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    I've fixed up and developed onto the Divination Store made by Harry(Jay Gatsby) for learning purposes, so will display progress here, uses the laravel PHP framework

    The point of this thread is mainly for me to keep up with my own progress

    Spoiler for Coupons:

    % based coupons -

    includes ability to set use limits(E.G coupon can only be used 5 times)

    + option for minimum cart value to apply coupon

    Enter coupon section doesn't show when a coupon is active

    Coupon removes if an item is removed and new cart value is below coupon minimum

    Spoiler for Search Products:

    Spoiler for AJAX Calls Implemented:

    You can now search for items and add items too your cart without having too refresh the page!

    Will be applying this concept too the following:

    Removing item from cart

    Resetting Cart

    Selecting Category

    Applying coupon

    Spoiler for Donation Claiming:

    If a player exists upon donating, the reward will be claimed automatically

    Spoiler for Misc Updates done over the past couple days:

    Payment Methods Added:




    Functions Added:

    User ranks/permissions

    Coupon edit/add/delete page in CP

    Limited Items(E.G An item can be bought 10 times, once it's gone, it's gone)

    Performance Increase - Averaging anywhere from 80-95 on lighthouse report in performance

    Product creation page:

    When selecting an image, it will now appear instantly on the page so you can preview what you are adding

    Upon purchase:

    A discord webhook message is sent with details and for your logging purchases

    & more I cba to add

    OSRS Donations:

    Sends a discord webhook message letting you know who wants to donate and how much they wish to donate.

    Spoiler for Credits:

    jay Gatsby - Developing the original store which has been used for this learning experience
    GfxDestrict - I believe the one to design this store
    Whoever else may have contributed, not sure was a private purchase

    Spoiler for sig too large:


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    This is the same one that you didn’t buy, shouldn’t have had access to and then leaked - right?

    Ya nice good job.

    EDIT: and for what it’s worth - I actively offer to help people learn Laravel (which other users will gladly confirm) so ironically I’d have probably given you a base store of mine to work off to help you learn, if you’d spoken to me about it and not leaked by code ofc.

    Quote Originally Posted by combatx View Post
    Kris let me help your undeveloped mind set, I need new opcodes to support the 184 version?
    Quote Originally Posted by z3rk3ms View Post
    Do not try to treat us like idiots, you will be clowned and then smacked.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hitsplat317 View Post
    I've recently Purchased a Launcher, obviously it's came as a .psd


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