only applies to items that are not on the 'limited item list', which is a list of items that can only be bought and sold by the community
        • To put it short, basically anything greater than adamant-tier gear is on the limited item list
        • Any food healing above 90 hitpoints is on the limited item list
        • Many skilling resources are on the limited item list, making a great use for skillers
        • Economy runs through the GE

      • Boss Pets
        • 22 different boss pets you could receive
        • Each pet has a very rare chance to drop on death
      • Experience Boosters
        • Option to buy either combat or skilling experience boosters
        • Comes in the option of +2, +4, +6, or +8 on your multipliers
        • Can only purchase one booster at a time
        • Logging out will pause the time on your booster
        • Combat boosters come in times of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours
        • Skilling boosters come in times of 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours

      • Taxes
        • Taxes are a dominant feature in Pauper
        • Various elements and even sometimes skills are taxed
        • Total taxes paid indicator located in quest tab
      • Tax Returns
        • 10% Tax returns for 1% of total taxes paid in Pauper Points
        • 20% Tax returns for 2.5% of total taxes paid in Pauper Points
        • 30% Tax returns for 5% of total taxes paid in Pauper Points
        • 40% Tax returns for 10% of total taxes paid in Pauper Points

      • Caskets, Crystal Chests, and Costume Boxes
        • Caskets and crystal chests give combat gear ranging from bad to good
        • Each reward chest has a chance to give the player rare and expensive items; world shout indicator if this is the case
        • Costume boxes give many different costumes available for a wide variety of outfits available
        • New casket and costume box interface, every button works
        • Partyhats, h'weens, santa hat, flaming skull, etc. are given through the costume box at a very rare chance
      • Duel Arena
        • Friendly duels and staked duels functional
        • Most duel rules work perfectly
        • Certain features disabled to prevent any weird glitches
        • Can only challenge other players in the duel arena
        • Popular for staking!

    Updates Since Thread Creation:

    Update - Bonecrusher:
    • Obtainable at a random chance by performing bones on altar
    • Will prevent bone drops from happening
    • Adds experience points equivalent to burying bones if it's in the player's inventory
    • Player can only receive one bonecrusher and the item is untradeable

    Update - Fairy Ring:
    • Will take you to the majority of RS Wiki locations
    • No requirements to use
    • Only way to access Glacors
    • Only way to access Polypore Dungeon
    • Only way to access Puro Puro
    • Can only travel using the main fairy ring location

    Update - Puro Puro:
    • Works nearly perfectly
    • At the time of this post, it's only missing the shop that sells impling jars instead of teleporting back and forth to bank
    • Higher leveled implings spawned towards the back
    • Magical wheat traversing works
    • Dragon, zombie, and kingly implings not spawned in Puro Puro; planned wilderness spawns in the future

    Update - Polypore Dungeon:
    • Only accessible through the fairy ring, using code B-I-P
    • Each Polypore Dungeon NPC has it's own combat scripts
    • At the time of this post, only armor crafting is missing, but will be coming very soon
    • Player will be able to craft all three armors - fungal, grifolic, and ganodermic

    Update - Summoning Obelisk:
    • Most pouches work completely
    • All scrolls work perfectly
    • Charm exchange has been removed due to this update
    • Charms are still only obtainable via killing wilderness monsters

    Update - Lodestones:
    • All lodestones automatically unlocked, no need to travel the world to find them
    • Lodestones are not taxed
    • Eventually, will fully replace the taxed cities teleport option in the portal entirely
    • Animations and GFX timed nearly perfectly
    • Player de-renders for a short period of time in correspondence with the 2nd GFX used

    Update: Fungal, Grifolic, Ganodermic Crafting
    • Each tier of armor available to craft
    • Use a needle on flakes in your inventory and the dialogue will appear
    • Fungal costs 13,000, 27,500, and 20,000 fungal flakes
    • Grifolic costs 34,000, 35,000, and 32,000 grifolic flakes
    • Ganodermic costs 85,000, 95,000, and 95,000 ganodermic flakes
    • Polypore staff costs 80,000 polypore spores

    Update: Ring of Wealth
    • Starts with 20 charges - charges restart when a ring is shattered
    • Absorbs gold drops into player's money pouch
    • Random gems from mining alongside this update - ring of wealth enhances the chance of receiving a gem
    • Increases drop rates by 10%, player must have the ring equipped before the drop sends
    • When 20 charges are depleted, the ring shatters into dust
    • Charges only depletes for NPC drops

    Update: Starting Tutorial Redone
    • Much better than the previous one
    • Explains the Grand Exchange somewhat-interactively
    • Shows the players where to teleport
    • Makes the player use the training dummies
    • Forces the Initiate title through the General Manager
    • A much better start to Pauper

    Update: Lodestone Specifications
    • Players complained about no fast teleports, so I added it and kept the lodestone network
    • While in combat and not in the wilderness, will immediately fast-tele to Edge
    • In the wilderness, does the slow lodestone teleport to Edge - no need to bring up the lodestone interface
    • While casting your teleport, the player will become immune to incoming NPC damage; player combat will interrupt the teleport completely
    • In the wilderness, players must wait to be 5 seconds out of combat before teleporting home

    Miscellaneous Updates:
    • Traversing through magical wheat is a bit faster, more correct timing
    • Leveling up from 60+ now plays level up music and displays level up dialogue
    • Any level below 60 plays no music and only puts a line in the chatbox notifying the player of their recent level
    • Slayer point shop reinstated with much better prices
    • Have started on the new starter tutorial
    • Have started on the tormented demons quest
    • Alching will no longer take your runes if the item is above the maximum item value allowed
    • Character customization has been patched
    • Experience rates increased by x10 for both combat and skilling
    • Training dummies now easier to receive experience from
    • Players now only pay 10% of bones on altar tax if their prayer level is below 50
    • Experience rates have been doubled from x32 combat and x22 skilling to x65 combat and x45 skilling
    • Runite armor, tuna, bass and lobster have been removed from the limited items list
    • Dwarven Rituals quest now rewards the Knight class with a dragon scimitar as the end-reward, rather than a runite set
    • Initiation quest has been slightly modified due to the increased rates

    reached image limit :/
    Updates Since Thread Creation (cont.):
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    POH Released! | Home Location: Edgeville
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    Looks amazing! Best of luck with this .
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    Looks interesting, will check it out soon.
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    Gl with this.
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    Holy shit lol, seems like you got a ton of content.
    Best of luck!
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    Looks very well done! Good luck!
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    Best of luck
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    A silly question but how do I teleport ingame lol
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    Don't normally play this revision, but I'll check it out because it looks pretty cool!

    Best of luck, lad!

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