Hey, Mac here. I decided to make a few tutorials on how to install SMF and vB.


1). Download your vBulletin from your members areA. Or from a torrent of using nulled.

2). Go to your webhost while downloading. Go to mysql databases, make a db name of ******_vb and a user of ******_vbuser
And pick a pass.

3). Extract files to desktop for easiest and fastest way.

4). Go into the "upload" file --> Includes --> Config.php.new

5). Rename config.php.new to, config.php

6). Edit the config.php folder with notepad or which ever program is easiest for you.
Where is says username and password, enter your *****_vbuser and your pass. Then add your where it says database name, put yours. Then save.

7). Zip the upload filr and upload to your webhost. After uploaded extract, then go into the upload folder and select all files and move to public_html. Then delete the upload folder.

8). Go to a nee tab, type in, yoursiteurl.com/install/install.php

9) Fist step enter your customer ID, nulled will be different. Follow the simple instructions make your admin account.

10). Once done with installing deletr your install files.

11). Boom, all done, congrats on your new vBulletin forums.



1). Go to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

2). Download which ever version you want. Upload the files to your webhost.

3). While uploading files, go to mysql databases, and add ****_smf for a db name, and *****_smfuser as a username and a password of your liking.

4). Wherever u uploaded files, EG: Forum root, go to, yoursite.com then a installation process page will come up.

5). Enter your db name, db user and pass. Leave localhost, unless your hosting your site off of comp or a vps. (not really reccomended).

6). Then follow the simple instructions.

7). Make sure you delete your install files and there you go! All done!

So yea those are some pretty straight forward guides, did it all off of the top of my head. I did this on my ipod, soo i'll get pictures in the morning.