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    Skill Name Status
    Minigame Name Status
    Dueling Arena
    Fight Pits
    Fight Caves
    Pest Control
    Warrior's Guild
    Magic Arena
    Clan Wars
    Weapons Game
    Content Name Status
    Shooting Star
    OSRS Weapons/Bosses
    Random Events
    Auction System
    Clan Chat
    Pet System
    Player-Store System
    Gambling System
    Client Feature Status
    Togglable OpenGL HD
    Togglable Gameframe
    Depth Buffering
    Light-Weight Version
    Cache Editor
    OSX Support
    OSRS Maps
    Website/Tool Feature Status
    Voting System
    PK Hiscores
    Interface Editor
    Moderator Panel
    Hot-Key Mapper
    Drop Editor
    Forum-Server Integration
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    Spoiler for Combat:

    • Accuracy/max hit formula
    • Correct animations, delays
    • Special attacks
      • Barrelchest anchor
      • Dragon dagger
        • ​and variants (P, P+, P++) dealing the poison effect

      • Abyssal whip
        • ​Abyssal Vine Whips
        • ​Frozen Whip
        • ​Volcanic Vine Whips

      • Dragon longsword
      • Dragon mace
      • Dragon halberd
      • Dragon claws
      • Granite maul
      • Dragon spear
      • Armadyl godsword
      • Bandos godsword
        • ​Drain your opponents Defence by damage dealt.

      • Zamorak godsword
        • ​Freeze your opponent for 30 Seconds

      • Saradomin godsword
        • ​Heal damage dealt

      • Saradomin sword
        • ​Double hit (magic based melee attack)

      • Statiu's warhammer
      • Vesta's longsword
      • Guthan's effect
        • ​Heal damage dealt when special is activated

      • Torag's effect
        • ​Drain your opponents run.

      • Dharok's effect
        • ​The lower your Constitution, the higher your max hit is.

      • Verac's effect
        • ​Hit through Deflect from Melee and Protect from Melee

      • Ancient Mace
        • ​Drain Prayer

      • Void Melee Effect
      • Elite Void Melee effect
    • Accuracy/max hit formula
    • Ava's accumulator & Upgrades
    • Ammo dropping in combat
    • Bows
    • Crossbows
    • Darts
    • Throwing knives
    • Throwing axes
    • Chinchompas
    • Javelins
    • Toktz-xil-ul
    • Special attacks
      • Ruby bolt
      • Diamond bolt
      • Emerald bolt
      • Onyx bolt
      • Karil's special
      • Magic bows
      • Seercull
      • Darkbow
      • Crystal bow
      • Morrigan's Javelins
      • Morrigans Throwing Axes

    • Void Range Effect
    • Elite Void Range effect
    • Accuracy/max hit formula
    • Auto-casting
    • Ahrim's special
    • Staff of light special
    • Vengeance
    • Combat Spells
      • Curses
      • Strike spells
      • Bolt spells
      • Blast spells
      • Wave spells
      • Rush spells
      • Burst spells
      • Blitz spells
      • Barrage spells
      • God spells
        • ​Claws of Guthix
        • Storm of Armadyl
        • Saradomin Strike
        • Flames of Zamorak

      • Other
        • Slayer dart
        • Crumble undead
        • Iban blast
    • Determining killer
    • Food
    • Potions
    • Attack styles
    • Entity based
    • Mob vs mob combat
    • Multi-combat areas
    • Projectiles
    • NPC sizes for combat

    Spoiler for Skills:

    • Burying bones
    • Bones on altar
    • Prayer bonus effects
    • Curses
    • Quick prayers/curses
    • Crafting runes
    • Multipliers
    • Pouches
    • Gnome course
    • Wilderness course
    • Barbarian course
    • Brimhaven course
    • Pyramid
    • Herb cleaning
    • Mixing unfinished potions
    • Mixing finished potions
    • Tars creation
    • Grinding
    • Picking pockets
    • Thieving stalls
    • Emptied stalls
    • Chest lockpicking
    • Chest opening
    • Stunning
    • Gem cutting
    • Hide tanning
    • Leather crafting
    • Glass blowing
    • Jewellery moulding
    • Spinning
    • Stringing amulets and necklaces
    • Pottery
    • Battlestaff Crafting
    • Log carving
    • Add Strings to unfinished items
    • Ammo creation
    • Crossbow Making
    • Flax Picking
    • Task receiving
    • Experience on death
    • Task levels - easy, medium, hard and elite
    • Multi masters support
    • Stores - points and required items
    • All monsters spawned around the map
    • Clan Tasks
    • Duo Slayer
    • Boss Tasks
    • Permanently blocking tasks for Slayer Points
    • Full Slayer Helmet creation
    • Slayer Rewards(Gargoyle Smasher perk meaning no rock hammer needed)
    • Pay to unlock certain tasks
    • Slayer rings(easy teleports to certain tasks)
    • Mining all rocks
    • Success formula with tools
    • Prospecting
    • Rock golem random
    • Mining gems
    • Pickaxe breaking
    • Shooting Stars
    • Cutting trees
    • Tree/hatchet Requirements
    • Success formula with axes
    • Adding and removing stumps
    • Bird nest drops
    • Lumberjack outfit bonus
    • Ore smelting
    • Anvil smithing
    • Gold Ore/Bar smithing
    • Misc items
      • DFS
      • Godsword blade
      • Dragon sq shield
      • Ring of Forging Effect
      • Goldsmith Gauntlets Effect
      • Cannon Balls
    • Small net fishing
    • Rod fishing
    • Fly fishing
    • Cage fishing
    • Big net fishing
    • Harpoon fishing
    • Troll random event
    • Whirlpool event
    • Trawler Minigame
    • Shark Gloves
    • Item cooking
    • Item on item
    • Burning chance(gloves, levels)
    • Baking(Bread, cakes etc)
    • Player-Owned Houses
    • Building Rooms
    • Furniture
    • Building Materials
    • Experience Boosts
    • Traveling to Other's Houses
    • Moving Rooms
    • Bird Snaring
    • Tracking
    • Butterfly Netting
    • Box Trapping
    • Rabbit Snaring
    • Magic Imp Hunting
    • Pitfall Trapping
    • Falconry
    • Tools
    • Patches
    • Composting
    • Trees
    • Bushes
    • Diseases & Cures
    • Temporary Boosts
    • Farmers looking after plots
    • Tool storage
    • Able to light all type of logs
    • Bonfires
    • Torches, Candles, & Lanterns
    • Temporary Boosts
    • Firelighters
    • Pathing/Clipping
    • Creating Pouches with required items and levels.
    • Creating familiar scrolls
    • NPC vs NPC Combat
    • Familiar Specials
    • BoB
    • Temporary Boosts
    • Forming a raid party via Clan Chat
    • Raid Lobby
    • Random floors
    • Random spawn mobs for floor
    • Rewards
    • EXP and Token Gaining

    Spoiler for Minigames:

    • Digging
    • Barrows battles
    • Reward
    Warriors guild
    • Animated armour
    • Token removal for cyclops
    • Cyclops definitions
    • Defender dropping
    Duel arena
    • Every rule working
    • Staking items
    • Utilizes every duel arena
    • Second staking interface stacks item correctly
    • Duel can tie
    • Obstacle arena
    • Checks inventory space to make sure you have space to make a stake
    Fight Cave
    • 63 waves
    • Fight cape reward
    • Wave saving
    • Combat definitions for NPCs
    Tzhaar fight pits
    • Waiting lobby
    • Random starting positions(clipped)
    • Free-for-all
    • Winner can stay in arena
    Pest control
    • NPCs getting out of portals
    • All gates working
    • Proper interfaces
    • Reward points and shop
    Clan Wars (safe)
    • Safe Area
    • Items Kept on death PvP Area
    • Single-Combat Zones
    • Multi-Combat Zones

    Clan Wars (dangerous)
    • Dangerous Area
    • Items Lost on death PvP Area
    • Single-Combat Zones
    • Multi-Combat Zones
    Fight Kiln
    • 15 waves
    • Tokhaar-Kal reward
    • Wave saving
    • Combat definitions for NPCs
    Castle war
    • Waiting lobby
    • All doors, ladders and gates working
    • Hood, cape verification
    • Flag picking
    • All shortcuts (rock river)
    • Underground pass with falling rocks
    • Equipment tables
    • Barricades
    Soul Wars
    • Avatars
    • Barricades
    • Ghosts
    Zombies Infection Weapon Game

    Spoiler for Bosses:


    • Range and Mage attacks only
    • When under attack he will only use ranged and magic attacks however when he's not under attack he will melee the player
    • Main range attack(whirlwind)
    • Mage whirldwind attack
    K'ril Tsutsaroth

    • Uses Melee and Magic attacks
    • Dropping Staff Of The Dead and Zamorakian Spear
    • Classified as a greater demon(altars slayer task amounts and also let's players take advantage of the abilities of black mask and slayer mask when attacking this foe)
    • Special attack hitting through prayer and halving the players prayer points
    • Immune to poison but can inflict in on players
    Dagannoth Supreme

    • Weak to melee attacks
    • Ranged Attack
    • Mage attacks do no effect
    King Black Dragon

    • Poisoning
    • Shocking
    • Freezing
    • Counts towards dragon slayer tasks

    • Magic and Melee attacks
    • Summons hellhounds to protect it. Vet'ion is immune to any attacks until these beasts are killed
    • Both forms
    • 5 Minutes to kill the final form
    • Armour colour changing when changing form

    • Ranged and Melee attacks
    • Explosive books

    • Can only be attacked by melee when a player uses a halberd
    • Players can retrieve their items from Priestess
    • Instanced map
    • Poison Attack
    • Different attacks depending on his colour

    • Summoned Souls attack
    • Area of Effect attack
    • Random first attack style
    • Boss can only be killed by the first attacker
    Commander Zilyana

    • Melee and Magic attacks with magic attack hitting twice
    • Changes target if the attacker isn't hitting anything
    Dagannoth Rex

    • Melee attacks
    • Weak to magic attacks
    • Range attacks do no effect

    Giant Mole

    • Spade to enter the lair
    • Light source needed
    • Chance of fleeing by burrowing into the ground


    • Special Attack
    • Attack that sends you sprawling across the ground
    • Ability to heal himself
    Chaos Elemental

    • Projectile Attack dealing either magic, ranged or melee damage
    • Special attack that teleports players away from it
    • Special attack that forces players to unequip everything they are wielding

    • Summons offspring
    • Scorpia's guardians heal her


    • Player having to disturb whirlpools in order to spawn the Kraken
    • Kraken hitting through prayer

    Abyssal Sire

    • Boss can only be killed by first attacker
    • All phases fully working
    • Poisonous fumes appearing
    • Throwing spawns that then turn into Scions
    • Tentacles that attack players
    General Graardor

    • Range attack hitting everyone in the room
    Dagannoth Prime

    • Magic attack
    • Weak to ranged attacks
    • Melee attacks do no effect
    Kalphite Queen

    • Both forms
    • 100% accuracy
    • Beetle form has prayer preventing damage from magic and ranged attacks
    • Wasp form has prayer preventing damage from melee attacks
    • Range attack is her shooting barbed spines from her abdomen, which can hit multiple players
    • Her magic attack bounces from player to player

    • Ability to drain prayer and perform a deadly special attack

    Chaos Fanatic

    • Magic attack that explodes
    • Able to disarm players
    Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
    • Quick attacks
    Corporeal Beast
    • Dark core spawn + heal
    • Stomp attack
    • Kills familiars
    • Frozen Key
    • All 4 phases (blood, smoke, ice, shadow)
    • Minions
    • Random Spawn
    • Burrow special attack.
    • Global announcement on spawn
    • Staff have an option to control it like on RuneScape
    • All 3 attack styles
    • Healers
    Penance Queen
    • Attacks all players with correct projectile
    • Omega Egg Creation
    • Spawns worms

    • First kill of the day gives the player slayer experience
    • Ork legions
    • Dagon'hai elite attacking you
    Skeletal Horror

    • Hands and tail falling off
    • First fight of the day giving Slayer and Prayer experience
    • Attacks you with the attack styles that you are not praying against

    • Magic Attack
    • Dust Attack draining players stats
    • Player must set the pyre on fire to fully kill the Phoenix

    • Prayer gets drained or turned off
    • Anchor causing an earthquake

    • Flame Vortices attack
    • Soul Blast attack
    • Mirror Image attack
    • Disintegrate attack
    • Heals himself
    • Berserk attack
    • Fully heals himself if he is not attacked within a set amount of time
    Sea Troll Queen

    • Melee and Water Wave magic attack

    Spoiler for Misc:

    Spoiler for Media:

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    R-S Mod Response  Info

    Release Dates:
    • Official - End of April
    • Beta #1 - April 10

    Spoiler for Credits:

    • Emperor
    • Vexia
    • Hope
    • Empathy
    • Dustin
    • Ben
    • Jacob
    • Proto
    • Andy
    • Vlad

    We use SCRUM (Agile development methodology) to track our projects progress. Find out about SCRUM [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].

    Spoiler for Update 01-01-2016 #Proto:
    R-S Mod Response  Server Updates
    This week I've been working on a Mini-Game base, our previous system was started by Nando but never seemed to be finished. It also never was implemented in any of the minigames apart from Warriors Guild. Here is the minigame system structure Ive now finished off the minigame base and I will be implementing it into every minigame this week. Once, Ive finished with that I will start on new minigames (probably Infection!). Ofcourse, I will keep you updated!
    R-S Mod Response  Staff Updates
    Welcome to Austin, a very talented developer. Expect some good updates!
    Spoiler for Update 03-01-2016 #Proto:
    R-S Mod Response  Server Updates
    - Finished off the minigame base! New system is a lot more organised and OO. - Barrows now uses the new minigame, also needed a LOT of refactoring.
    R-S Mod Response  Staff Updates
    We want to welcome Nucleon to the team, a really talented developer in his own right. He will fit in perfectly!
    Spoiler for Update 06-01-2016 #Austin:
    R-S Mod Response  Game Updates
    Hello, this is a short update on content that I have added to the server. Player shops are now added, find a list of shops available, or simply right click a player to open their shop!
    Spoiler for Update 11-01-2016 #Proto:
    R-S Mod Response  Server Updates
    Sorry for the lack of updates, our team was super busy over new years. The minigame base is now 90% done, it just needs to be implemented. I've nearly fully implemented it in the barrows minigame, there are a few bugs I need to iron out. Im going to be working on completely redoing the zombie minigame. The current ideas are:
    - Start off with pretty bad weapons/armour - Runite
    - Collect points and use the points to buy new weapons. How you get coins:
    	- Kill zombies, different zombies give different amounts of points
    - How get better weapons and armour:
    	- Randomly spawned chest, costs points to open. Random amount (3-7) of times the chest can be opened.
        - Potions/runes/arrows can be randomly dropped by zombies
    	- Buy from store
    - Diff types of zombies
    	- MONKEY_ZOMBIE (Explode)
    	- PIRATE_ZOMBIE (Really annoying as they can teleport)
    	- BARROWS MOBS (special round)
    		- Screen vibrates when on this round
    - Unique stuff:
    	- Use points to open up doors
    	- Buy barricades
    	- Team based
    	- If you die you are teleported to a spectating arena where you can be teleported out (summoned - costs points) or get teleported 		  out for free at the end of the round
    	- Multiple maps
    Will update you guys with pictures by the end of the week! In other news, Ive been working on making a launcher. I'm writing it in JavaFX so I'm kinda learning as I go. Ive got the layout right now: As you can see it doesn't look too good right now so the next thing I will be doing is making it look pretty with some css :hm:
    Spoiler for Update 14-01-2016 #Proto:
    R-S Mod Response  Server Updates
    Morning guys! All the updates during the previous few days have been back-end so I dont have pictures for you guys :(
    1) Pushed off the new command implementation. Working on porting the old ones now. But for now on there's no more defining the class somewhere to instance it after creating it. Simply make a class that extends Command and annotate it, for example:
    @CommandHeader( bindings = {"item", "spawn", "pickup", "create"}, clearance = { Rights.ADMINISTRATOR, Rights.OWNER }, syntax = "Command use is '::binding itemID itemAmount'")
    And that's it, it will be parsed with a classloader during runtime. Here is an example command implementation:
    @CommandHeader( bindings = { "ad", "animd", "anim_debug" }, clearance = { Rights.OWNER }, syntax = "Command use is '::binding animationID'" )
    public class AnimationDebugCommand extends Command {
    	public boolean execute(Player player, String... input) {
    		if (input.length < 2) return false;
    		final int animationID = parseInteger(input[1]);
    		final CachedAnimationDefinition anim = CachedAnimationDefinition.forId(animationID);
    		player.getPacketSender().sendMessage("[animId=" + animationID + ", emoteTime=" + anim.getEmoteTime() + ", priority=" + anim.priority + "]");
    		return false;

    2) Our team now uses Maven as a project development tool, along with GitHub. Most of you probably know the benefits of using Maven. If you dont, have a read of this -
    3) We've started using the Lombok Library. This library allows for the use of annotations that save time and tackle common boilerplates. For example - @Getter @Setter private boolean runeXIsTheBest = true; would replace the standard Java getter and setter conventions. Find out more - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    4) Completely removed all warnings and dead code.
    5) Nearly finished with the Zombie Minigame base. Added a few new cool features, but I will let the pictures do the talking this weekened!
    6) I was going to create the little tunnel system thing when youre on the last barrows brother. However, no one really enjoys doing that and that is a hassle. Instead of this, I have added a subminigame that is only accessible after you kill all barrows brothers. Enrolling in the minigame guarentees atleast 1 barrows item reward. But, be careful as this minigame is very dangerous! Expect some pictures within the next few days. I just havnt done the top layer yet so there isnt anything to see as of yet :D.
    R-S Mod Response  Management Team Updates
    1) Started working on developing a list of stuff we want done before Beta. If you have suggestions that you want on this list post below!
    2) Started on complete economy plan! This plan will be a professional document that covers every aspect of the economy from in-game shops to money-sinks. This plan will also cover tools that can be used to track and maintain the state of the economy.
    Spoiler for Update 22-02-2016 #Ben:
    R-S Mod Response  Server Updates
    - We've been working on Clan Wars. Here are some pictures: Here's more pictures: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Spoiler for Update 23-02-2016 #Ben:
    R-S Mod Response  Server Updates
    - Finished sea troll queen combat - Finished Barralchest

    R-S Mod Response  FAQ

    Ask some questions and I will add the frequent ones here

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    R-S Mod Response  Beta Tester Competition

    Quality assurance plays a major role in providing an excellent private server experience to players. Developers may miss something so we require beta testers to help find bugs and perform QA.

    Prize: Every participant gets a special forum rank + 3 randomly selected participants get $20 to spend in the store.

    • Aaron
    • Kainoa
    • Supreme
    • Keyhan
    • Ben
    • Andy
    • Vlad
    • Syephro

    R-S Mod Response  Supporter Competition

    Support this project by putting one of the support media in your signature on forums, especially this one!

    Prize: 3 randomly selected participants get $20 to spend in the store.

    • Aaron
    • Kainoa
    • Supreme
    • Keyhan
    • Ben
    • Andy
    • Vlad
    • Syephro

    Spoiler for Cool Support Signitures:

    Remove the *

    Remove the *

    Remove the *

    Remove the *

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    first, gl

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    Good luck once again broski
    What you looking at?
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    gl proto
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    I like the graphics a lot, gl lol
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    The graphics are awesome, goodluck.

    New Skype : samar.server
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    Thanks for the well wishes
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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