Hi guys,

I am looking for a simple, but consistent theme across my homepage, IPB, Donation Store, Vote Store, but most importantly Security.

Homepage doesn't have to have anything special, just a menu with: PLAY NOW, Donate, Vote, Forums, Guides(Links to Guides in Forums)
Underneath Menu: A GIF banner
Underneath banner left center: Updates
Undenearth banner right: DISCORD
I do need the various border graphics etc done, but it doesn't have to be from scratch, you can reuse from free releases.

IPB just has to have same theme/skin/look as homepage, nothing special.

Donate and Vote doesn't have to be the same theme, but I will be paying more if this is possible, you can use a free backend like everythingrs or motivote.
Donate Store needs to have a checkbox popup when checking out with terms and conditions to prevent chargebacks.

Email Authentication, I have a command in game (::authemail), this will lead to this page, where he/she will authenticate her email, and receive an award. Needs to work with an auto-emailing or email-list management service, and can integrate it for me.

I have my own domain and webhost.

DISCORD OR PM ME: bethsaida#4454