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    Hi guys,

    So I'm fidgetting around with a WordPress environment for a gaming (RSPS) site. Now I know most/alot of servers have an automatic store system which goes like: User goes to webstore -> User completes payment -> User receives content on server.

    How would you approach this in WordPress? I got WooCommerce on there but if that's not needed that's allright. I've been looking around and googling but it appears that I'm the only one having trouble in finding a solution to this?

    Ideas and insights very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    shit im high af

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    I assume:
    Find the appropriate db table within your WordPress installation that includes the WooCommerce transactions (make sure there is a required field on payment for "username"), and then make your server connect to that database to retrieve the information and validate the claim.

    I haven't seen a server utilize WordPress (effectively, that is). Not entirely sure why not, but maybe someone else would be able to give better advice on that.
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