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    Please note this a older guide ive made so the prices ar not 100% accurate however the rest of the guide is

    Prayer Guide 1-99

    In this guide I will be giving you information on how to get 99 prayer, I will also be giving a rough price on how much it will cost you according to data on GrandExchange price graphs.
    I will also be giving you some tips for saving money during this process of training this specific skill as we all know that it is very costly and can consume quiet a bit of your cash stack.
    I will also be including benefits for having this skill at 99, further more including some money making tips for you to insure you do not lose too much money during this process although keep in mind the more you pay for this skill the quicker you will reach the level of 99 another factor which may decrease time if by following some of the money making tips I have included.

    Benefits of having 99 Prayer!:
    There are some benefits with the big cash you are about to spend on this prayer here I will be listing 3 of them.

    1. Prayer lasts longer in battle:
    During PVP combat because having 99 prayer is very rare in RuneScape you are almost certain to have the upper hand with 99 prayer dependent on how you use it, for example if you are using soul split and turmoil at one time and a player with 80 prayer is using only deflect melee, then you are bound most likely even in terms of running out of prayer points at the same time, however if you are to use on prayer such as soul split against an opponent with 80 prayer who is prayer deflect melee then he would be at a handicap of prayer points and run out giving you a good chance of winning.
    But this is also dependent on how you use prayer potions and how your opponent uses his, but never the less even with that in mind you still get the upper hand in lasting longer.

    2. Battles again high leveled monster are easier:
    I have noticed this difference my self when I had 70 prayer and attempted jad I died due to running out of prayer potions, but once I got 99 prayer I hardly used any doses of my potion during the whole ordeal of killing his minions, (still haven't got fire cap I accidentally melee d him) you will find yourself being able to pray for much longer periods of time while fighting bosses as you do not have to keep paying attention to your prayer points and how many potion you have left, this is very beneficial as you will be able to pay more attention to working together with someone or eating food, this saves valuable seconds during boss fights.

    3. You will look AWESOME!
    In RuneScape most players show off buy buying expensive items for show and tell they can sell and not worry, but you will look 10 times better than those people as you are basically saying "Yeah I spent 200M Bones that vanish in mid air", this cape is so awesome it goes with any armor or cloths you wear in-game. Furthermore the cape also gives you a prayer boost meaning you get 10 extra prayer points to spare in battle!

    Best items and bones to use
    This skill is by far one of the most expensive skills you can pay for in RuneScape, but you can also save quiet a bit of money in the long run buy using certain items and boosts.

    If you have Loyalty points gained from Renewing your RuneScape membership purchase the highest tire of auras you can get out of Harmony,Salvation,Wisdom and Corruption
    In order to gain the highest tier of aura you will have to spend around 111K loyalty points but doing to with a tier 4 aura you can gain 2.5% experience boost, where a tier 1 aura will only give you a 1% boost.
    The Wisdom aura costs 40k loyalty points and grants 2.5% xp boost but it will only grant you 100k bonus xp during its activation time.
    Also do not bother using the festive aura as it does not grant any xp and is only for show now.

    Dependent on you luck with the Chests on treasure hunter if you receive prasmic fallen stars it is advisable that you use them for bonus xp in prayer are this has a high chance of saving you a lot of money.

    Again if you happen to have the First age outfit or any items of first age do wear them as the whole out fits gives you a 5% xp boost, the whole outfit is shown in below table:
    * * *Item * * * * * * * * *Bonus XP/%
    First age Tiara * * * * * * * * 1%
    First age amulet * * * * * * * 1%
    First age cape * * * * * * * * 1%
    First age bracelet * * * * * * 1%
    First age ring * * * * * * * * * 1%
    Sub-Total * * * * * * * * * * * 5%
    Set bonus * * * * * * * * * * * 1%
    Full set * * * * * * * * * * * * * 6%

    Although a 6% xp boost does not sound like a lot it will save you some cash, along with any other way you can get bonus xp with the ones I've mention you could save around 5m or more.

    You last option if you are very lucky to get as a drop are brawler gloved which give you a 150% xp boost, these gloves are a Rare to Very Rare drop from Revenants, the chances of you obtaining Brawling Gloves (prayer) are very low but if you got them, using them is claimed to be the fastest way to get 99 in RuneScape depending if you have the right amount of them.

    Be assured you will also be using Gilded alters of a friends house, this is because if you are using a gilded alter with both incense burners lit you will gain a 350% normal xp boots which is better than burying the bones.

    Familiars you can use

    Bull ant A familiar which requires lvl 40 summoning and can hold a maximum of 9 items
    Spirit Terrorbird A familiar which requires lvl 52 summoning and can hold a maximum of 12 items
    War Tortoise A familiar which requires *level of 67 summoning and can hold a maximum of 18 items, this particular familiar is commonly used in PvM its almost a requirement highly suggested you try to get 67 summoning
    Pack Yak A familiar which requires *lvl of 96 summoning and can hold a maximum of 30 items, this familiar is also commonly used in PvM but because it has such a high lvl requirement your better off with a war tortoise
    To make things faster you will also need to set you summoning button to 'Take BoB' for fast withdrawal of bones, or you can just right click. (I used right click cos I'm stupid)

    Down to business
    I have a preferred method that I used and got me 99 in not time which I will explain below.

    In my method I bought dragon bones, baring in mind I had already got 50 prayer from just burying and other stuff so at the price of bones now I spent around 200M this was without any cosmetic bonuses but with a gilded alter and burners lit, this method cost me around 3 weeks to achieve 99 of around 6 hours a day and my rough xp per hour was 200k.
    I went to a "Open Gilded Alter" world and found a house in Yanille, from there I would just go the bank collect a full invo with a Spirit terror bird for extras and went back to the house, pretty simple just repeat this method as you level up.

    Assuming you are using no boosts and are tarting from lvl 1 prayer and using only dragon bones, you will need 51,724 Dragon bones which will cost you with today's market (2014-03-30) 219,464,646GP.

    If you do require cheaper methods but much slower please request me to put in the lvl you are at and the budget you have.

    I am now also going to inform you of a suggested way which I have compiled my self and separated into different lvls for you.
    Baring in mind this method will also make it feel like you are lvling up much quicker!

    Starting from lvl 1 to lvl 70 - 737,627XP is needed, still assuming you are using a gilded alter with lit burners you are advised to use Baby Dragon Bones, you will only need to offer 7,026 of them which will cost you according to today's prices (2014-03-30) 11,535,082

    From *lvl 70 to 99 - 12,296,804XP is needed, again still assuming you are using a gilded alter with lit burners you are advised to use Dragon bones, you will need to offer 48,797 of them which will cost you according to today's prices (2014-03-30) 207,044,998GP

    As you can see this skill is deemed very expensive for a reason you will be spending using the above method 218,580,080GP all together, but not to worry below you will see what I done to make some cash between me getting 99 and some cash after.

    Little money making methods:
    Since I mentioned I will tell you some way given you have the required skill lvls I will tell you how I made money during my process of me getting 99.

    Belive it or not I have the most boring ways to make money during my road to 99 prayer Id take a day or 2 to Charge water orbs! this was the main way I made some money It made me around 170k per hour, very boring but very worth the time some times

    Another very quick way of making money is I bought Oak Logs from GE and made Oak planks this easily pulled out 700k per hour for me, it just sometimes I liked training magic while I was at it

    Lastly while gaining cooking xp making pastry dough got me around 300k per hour which was awesome just making a lot while getting xp

    And finally this is how Awesome you player will look with the Prayer Cape!! I mean just look at how awesome my one does!!!
    * * * * * * * * * *


    Spoiler for vouches:

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    Nice guide, good work!
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