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    So simple the rules are, follow the instagram "rspsads".

    I do not need to actually accept you the instagram account is not private, therefore it will be easy just press 'follow'.

    And you will be entered, there will be 1 winner which will receive the max staker account and also the 30m cash in one account. The email of the account that is connected with the account will be pmed to you and you can change the details etc.

    My instagram page is slowly growing in 2 days we have had 20 followers with no major advertisements.

    Winners will be announced soon, I will keep you guys updated. There is no minimum of how many people to be entered, but I want everyone to have a chance to win this.

    I will do frequent giveaways so be updated to that Instagram page (I have 0 posts, but the posts are coming soon).

    Instagram name: "rspsads" and say done below and you will be entered + with ur instagram username so I can see if you have actually followed

    Goood luck!
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    gl to all.
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    Done (

    ~ Good Luck
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